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May 5, 2012

Cage Titans Conquer Live Updates May 5th, 2012

Marc Giordano(Dojo1) 0-0vs. Brian Sparrow(Pro Elite) 2-0 170lbs
Sparrow wins at 1:42 in Rnd 1 Armbar

Moises Rodriguez(Triforce) 1-1 vs. George Nassar(Maxx Training) 1-1 140lbs
Rodriguez by Unanimous Dec. 30-27 from 2 judges and 29-28 from the third

David Mejia(Carlson Gracie) 0-0 vs. Jordan Smith(Clinch MMA) 1-0 135lbs
Mejia takes his first Ammy victory by Unanimous Dec.  Congrats Dave...

Stephen Langlais (Team BKJA) 1-4 vs. John Healey(The Shop) 1-2 155lbs
Healy via decision 27-30, 28-29, 27-30

Connor Matthews(Lakeville MMA) 1-1 vs. Anthony Hargrove(Maxx Training) 0-1 148lbs
Matthews take the "W" with a RNC submission at 1:42 in Rnd 1

Vovka Clay(Triumph MMA) 0-0 vs Shannon Soares(Gillette MMA) 2-2 150lbs
Clay wins by RNC 1:52 Rnd 1

George Bounoutas(Carlson Gracie) 0-0 vs. Mark Cardarelli(USMMA) 1-0 145lbs
Bountous wins all three judges over after a 3 rnd battle.  They see it, 30-27

Dan Lopez(SSSF) 3-2 vs. Peter Barrett(MAXX Training) 2-2 155lbs
So Jesse just described a few things to me regarding this fight.  First, this fight is going to be in question due to possible ref interference at the end of Rnd 2.  Barrett is declared winner by way of TKO in Rnd 3.  And finally The crowd is so into this fight that they are on their feet "Booing" the official call, and "Cheering" on Lopez during his post fight interview, only to again "Boo" Barrett when it's his turn to speak.  Guess the video will be one to see, cause it sounds like Lopez was winning before the interference and the crowd knew it and loved it...

Jefferey Watts(TPS) 4-1 vs. Rico DiSciullo(Sityodtong) 4-2 135lbs
Jesse must be in his glory watching these fights.  He tells me how Rico takes it to Watts savagely for most of two rounds before putting Watts to sleep.  Rico earns another KO.  Someone let Watts know what century it is before he leaves the venue tonight.  He may thank you, but then again he may punch you in the face.  

Ammy Awards at Intermission

K.O. O' The Night: Rico DiSciullo for the 3rd time at Cage Titans
Fight O' The Night: Dan Lopez Vs. Peter Barrett (Look for the Video Evidence)
Sub O' The Night: Brian Sparrow's Rnd 1 Armbar
Main Card
Nick Fontecchio(Connors MMA) 0-0 vs. James Smith(MAXX Training) 3-0 Heavyweight
Fontecchio ground and pounds his way through Smith, the ref stops it at 2:31 in the 3rd Rnd

Shaun Marmas(Integrated Martial Arts) 2-3-1  vs. Chris Rowley(Sityodtong) 3-5 135lbs
We have our first sub of the night for the pros, Marmas takes down "Kumite" at 4:44 of the 1st Rnd.  Definately have to say I am bummed to learn my favorite 135lb Eastern Mass fighter just lost.

Keegan Hornstra(Recluse BJJ) 0-3 vs. Bobby Flynn(Pro Elite) 0-0 160lbs
Bobby Flynn puts another "W" in the Pro Elite history books by submitting Hornstra with RNC at 2:20 in Rnd 1

Jesse Merit(Team Anubis) 0-0 vs. Shawn Baker(CCFA) 2-4 185lbs
Baker takes the long way to a "W" and the judges see this one Unanimously 30-27

Jimmy Collins(Lauzon) 4-0 vs. Lionel Young(MAXX Training) 5-8 155lbs
Collins uses a Side Choke to end the fight in Rnd 3

Johnny Campbell(SSSF) 3-1 vs. Tateki Matsuda(Sityodtong) 6-3 135lbs
Jesse describes this fight as being an all out war.  Both fighters digging deep and keeping insanely busy as the crowd begins to chant for "Cupcakes" at the start of Rnd 3.  Campbell is fighting hard even though Matsuda has destroyed his legs.  Cupcakes gets a takedown, but Matsuda takes top position before both men return to their feet. More feirce action in the 4th as the two exchange sub attempts.  Campbell with a near miss Guillotine Choke and Matsuda takes the back with heels in for ten seconds, but neither one can finish.  Rnd 5 and the war of attrition has been waged.  Who will win the title.
Rnd 3

Rnd 5

Also Rnd 5

Your winner "Tateki Matsuda"

Matsuda adds the newest Pro Belt to the Legendary Sityodtong collection via Unanimous Dec. after a 5 round battle royal.

Thanks for following tonights action with us here at be sure to let Mike Polvere  and this lovely lady know how much you love their brand of MMA by visiting their next event.  You know you want to and hey who knows maybe you can be sitting next to The Artist in the balcony.

Thanks Jesse Camp of Warrior Nation Xtreme Fighters Alliance for being our eyes and ears tonight.  It's Jesse's first time out to the Plymouth Memorial Hall and when he gets back to town I'll ask him his opinion of the show, venue, and to highlight his take on the fighters and the fights.

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