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April 11, 2012

Featured Fighter: Soap Am

Name: Soap Am
Age: 26
Height: 5'9
Fight Weight: 145
School: TPS
Record: MMA
City/State Born: Chelsea, Ma.
Achievements: list any kickboxing, mauy thai, boxing, nagas, any type of awards.

I have a little experience in a bunch of fighting, but nothing serious. Everything I have learned has been fairly recent. I did do very well in NAGA which was a while ago but my ground game is different now.

1. When and Why did you get into MMA??

I wanted to stay in shape so I checked out some local gyms...I went to tapout and when it closed I found my home at TPS and have been full go since.

2. Do you have a background in martial arts, boxing , wrestling etc?

I have no competitive fighting background

3. What's your nickname, how did you get it?

my nickname is the Lil Monkey and I got it because at TPS we get warrior names and we are challenged to live up to them. Someday I hope to be the monkey king. He is very important in the khmer tradition.

4. What are your ultimate goals in the sport?

My ultimate goal is to be the best I can be and make my team proud

5. What do you think about your next opponent?

I think I am hungry and I am ready and train with the best fighters and whomever I get in the cage with will have a fight on their hands

6. How do you see the fight going/being finished?

With my hand raised however I have to do it and the crowd on their feet

7. What weight do you walk at/how much do you cut to fight?

155-160 I diet to about 151 then cut last 6

8. What's your favorite part about fighting?

I like the training, camaraderie and the actual fight...I love working hard for what I want and seeing results.

9. What's the worst part about fighting?

I hate cutting weight, but thankfully my manager Mike cuts with me and makes sure I get everything done right! Also I am not a huge media guy. I just want to fight! I am not a fan of reading about myself but it has to be done to get my name out there

10. Anyone locally or in the big's that you really would love to fight, and why?

Cory Pickering because he will be across the cage from me next.

11. What do you feel is your best weapon in your fights?

My best weapon is my training partners and coaching staff. They push me hard enough so that I can use any weapon needed in the fight. All I have to do is listen to Kru Saroeum and the rest will take care of itself.

12. What is your favorite foods that you miss while cutting weight??

 I eat healthy every day like everyone else at TPS so I dont CRAVE other foods while cutting down.  Hunger doesn't bother me that much.

13. What is your most memorable moment to date in MMA??

My debut because I got to see what hard work can do and I felt a bit of pressure because of all the hype. I wanted to prove to everyone and especially myself that I can fight, and I did that.

14. How else do you spend your time when you are not training??

iIwork alot and I spend time with my friends, but is not training a trick question? Have you seen my fight schedule hahaha We train all year round at TPS. We are always ready to fight on one days notice

15. What do you do for a living besides fighting??

I have a great office job right in the middle of Boston and I am lucky to be able to work out of home alot.

I would like to thank my family for all the support they have given me and I would like to thank my training partners Ricardo Georges, Aniss Alhajjajy, Eli Hawkins, and all the guys at Redline who have helped me prepare for these fights. I would like to thank all the guys in Philly and all the people who believe in TPS and what we do. My manager Mike Strazzere is the best manager in the world. He would do anything for any of us. Most of all Kru Saroeum Phoung is the best coach around and I would not be anywhere near the fighter and man I am without him. He makes it all happen at TPS. We are a well oiled machine led by him. Thank you to Premier and AFO for the opportunities and thank you to for doing this for me!

Thank you Soap for taking the time to answer our questions for another installment of Featured Fighter.  I know how you hate talking to the media haha!  You will get used to it.  Good luck to you in your upcoming battle this Friday against Cory Pickering at AFO Night of Champions!

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