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April 7, 2012

New England Fight's Fight Night Maine II Full Teaser

New England Fight's had a very successful first event. They packed the Colisee with hungry mma fans up there in Maine. They had a great card and great prices. Tickets starting at just $25 and it was stadium seating, so not a bad seat in the house. They are set to have their second show which is titled Fight Night II in a different location. This one is set for April 14th, 2012 and is set to take place in Biddeford Maine at the Biddeford Arena. We will not be able to make the trip due to it being 3 hours away but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate all that New England Fights has done! They have a stacked card with four pro fights and 12 amateur fights. You can get your tickets by visiting the link here. Let me break em all down for you.

First fight of the night is at a catchweight of 215 and is between Trey Gadbois and Crowsneck Boutin. Trey is making his amateur debut and trains out of Kut Combat. Kut Combat is located in Portland Maine and they have quite a few fighters on this card. Crowsneck is an independent fighter and is also making his amateur debut. If you were born with the name of Crowsneck, I think you should fight too. Kidding aside, good luck to both fighters! The second fight of the night is between Brent Dillingham and Chaz Guthrie. This is in the 205lb division. Brent is 1-0 amateur and saw his last win come at the previous Fight Night where he won with a rear naked choke in round 2 against Rick Garland. He trains with MMA Athletix and is from Brunswick Maine. His opponent is from Kut Combat and will be making his amateur debut.

The third fight is at a catchweight of 195lb and is between Nick Walker and Tony Wells.  Both fighters will be making their amateur debut and want to show what they are made of in front of everyone in Biddeford Maine!  Nick trains with Headstrong and is located in Waterboro Maine.  His opponent, Tony Wells has been training hard and trains with Central Maine BJJ or better known as CMBJJ.  They are located in Auburn Maine and have a vast amount of fighters on this card willing to show off their skills, including Nick's opponent, Tony Wells.

The fourth fight is between Buck Pineau and Ryan Dean.  Buck comes into this fight with a 2-1 amateur record and trains with Choi's Institute of Martial Arts which is located in Portland Maine.  The 27 year old has one win via ko and one win via rear naked choke.  His last fight was for Fight Night Maine I which resulted in a loss to Dan Burke via arm triangle in the middle of round 1.  No doubt he will be looking to bounce back!  His opponent Ryan Dean trains with Maine Kyokushin Karate.  They are located in Norway Maine and are looking to showcase their fighter Ryan Dean in his amateur debut on April 14th!  This fight is in the 185lb division.

Next fight is in the 170lb division and is between Andrew Tripp and Rob Solveson.  Andrew Trip trains with Headstrong MMA and comes into this ammy fight with a record of 1-0.  The people were at Fight Night I should remember him.  He won against Tollison Lewis in just 59 seconds via an armbar.  He will be looking to go 2-0 but not if Rob Solveson has anything to say about it.  Rob trains with Team Bombsquad which is out of New York.  He will be making his amateur debut and if you aren't familiar with Bombsquad fighters, let me tell you, he will be ready for a battle.

At a catch weight of 165lbs Ahsan Abdulla is set to fight Dustin Theriault.  Ahsan trains out of New York with Team Bombsquad.  He has a record of 3-3.  He has won two of his fights via decision and his last loss came at at the hand so of Ray Wood at Fight Night Maine I.  He also lost to Cody Anderson at a Combat Zone via strikes in round 1.  His opponent Dustin is a fresh new amateur looking to make his debut.  He is an independent fighter and is from Oxford Hills, Maine

In the 155lb division we have Jared Laganas set to take on Doug Campbell.  Jared is making his amateur debut and trains out of Massachusetts Submission Academy or MSA.  One would think he will be all ready to throw lots of submissions in this fight LOL.  His oppponent Doug Campbell is also making his amateur debut and he trains out of Brazillian Martial Arts Center or BMAC which is located in Boston, MA.  As you can see New England Fights has fighters on this card from all areas of the New England states.  Very well done!

The next bout of the evening will be in the 155lb division and is between Tim Grovo and Zach Labbay.  Tim fights out of Headstrong MMA and comes into this fight with a record of 0-1.  His only fight resulted in a loss due to rear naked choke in round one to A.J. Davis at last Fight Night I.  He is looking to redeem himself and get his first career win.  His opponent is Zach Labbay who fights out of Kut Combat.  Remember I said they had many fighters on this card??  He also comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  His loss came back a GFL back in September and was to Josh Lemke via ref stoppage to punches.  No matter how you cut it, one fighter in this bout will be getting their first amateur win!  Well, I suppose there could be a disqualification or a draw but let's not send them some bad voodoo!

Then we have Jesse Erickson against Nate Charles in the 155lb division.  Jesse fights out of CMBJJ and comes into this fight with a record of 0-1.  He lost a decision to Shane Manley back at Fight Night I and is looking for his first ammy win.  Also looking for his first ammy win is his opponent Nate Charles.  He trains with Wai Nei which is located in Gorham Maine.  He has a record of 0-3.  Two of his losses were first round stoppages to punches and his other loss was a decision.  Which fighter will be victorious and get their first ammy win??  Find out on April 14th in Biddeford Maine.

Colby Adams is set to face John Healey in the 155lb division.  Colby trains out of Team Headstrong and comes into this fight making his ammy debut.  John Healey trains out of Bill Jones Shop and has a record of 0-2.  He has one loss to submission rear naked choke and a unanimous decision loss which was back in May at the GFL event.  Both fighters will be fighting hard for you mma fans to get that always remembered first amateur win of their career.

Next fight is between Ray Wood and Shane Manley with a catchweight of 150lbs.  Ray Wood is ranked #4 on's 145lb division and has an impressive record of 4-0.  He trains with Young's MMA and is looking to keep his undefeated record intact!  He is the full package with two tko stoppages, one decision and one submission win.  His opponent Shane trains with Team Bomb Squad and has a record of 3-1.    His only loss came way back in 2010 and it was a tough split decision.  He since then has won three straight victories and in that he has two submission choke wins and one decision win.  This is going to be a war because both fighters are very well skilled amateurs in all aspects the game and can really take the fight anywhere.  This has potential to be fight of the night, and you definitely don't want to be getting your popcorn and miss this fight!

Then we have Nate Fenech taking on Derek Shorey in the 145lb division. Nate is from CMBJJ who we talked about above is will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent is Derek Shorey who has fought many times in MA and comes into this fight with a 1-4 record.  He trains with Bill Jones Shop and is always ready for a battle.  The three losses he has came via submission and his win came back at a previous Cage Ttians in September against Russell Ryan where he won via tko to a knee injury.  The last amateur fight of the night is between Erik Nelson and John Raio in the 145lb division.  Erik is also from CMBJJ and is making his amateur debut.  His opponent John Raio trains with MMA Athletix and comes into this fight with a record of 1-0.  His nickname is "First Class" and his win came at the last Fight Night Maine I against Ken Kersch where he won a decision.

Then they start the professional fights of the evening and they have four of them for us.  The first one is in the 265lb weight range and is between Jesse Peterson and Artie Mullen.  Jesse trains with CMBJJ and South Shore Sports Fighting.  He comes into this fight with a 5-2 record.  He is a very well rounded fighter with 1 ko, 2 submissions and 2 decision victories in his career.  His two losses came in the first round to punches and his last win came at Fight Night Maine I against Josh Mellen where he won in the first round via punches.  His opponent Artie Mullen is an independent fighter from Southern Maine.  I really could not find alot of information on him but he has a record of 1-9.  One of his losses came at CFX where he was beaten by Wade Therrien via ref stoppage to punches early in round 1.  He will have his work cut out for him this fight but I am sure he is up for the challenge!

The second pro fight of the evening is in the 170lb division and is between Jarod Lawton and Darrius Heyliger.  Jarod is an independent fighter from Florida and has a record of 1-0.  His win came at a King of the Cage over Lindon Mitchell via submission in round one in 2009.  His opponent is Darrius from Team Bombsquad and he also comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  His only win came against Corey Frantz at a show called Day of Reckoning which was in Pennsylvania.  He won that fight via submission in round 1.  He had one other fight for CES in April of last year against Pierre Perry but that was ruled a no contest. He will be hungry for that second win and Jarod will be anxious to fight as well since he hasn't fought in a while.  Will cage rust be a factor for Jarod?? We will find out on April 14th.

 The second to last fight of the evening is in the 170lb division between Jamie Harrison and Keegan Hornstra.  Jamie comes into this fight with a 1-1 record and trains with First Coast Full Contact.  Jamie fights out of Florida and his only loss came in the first round via ref stoppage to punches.  His win came at the Fight Night Maine I where he won over William Crandall via punches in round one.  You give some, you lose some!  His opponent is the voice of MMA Horn and has fought many times in Massachusetts.  None other than Keegan Hornstra.  He trains with Team Recluse and comes into this fight with a record of 0-2.  Keegan is always ready to fight and in his amateur career he has fought some tough fighters!  His two losses came by ref stoppage to punches in round 2 and and an armbar loss.  I know Keegan, and he will be ready to try to get his first professional win!

The final bout of the evening is a doozy.  It is in the 170lb division and is between Ryan Sanders and Mike Winters.  This is a killer matchup and as I break it down you will see why.  Ryan trains out of Young's MMA which is out of Maine and has an undefeated record of 3-0.  He has three submission wins and ironically has a victory in round 1, round 2 and round 3!  Be ready at all times fans!!  His opponent Mike Winters is from Team Bombsquad and comes into this fight with a record of 5-2.  His nickname is "The Myth" and three wins via ref stoppage to punches.  His other two wins came via decisions.  One of his losses came to Ryan Quinn at a Bellator, yes you read that right Bellator which he lost as a decision. In fact his other loss came via a decision so he will be sure to not want to leave it in the judges hands on this fight!!  This has fight of the night material written all over it so be ready!

That concludes our teaser for New England Fight's Fight Night Maine I.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it!  I apologize if any of the information was incorrect, I am only as accurate as my sources aka websites but just let me know and I will gladly fix anything on here.  Get your tickets by going to the link provided .  You won't regret it!  As I was writing this, I convinced myself to attend this event, so I will see you all there!!  I am excited because this is my first time attending a Fight Night Maine show and I am excited to see what all you Maine-iacs are fussing about!!  Warchild will be accompanying me and will be taking some action shots of you all.  Oh yeah also if you haven't read our press releases for this event, first off shame on you!!  Second of all Tim Sylvia is gonna be in attendance!!  You really have no excuse to not attend, at $25 bux it costs you more in gas to fill up your tank than to see 16 awesome fights!  See you all there.

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