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March 18, 2012

CFX : SHAM-rock rumble review

St. Patrick's Day 2012, myself and my associate, The Artist headed out to the Cape to catch our first CFX show in some time. The trip takes us about 2hrs and 20min, and we made good time on the drive, to make the show shortly after 7:00pm. When we made the turn down the road to the JunglePlex, we were greeted by a LONG line of cars, being directed to the dirt lot down the road. The line seemed to take forever, as we moved farther up, we soon realized why...not only did we have to park a 1/4 mile from the venue, in a sandy, scrub bush filled lot, we had to PAY $10 to do so!!!!???? This was the first thing that rubbed me wrong...

As we made our way into the venue, we realized the event had already begun. The place was fulled with spectators, (several of which looked to be Jersey Shore wanna-be's..) but sadly, the 50 cars of fans outside in line would be missing some of the show. As I entered the building I was told I had to throw away my Diet Mt. Dew I had in my hand!! Second thing that rubbed me wrong.....
After a bit of walking around, I saw my good buddy Loco Lobo. I congratulated him on his team's (CCFA), great showing at the NAPAGA earlier in the day. He was talking with Big Gary Foreman, so I asked Gary where I would be sitting to write my review. I followed Gary down the isle into the cage side section. As we walked by the several empty cage side seats, I wondered which would be mine? Sadly I soon realized NONE of them would be, as Gary pointed out my seats, out side of the barrier, with the paying fans?? They were FOOLISHLY placed with a cage door right in front of the action, so most of my view was obstructed, and I was forced to watch the show from a big screen to my right. The press area was pretty much forgotten about by any CFX staff. Random fans crowded in behind us, and I had to listen to drunk girls scream, and talk about how they would be crazy tough in the cage if they ever fought....number three! oh, I also wasn't provided with any type of fight card, and had a lot of trouble hearing the announcer all night, so most of the names might be hacked, sorry to the fighters... anyway, on to the fights...

Fight 1 - ?????? missed due to parking debacle!! winner Gabe S. (Pin 2 Win) split dec.

Fight 2 - Brian Squadrille (Nova Uniao) vs Andy Ayello (Lauzon)
rd1 - Andy comes out guns ablazing punching forward with heavy 1-2's and a couple kicks. He follows with a shot, picks up Brian and drops him down with a big slam into full guard! Andy tries to posture and punch with little luck. He makes it to 1/2 guard, and the fighters scramble up to a standing clinch. Brian fires off several decent knees to the body to end the round.
rd2 - The fighters come out trading strikes, but little lands for both. Andy shoots and scores another take down into 1/2 guard. As Andy tries to posture they scramble to the feet, where Andy lands a few clean shots. Brian counters with a few nice leg kicks. They exchange, and Brian wheels off a few more kicks that Andy blocks, until one Andy's groin!! The fight stops for about 30 seconds, and they are back at it with more equal exchanges to end the round.
rd 3 - Again they come out trading punches both a bit slower due to fatigue. Andy however is still the more aggressive fighter, blazing forward with 1-2 combo's. Brian's nose is bleeding pretty good, and Andy shoots and gets yet another take down into full guard. Andy isn't looking to pass, and trys to posture and punch. As he tries to pass, they scramble and are back to the feet. Trade punches as the fight ends.
winner Andy rd3 unanimous decision

Fight 3 - 125lb amateur Title Anthony Skwirl vs Jared The Badger Sarno (SSSF)
rd 1 - Skwirl comes out and throws his patented leg kick, but misses. Another kick misses as Jared comes in swinging. They exchange punches and Jared shoots and gets the take down against the cage. Skwirl is working a rubber guard, that slows the pace for a bit. Jared finally passes to side and quickly to full mount. He throws down some heavy leather, and Skwirl turtles over. Jared flattens him out and sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap out win!!
winner Jared Sarno rd 1 2:06 rear naked choke submission.

Fight 4 - 155lb amateur Title - John Lemke (Team Irish) vs Cody Espinola (Pin 2 Win)
rd 1 - Both guys come in swinging heavy. John tries for a take down, but Cody reverses and grabs Johns neck for a guillotine try. John hangs tough, and Cody pushes forward into full guard. He's looking to posture and punch as John trys to set up a triangle. He gets it locked, but Cody hangs tough for about 30 seconds. He finally breaks free, and passes into a scramble and they end up in north south. They stand, and John stuffs a Cody take down attempt as the round ends.
rd 2 - They come out swinging heavy yet again, and both land some big shots. Cody is throwing a little wild, and John gets the take down into side control. He works and almost has an Americana, but they scramble to standing. John gets to Cody's back and picks him up for a slam! They scramble up and Cody grabs a guillotine that looks deep. John spins out they stand and trade again. Cody throws a body kick that John catches and punches into a take down to end the round.
rd 3 - Cody looks gassed. The fighters trade tired punches and John shoots and scores another take down into side control. Here me starts to unload, and finishes the tired Cody with ground and pound for the ref stop.  winner John Lemke rd3 TKO ref stoppage.

Fight 5 - Sean the Ginger Ninja Nichlos (Wai Kru) vs Bill Lieschner Dexter MMA
rd1 - Bill pushes forward from the start, and quickly lands a kick to the groin. Sean takes about 20 sec but is ready to go. Sean throws a kick, but it's caught and Bill gets the take down into side back control. Not much action from here, and the ref stands it up. Bill keeps pressing forward with heavy strikes, and gets a take down into side control to end rd 1.
rd2 - Both are a bit more tentative as they circle. They start to trade punches, and Bill pushes forward with a kick punch combo into a clinch against the cage.Bill is looking for another take down and gets it. Sean stands quickly, but Bill is back at it. Bill gets another take down, but Sean throws up a triangle. Bill slams out and into full guard to end the round.
rd3 - Sean comes out and misses with a high kick. Bill clinches into the cage and scores another take down. He moves to back control, sinks in the hooks, and works the rear naked choke for the finish!
winner Bill L. rd3 1:35 rear naked choke submission.

Fight 6 - Joel Adams (Team Irish) vs Brian Pires (Team Cinch)
rd1 - They come out circling, Joel jumps in with a knee, and Brian clinches against the cage. He gets the take down into side control, then back into full guard. Not much from here other than a few decent body shots to end the round.
rd2 - Fighters trade punches and clinch up against the cage. Brian works for and gets another take down into 1/2 guard. He passes to side, and finishes the round on top.
** At this point I am joined by my photographer, The Artist as he was informed that he wasn't allowed to take pictures by the cage!!!??? I could barley see the fight from the "press are" pictures would be useless!!!**
rd3 - The fighters circle and clinch again. This time Joel shoots in, but Brian grabs his neck and finishes with a tight guillotine choke!
winner rd3 Brian Pires guillotine choke submission.

Fight 7 - John "The Leprechaun" (Pin 2Win) vs Bill Nieve Gillette's MMA
rd1 John comes out throwing leg kicks. the big boys clinch up, and Bill tries a hip toss, but John stops it, and ends up on top on the ground. He throws some small rabbit punches mixed with some heavier shots. Bill sweeps to top, takes his back and they stand and trade. Bill grabs a guillotine against the cage, but can't finish, so he unloads with punches. John is getting blasted, and Bill keeps him backing up with hard punches as the round ends.
rd2 - They come out swinging for the fences, but Bill is the one connecting. He drops John with a bomb, and follows him to the floor and the ref is forced to save the Leprechaun.
winner Bill Nieves rd2 TKO ref stoppage.

Fight 8 - ??? (Team Irish) vs Josh Stretch Hilton  ** Couldn't hear the announcer with the bad PA...
rd1 - Josh is using his height to keep >? back with teep kicks. They punch forward into the clinch, and Josh gets the take down. Josh is on top throwing some nice ground and pound. They stand back up, and ? gets the take down. John sweeps to mount, and unloads until the end of the round.
rd2 - They circle, and ? lands a huge punch that drops Josh. Josh collects himself and retains guard. He soon sweeps to mount, and unloads again. He goes for an arm bar but misses and ends up on the bottom. Josh again sweeps at will and lands a few more punches. They scramble up to the feet as the round ends.
rd3 - The fighters trade kicks, but Josh is in control with his long reach. ? gets a take down, but is quickly swept. Josh is again in full mount this time unloads and the ref stops it!
winner Josh Hilton rd3 TKO ref stoppage

Fight 9 - Sean ? vs Kody?
went to the bathroom..... Kody wins by KO in rd 3.

Fight 10 - winner Tony Ellison (Team Lauzon) rear naked choke rd 2

Fight 11 - Jen Rivera vs Peggy Morgan (Triumph)
rd1 - Jen comes out and throws a couple side kicks that miss. Peggy is very tall and uses her reach to keep Jen on the outside. They trade punches and clinch up. Peggy snakes around and takes Jen's back and starts to work for the rear naked choke. Jen fights it well, and holds on till the end of the round.
rd2 Peggy comes forward throwing punches, some of which land. They again clinch up and fall to the mat. Jen ends up on top in full guard. Peggy is busy from the bottom,  Jen trys to posture for some punches. They scramble, and Peggy ends on top in 1/2 gaurd as the round ends.
** Jen Rivera has a broken nose and cannot answer the bell for the 3rd round**
winner Peggy Morgan TKO

At this point in the show, we had had enough. Our terrible seats with the drunk fans behind us, and the commission members standing in front of us blocking our view even more had put us over the edge. Not one time did the neon yellow hoodie/ baseball cap clad promoter or her as always sleevless shirt wearing husband come to see if our view was ok, or offer a bottle of water (like ALL of the other promotions we cover do!), or if we needed anything..I guess they only care about the fans they already have, and don't want to gain more...
We tried our best to give this show another chance, but quickly realized why none of the other guys are covering them any more....  They did sell alot of tickets, or at least there were alot of people in attendance, but the huge venue was often very silent, and it had a sort of county fair feel to it, with fights going on in the back ground?... If your in the Plymouth area, and want to check out a great promotion, take our word, CAGE TITANS is your show!

Sorry to the fighters and teams involved with the show for our lack of pictures and full review on this one!

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