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April 3, 2012

Cage Titans Announces Their Next Open Media Day/ Open Workout Date

I had a great talk with Brandie Light from Cage Titans and wanted to pass along this press release to you all....Everyone please read it all and then I will give you all my 2 cents at the end..

"Cage Titans is excited to announce Media Day/ Open Workout on April 14 at 2pm at Boston Training Facility. (formerly named TapouT Boston)

All day we will be taking photos, doing interviews and shooting video during and while you train. Footage will be used to hype up the fights in the weeks leading to the event. For the pros and ammy title fighters, you will have a custom one made for you to play before you walk to the cage on fight night. Plus we will be doing stare down photos between all competitors in attendance.

We have press releases out to all local newspapers, MMA websites, and TV stations. We look forward to getting you and this May 5th 'Conquer' fight card a ton of publicity.

Once again, Cage Titans has arranged for MMA Medical Services to be there to take care of all medicals for your license, including referrals for CT Scans for those renewing or those over 35 years old. In addition, we will actually have an eye doctor onsite to do dilated eye exams. ALL IN ONE DAY, GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE LICENSED! Please give us a heads-up specifically if you plan on using them so we can staff accordingly. This is open to ALL FIGHTERS not just those fighting for Cage Titans so feel free to bring your teammates to take advantage of it especially if they plan on fighting in the future or have something scheduled upcoming for another promo.

In addition, we are also pleased to announce a new partnership with NZMMA and they will be in attendance to do glove sizing and to reveal their line of gear.

And if we couldn't fit anything more fun in to this event, for the first time we are also doing an open casting call for a new Cage Titans Ring Girl. The auditions will start promptly at 3pm and judging from the girls already signed-up to attend, this will be a tough decision so we will look to you all to help pick the winner!

As always, this is open to fighters, training partners, coaches, etc. (Not just fighters that are fighting for Cage Titans). Just please confirm that you will be in attendance and also a list of who you are bringing with you so we can add them to the guest list as well to avoid the mat fee. (Yes, this event is free!)

If you have any questions, please let me know

Michael Polvere

This is a great event that is open to everyone. Yes that means you fans! Any fighter who needs their medical items completed, you should definitely try to attend this.  Brandie and Cage Titans would like to stress this is open to ANY fighters, not just on this card.  Also these are at a discounted rate!  Brandie tells me "It's 99 for blood only.. 195 for physical, ekg and blood. And 45 for the eyes. We can also arrange for ct referrals at a discounted rate as well  I just really want the fighters to see how easy and convenient it is!"  Yes, take notice fighters in the rules fighters over 35 are required to have a CT scan when they first get their license or when they renew.  This costs $250 bucks if you have no insurance so be aware.  It seems like they started enforcing this more around June of last year so just in case no one knows, now you do!  They have a facebook event started up so click join and attend if you plan on going so they know.  Like it says above, any questions or if you plan on going just let them know ahead so they can plan accordingly!  Thanks for sharing with us Cage Titans.

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