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May 21, 2012

Premier FC 9 May 20th, 2012 Review

I made my hike up the mountain into Holyoke Ma to the Log Cabin.  I was nice and early to do my second vlog show with Mike Strazzere.  I see Get Punched is here selling their great merchandise.  The cage is being setup and looking nice.  I believe they are using a new cage and it is looking great.  The show was delayed a little but its a beautiful day and the mma fans are having a blast and getting their drinks.  I see many fighters around(obviously).  Notorious Nick Newell, John Cumper and Wifey are here.  We have 12 fights for the afternoon.  Only one fight has gotten cancelled which is Jeremy Reipold vs. Shayne Stephenson fight.  Jeremy weighed in right on target and Shayne had to cancel last minute so Jeremy is advancing.  He will be facing the winner of the Carlos Candelario vs. Adler Jack matchup in the finals.  Karyn Wesch, promoter/matchmaker for Premier FC has setup a great card for us and the place is packed.  Let's start.  Rachel Doiron kicked us off with the National Anthem.

Fight 1: Marvin Maldonado(Bruno Tostes )1-2 and Mike De Los Reyes (Dexter) 1-5 135lbs

Mike starts us off with a high leg kick.  Marvin works for the takedown.  Mike reverses briefly but Marvin goes right back to working for the takedown.  Not a whole lot of action this round but 

Marvin 10-9

Rd 2: Marvin starts us off with some kicks.  Mike gets in leg kick of his own.  Marvin is offering a bunch of kicks.  Marvin closes the distance and gets hit with a good shot.  He works for the takedown but Mike ends up getting the takedown and is now in half guard.  

Mike 10-9

Rd 3: Marvin is doing some high kicks.  One of him connects to the body and they clinch up against the cage.  Mike hooks the leg and reverses.  Marvin reverses right back.  Mike reverses again and gets the single leg takedown.  Mike is now on top in guard.  Marvin does well defending and not letting Mike get separation.  Mike gets separation the last 10 seconds and gets in some ground and pound to finish the round strong.

Mike 10-9

Marvin Maldonado defeats Mike DeLosReyes via split decision.  Notorious Nick Newell and I disagree but the second round was real close.  The judges must have given the second round to Marvin for more leg kicks.  I gave Mike the round due to the takedown and finishing the round strong.  Great opening fight and congrats to Marvin on the win!

Fight 2: Isaiah Gomez(Sityodtong Northshore) 2-1 vs. Josh Smith(Jiu Jitsu Nation) 0-0 160lb 

They start out banging and Josh closes the distance.  Isaiah gets the double leg takedown but Josh gets right up to their feet.  Josh gets a takedown of his own and Isaiah goes into a nice triangle.  He pushes down on the head and gets it tight and Josh is forced to tap.

Isaiah Gomez defeats Josh Smith in Rd 1 via triangle. Nicely done Isaiah.

Fight 3: Tim Flores(Independent) 1-1 vs Nick Pallini(Independent) 2-2 135lbs

They are standing and banging!!  The crowd is going wild.  Nick has him cornered and getting in some big shots and Tim's mouthpiece drops.  He is trying to finish the fight and the ref picks up the mouth piece and stops the fight.  That is BS.  They are supposed to wait til their is an opening and not disrupt the momentum. They resume the fight.  They go at it again and the fighters are starting to get tired.  Tim gets a takedown and is on top for the rest of the round.

Nick 10-9

Rd 2: They come out and are banging.  There looked like a knee to the head here.  Not sure we will have to see the video.  Definitely wasn't intentional.   Nick is getting in the majority of the shots.  Tim gets a takedown but Nick gets in a nice triangle.  He finishes hard but cannot get the tap.  Tim sweeps and Nick slides into a slight armbar but not quite the submission as the round ends.

Nick 10-9

The doctor checks with Tim and allows the fight to continue.

Rd 3: They start the fight and Tim looks pretty woozy.  He goes for a takedown and the ref stops the fight and the doctor calls it.  What a fight!

Nick Pallini defeats Tim Flores via doctor stoppage in Rd 3.  The Flores brothers are beasts in the cage!!  The crowd was on their feet and this is definitely a contender for fight of the night!!  

Fight 4: Ray Johns(Thunder) 0-1 vs. Tyler Rose(Ultimate MMA) 0-0 RD1

They throw a few punches and clinch near the cage.  Ray gets the single leg takedown but Tyler is on top.  He passes to full mount.  Ray bucks him off but Tyler goes right back to full mount.  Tyler gets in some ground and pound and Ray tries to get out.  Tyler rolls into an armbar and gets the tap right before the round ends.

Tyler Rose defeats Ray Johns via armbar tap Rd 1.

Fight 5: Mike Ingalls(Independent) 1-1 vs Leo Powers(Dexter) 1-1 205lbs

Both fighters are swinging and Ingalls gets the takedown.  Leo reverses and is now on top in guard.  Ingalls works a triangle but the triangle doesn't get locked in.  Leo continues the rest of the round on top.

Leo 10-9

Rd 2: They start out swinging again.  Mike catches the kick and gets the takedown.  He moves to the side and then passes to full mount.  Leo bucks him off and is now on top in the guard.  Mike bucks him off and works for an armbar.  Leo defends well and spins out but Mike sinks it in again and gets the tap.

Mike Ingalls defeats Leo Powers via armbar submission Rd 2.

Fight 6: Leon Campbell(Sityodtong) 3-0 Soap Am(TPS) 2-0 RD2

Soap goes for the takedown and gets it.  Leon is scrambling back to use the cage for a wall walk.  Leon tries to get up but Soap slams him right back down towards the center of the cage.  Soap was working the side then goes to half guard.  Soap finishes the fight on top holding onto the elbow trying to work an armbar.  

Soap 10-9

Rd 2: Soap gets in a leg kick.  Soap gets in another leg kick and works for a takedown and gets it.  Leon gets uses the cage and stands up.  Soap immediately gets the double leg slamming takedown.  Soap is now working the guard.  

Soap 10-9

Rd 3:

Leon goes for a jumping kick that connects.  He covers and Soap clinches him up against the cage and gets the takedown.  Soap continues to work the ground game.  Soap passes to full mount and threatens the kimura.  Nothing too serious.  Leon sweeps and Soap takes his back and works for the rear naked choke but time runs out.

Soap Am 10-9

Soap Am defeats Leon Campbell unanimous decision 30-27.

Fight 7: Denise Goddard (Guardian) 0-0 vs Marina Shafir(Bruno Tostes) 0-0 155lb 

The girls come out swinging and Marina gets a footsweep takedown and moved immediately to full mount.  He gets in position and works the armbar and cranks it deep for the tap.

Marina Shafir defeats Denise Goddard via armbar in Rd 1.  Ladies and gentlemen we have a 155lb female fighter around here now!!

Fight 8: Jorden Pope (Premier Fight Team)0-0 vs Josten Mclamb (Jiu Jitsu Nation) 0-0 Rd 1

Both fighters come out swinging.  Josten gets rocked and his mouthpiece goes flying by a right hand.  He goes down and Jorden finishes the fight.

Jorden Pope defeats Josten Mclamb via KO early in Rd 1.

Fight 9: Sarah Payant 0-2 (Gladiator BJJ) vs Christina Houck (Bombsquad)0-0 125lbs

They are standing and swinging.  Both fighters are getting in their leg kicks.  Sarah gets in a good combo and backs her up.  They break and Sarah gets in another good combo.  Christina gets a takedown and is working the half guard.  Sarah threatens with an armbar but Christina punches her way out.  

Sarah 10-9

Rd 2: They start out swinging.  Christina gets a takedown and Sarah uses the cage to stand back up.  They continue to stand.  Sarah gets in some good power shots.  Both fighters are getting tired.  The round is a standing battle.  Fans are going nuts.  Sarah had a huge crowd in attendance. What a fight!!

Sarah 10-9

Rd 3:  The bell sounds and Christina is getting checked out by the doctors.  The doctor stops the fight.

Sarah Payant defeats Christina Houck via doctor stoppage, could not answer 3rd round bell.  Great job Sarah.  You looked real good at 125lbs.

Fight 10: Carlos Candelario(Independent) 1-0 vs Adler Jack(Independent) 2-1 Rd 2

Adler went in and went for the takedown but caught in a standing guillotine and went out.

Carlos Candelario defeats Adler Jack via guillotine in 11 seconds in Rd 1.

The finals are set and Jeremy Reipold is called into the cage.  Carlos Candelario vs. Jeremy Reipold for the finals in the 135lb tournament!!

Fight 11: Myles Reid(International Martial Arts) 1-0 vs. George Abele(Sityodtong)2-0 Rd 2

George ducked a punch and is working a takedown.  Myles threatens with a guillotine but doesn't quite have it under.  George is now in half butterfly guard.  Myles buck and they stand.  Myles gets a takedown of his own and is now working half guard.  George bucks him off and is now on top in half butterfly guard.  They stand and George works the guillotine.  He is cranking on it and time runs out.

George 10-9

Rd 2:  Myles gets in a huge right hand that stuns George back.  George goes for a takedown and comes back to.  George gets the double leg takedown.  George passes to full mount and and has him pinned up against the cage.  Myles bucks him off and George takes the back.  He is getting in some big ground and pound.  Myles scrambles and George takes the side and gets in some more hammerfists.  There were some unanswered strikes and the ref stops it.

George Abele defeats Myles Reid via ref stoppage to punches.  He advances to the finals!  Awesome fight!!

Patrick Early(Factory) 0-1 vs. Terin Swanson(Gladiator BJJ) 1-1 145lbs

They are swinging.  Pat backs Terin up but Terin punches out of it.  Pat went for the takedown but got caught in a guillotine.  He sinks it in deep and cranks and Pat is forced to tap.

Terin Swanson defeats Patrick Early via guillotine in Rd 1.  Terin advances to 2-1.  Kid looks good and has lots of potential!  Great job Terin.


Fight of the Night: Sarah Payant vs. Christina Houlk...these girls went at it!!
Submission of the Night: Carlos Candelario standing guillotine...
KO of the Night:  Jorden Pope KO....happened so fast!
Blunder of the Night: Starting late due to cage issues...

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality: 4.5
Sound: 5
Refs: 4
Announcer: 4.5
Ring Girls: 5
Vendors: 3..I believe GetPunched was the only one there.
Overall: 4.36

We had a great time at the Premier FC 9.  I am looking forward to the next show July 8th, 2012 and then the finals in August.  Right now this is the only tournament happening around in here and it makes for some awesome matchups.  Fighters have to deal with not being 100% because they don't want to drop out of the tournament.  That is what it is all about, true warriors in the cage!!  Show kicked off around 1pm I believe and got done around 4:30 in the afternoon.  The two female fights were spectacular to see.  You don't get to see that very often.  I want to thank Karyn Wesch and all of the Premier FC staff for the wonderful hospitality.  I'd like to thank Joe Leonard for running the video and the FCAT crew for helping out.  All of the photos that Gary took will be posted on our fanpage.  As we edit the videos we will be posting them on our youtube and on the site here for everyone to enjoy so don't change that webpage!!  I would like to thank all the fighters for putting on a great show for us all.  Til next time, everyone train safe and be well.

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