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April 14, 2012

NEF's Fight Night Maine 2 April 14th,2012 Live Updates

Warchild and CityBoy are going to be live...results should start around 7pm so keep refreshing this article and stay up to date on your local MMA!!


195 Nick Walker 0-0 (Headstrong) vs Tony Wells 0-0 (CMBJJ)

Nick Walker defeats Tony Wells via tap to strikes in Rd 1.

160 Dustin Theriault 0-0 (Oxford Hills) vs Ahsan Abdulla 3-3 (Bombsquad)

Ahsan Abdulla defeats Dustin Theriault via rear naked choke in Rd 1.  Wow two fights so far and two bloody ones!!

155 Tim Grovo 0-1 (Headstrong) vs Zach Labbay 0-1 (Kut Combat)

Tim Grovo defeats Zach Labbay via ref stoppage to unanswered strikes in Rd 1.

145 Nate Fenech 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Derek Shorey 1-4 (Bill Jones Shop)

Derek Shorey defeats Nate Fenech via tapout to armbar in Rd 1.

 205 Brent Dillingham (MMAAthletix) vs Chaz Guthrie 0-0 (Kut Combat)

Brent Dillingham defeats Chaz Guthrie via tap to standing guillotine.

170 Andrew Tripp 1-0 (Headstrong) vs Rob Solveson 0-0 (Bombsquad)

Andrew Tripp defeats Rob Solveson via rear naked choke in Rd 1 in 1:04 seconds.

185 Buck Pineau 2-1 (Choi's) vs Ryan Dean 0-0 (Maine Kyokushin Karate)

Buck Pineau defeats Ryan Dean in 11 seconds in round 1 via tko from uppercut.

155 Colby Adams 0-0 (Headstrong) vs John Healey (Bill Jones Shop)

John Healy defeats Colby Adams in 39 seconds in Rd 2 via tapout to reverse triangle.

155 Jesse Erickson 0-1 (CMBJJ) vs Nate Charles 0-3 (Wai Nei)

Jesse Erickson defeats Nate Charles via tap to armbar in Rd 1.

150 Ray Wood 4-0 (Young's MMA) 4-0 vs Shane Manely 3-1 (Bombsquad)

Shane Manely defeats Ray Wood via unanimous decision 30-27.  First decision of the night and Ray Wood is handed his first loss.  

145 Erik Nelson 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs John Raio 1-0 (MMAAthletix)

John Raio defeats Erik Nelson via unanimous decision.  All standup and fight of the night so far!!

Tim Sylvia is in the cage getting interviewed by Pete.  They just announced that Tim will be fighting for the first time in his home state at the next Fight Night Maine in Lewiston on June 16th, 2012!! 


170 Jamie Harrison 1-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs Keegan Hornstra 0-2 (Recluse)

Jamie Harrison defeats Keegan Hornstra via ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 1. 

170 Jarod Lawton 1-0 vs Darrius Heylinger 1-0 (Bombsquad)

Darrius Heylinger defeats Jarod Lawton via doctor stoppage to cut over left eye in Rd 3.  Blood was flowing right in the eye.  It was a good stoppage in my opinion.  

265 Jesse Peterson (CMBJJ/SSSF) 5-2 vs Artie Mullen 1-9 (Southern ME)

Jesse Peterson defeats Artie Mullen via ref stoppage in Rd 1.

170 Ryan Sanders 3-0 (Young's) vs Mike Winters 5-2 (Bombsquad)

Mike Winters defeats Ryan Sanders 29-28 via unanimous decision.

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