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April 1, 2012

Premier FC 8 Live Updates April 1st 2012 ~From CityBoy

Keep refreshing this post for the live updates starting around 3pm...

***Rob Solveson(Bombsquad) 0-0 vs Mike Burke(Independent) 1-1***Cancelled due to medicals..moved to next PFC date

135lb Tournament

Jim Strife(Pin2Win)0-0 vs Carlos Candelori(Independent) 0-0

Carlos Candelori defeats Jim Strife via triangle in Rd 1.

Mike Velazquez(Sityodtong)0-0 vs. Mike Tabor(Guardian) 0-0

Mike Velasquez defeats Mike Tabor via unanimous decision.

Shayne Stephenson(Independent) 1-3 vs. Nick Pallini(Independent) 2-2

Shayne Stephenson defeats Nick Pallini via armbar in Rd 2in 2:16 .

Marty calls out Jeremy Ross who is fighting for next AFO for a title, Gabriel Gladiator 8 time BJJ world champion and Mark Dellagrotte, owner of Team Sityodtong.  Karyn comes out and they give Tyson Chartier an award who is also fighting for next AFO for a title!  Onto the Boss's fight!

Jeremy Reipold(Ravenous)3-1 vs. Adler Jack(International Martial Arts) 2-0

Jeremy Reipold defeats Adler Jack via triangle in Rd 1. 

145lb Tournament

Leon Campbell(Sityodtong) 2-0 vs.Dan Walsh(Independent) 0-0

Leon Campbell defeats Dan Walsh with a KO in 1:52 in Rd 1.  Great fight guys!!

Mike Wicks(Pin2Win) 0-0 vs Soap Am(TPS) 0-0

Soap Am defeats Mike Wicks via armbar in Rd 3. Soap looked very impressive in his amateur debut and he will be fighting at next AFO against Cory Pickering!!

170lb Tournament

George Abele(Sityodtong)1-0 vs Brett Braxton(AMAC/Combat Sports Boston) 1-1

George Abele defeats Bret Braxton via unanimous decision.

Lou Grigneffini(Independent) 1-0 vs Myles Reid(International Martial Arts) 0-0

Myles Reid defeats Lou Grigneffini via guillotine in 1minute even in Rd 1.

Extra Bonus Fights

Josh Mellen(Independent) 1-8 vs Carlos Rivera(Independent) 0-3 185lbs

Carlos Rivera defeats Josh Mellen via ref stoppage to punches in 33 seconds in rd 1.

Desmond Green(Bombsquad) 0-0 vs. Rob Font(Sityodtong)1-0 155lbs

Desmond Green defeats Rob Font unanimous decision.

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