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February 8, 2012

Premier FC Sets Date For Upcoming Tournament Event

Premier FC has set the date for the start of their upcoming tournament that is set to take place right here in Western Mass!!  The date is April 1st and that is no joke!  This is on a Sunday and is sure to be a Sunday you won't forget.  This is a great way for amateurs to get experience and to win some great prizes.  We have not heard what the prizes will be in the form of but we will let you all know when we know. 

I am real excited about the tournament because towards the end of the tournament, not only are we going to see some great matchups...we are going to see some matchups we might never see again.  Some of these matchups can only happen in a tournament.  If multiple people are in the tournament and they happen to be friends well guess what?? If they make it to the finals or semifinals they will have to fight!!  Like I said this makes for some interesting matchups.  Don't be afraid to enter this happens all the time, just look at the movie Warrior LOL.  That was all real right??

On a serious note the Premier FC 8 is set to take place at a location many of our fans in the northeast may never have heard of.  It is called the Log Cabin for obvious reasons, it looks like a log cabin.  It is located right off the highway and has an awesome atmosphere inside.  There are fireplaces inside and in the center of it will be the cage where all the magic will happen that night!!  There is plenty of parking but beware this event may sell out!  Tickets are set to go on sale via their website sometime next week so visit by clicking the Premier FC banner at the top right or by clicking here.  There will be other fights besides the tournament fights to feast on that night so anyone looking to enter the tournament or to fight on this show please email Karyn at

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