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April 4, 2012

Fight Videos: Fight Night Maine Ray Wood vs. Ahsan Abdulla and Jesse Erickson vs. Shane Manley

The first fight is Ray Wood vs. Ahsan Abdulla and second fight is between Jesse Erickson vs. Shane Manley.  Both of these took place at Fight Night Maine I which took place on February 11th, 2012.  This fight is significant because Ray Wood is set to fight Shane Manley on April 14th in Biddeford Maine.  Nick DiSalvo, Fight Night Maine Promoter described the Ray Wood experience to me "The crowd pops for Ray Wood's escape and then the finish were the two loudest I've ever heard at any MMA event I've ever been to. I was downstairs in the ticket office meeting with the owners of the Colisee. You can't really hear anything happening up in the arena itself from down there except for some ambient background sound. All of a sudden, you hear this massive roar from up in the arena. The building was shaking and items on the desks in the office were trembling like the scene with the water in Jurassic Park. I ran upstairs to see what was going on and came in to the arena about 30 seconds later for the finish and the crowd was just rocking! It was crazy!"  To get your tickets to their next event please visit Tickets start at $25 bux but I hear they are selling out fast!!  Also stay right here as we will have the teaser and also the announcement of Jesse Peterson's opponent as we get closer to this event!  Click below to see the two fights.

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