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March 27, 2012

Premier FC 8 Announces Full Fight Card For April 1st, 2012

We are just days away before the next installment of Premier FC 8 which marks a milestone for them.  It is set to take place on April 1st, 2012 at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA. Karyn Wesch has been working hard behind the scenes and we thank her for sharing the card with us. This is going to be a special one because it is the debut of the first ever amateur tournament in Western Mass.  This is the first round of the tournament and the weight classes are 135lbs, 145lbs and 170lbs.  On the card they also have two extra bonus fights which are pro fights.  That makes for a total of 11 fights and two of them are Pro with 9 Amateur fights. Now the next part of the tournament will finish off the first round and of course many more fights. There are four shows in the tournament.  The winners will fight on May 20th and they will finish off the round one with the other fights in the tournament on that date as well.  Then on July 8th the rest of the second round in the tournament with the grand finals set for August 4th.  Karyn has told me these dates are locked and paid for!  Exciting right??  Check out our teaser here which talks about the bantamweight tournament.  Tickets are selling fast...get yours now by clicking here.  The Bronze Tickets are $30 and they are standing, Silver are $35 and are seated and the last are the Golden Tickets.  With these, you are sitting in the first few rows and will be catered all night long!!  Did I mention with the golden tickets the food and drinks are all free all day?? Best thing about it is, drinks will be available at this show, where at the Umass shows they were not allowed.  The full card is found below.  Stay tuned for more teasers this week...

135lb Tournament

Jeremy Reipold(Ravenous)3-1 vs. Adler Jack(International Martial Arts) 2-0
Shayne Stephenson(Independent) 1-3 vs. Nick Pallini(Independent) 2-2
Jim Strife(Pin2Win)0-0 vs Carlos Candelori(Independent) 0-0
Mike Velazquez(Sityodtong)0-0 vs. Mike Tabor(Guardian) 0-0

145lb Tournament

Leon Campbell(Sityodtong) 2-0 vs.Dan Walsh(Independent) 0-0
Mike Wicks(Pin2Win) 0-0 vs Soap Am(TPS) 0-0

170lb Tournament

Lou Grigneffini(Independent) 1-0 vs Myles Reid(International Martial Arts) 0-0
George Abele(Sityodtong)1-0 vs Brett Braxton(AMAC/Combat Sports Boston) 1-1
Rob Solveson(Bombsquad) 0-0 vs Mike Burke(Independent) 1-1

Extra Bonus Fights
Josh Mellen(Independent) 1-8 vs Carlos Rivera(Independent) 0-3 185lbs
Desmond Green(Bombsquad) 0-0 vs. Rob Font(Sityodtong)1-0 155lbs

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