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April 11, 2012

Jose "Samurai" Lopez gives us three great docu-MMA-ntary styled vids...

Lopez delivering a first class "Superman" punch.

During the week leading up to Jeremy's first round fight his friend and fellow Team Ravenous instructor, Jose "Samurai" Lopez, began a video record.  Jose has been involved in all facets of combat sports from an early age and more recently has taken on documentary styled sport vids.  Jose has a winning personality and is worth giving a shout to if you or your school want some film made.  Check out his skate vids and his website by visiting the links below.  Contact Lopez via email at
FaceBook Page: The Push413
Tumblr Blogsite: The Push413
Gripped and Ripped: runtime 3:34
Nate Jackson BornDay Edit: runtime 1:54

Knowing that filming and editing takes time I would have to say that Jose is a natural when it comes to multitasking.  He was able to meet our needs both on and off the mats and satisfy that craving for the raw feel of fight week.  If you want to learn more about our boxing instructor and pro MMA fighter then you should check out his spot on CBS's Undercover Boss.  His cameo is quite eye-opening as well as a ton of fun.

Thanks "Samurai" for giving our team a way to remember all these moments without compromise.

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