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July 9, 2012

Premier FC 10 July 8th, 2012 Full Review

Arrived at the beautiful Log Cabin with Warchild around 1pm and quickly found my spot. The cage was all set up and the fans were piling in. GetPunched, Dominage Apparel and a table selling pocketbooks were already set up selling their merchandise. There is a young gentlemen in a kilt whom I assume is playing in the beginning or at an intermission. We have eight fights today and a grappling match featuring The Artist from this site Joe Leonard. Many fighters are in attendance, Ricardo Funch, Kym Sturdivant, Gabriel Gladiator, Leon Davis, Jeremy Ross are in attendance. The refs are Kenny Quon and John English. Marty Caproni will be our host for the afternoon. The ring girls are looking great as always. I estimate around 500-600 people in attendance. We start out with a young gentlemen playing us the bagpipes. There is a 50/50 raffle for a young girl who has Huntington's disease named Sky. Now onto some fights..

Grappling Match Joe Leonard vs. Walter Rodriguez..Joe goes for the takedown and they both fall to the ground. Walter was on top then took the back. Joe sweeps out and Walter defends. They go up against the cage and Joe uses the cage to stand up but gets caught in a guillotine. Joe fights it and slips out and Walter gets a slamming takedown. Walter is working the top and Joe is defending nicely. Walter is declared the winner by guest ref Gabriel Gladiator.

Fight 1:Mike DeLosReyes(Dexter) 1-5 vs Lance Brown(Jiu Jitsu Nation) 0-0 125 lbs

Lance goes for a single leg takedown and gets it. Lance is working the half guard and Mike worked a nice sweep. Lance bucks off and they stand back up. Lance is working another single leg takedown and gets it. Lance gets in some ground and pound and Mike sends him flying with a buck off but Lance goes right back on top getting in some more ground and pound. Mike sweeps out and is now in half guard on top. Lance bucks him off and gets in some more ground and pound at the end of the round.

Lance 10-9

Rd 2: They exchange a few blows and Lance gets a double leg takedown. Mike has a half butterfly guard but loses it. Mike gets a nice sweep and both fighters work their way up. Lance is working a signle leg takedown but Mike defends it. Lance is still working the single leg and they break. They exchange a few more blows and Lance gets another single leg takedown as the round ends.

Lance 10-9

Rd 3: Mike gets in a nice counter punch. Lance gets a single leg takdown. MIke is trying to use the cage to stand up. Mike stands up but Lance is relentless on keeping him to the ground. Mike stands up again and they break. Lance gets in some good right hands. Mike gets in some great shots of his own as Lance closes the gap. Mike is over the top as the round ends.

Lance 10-9
Lance Brown defeats Mike DeLosReyes via unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Arutjun Pogosjan(Bruno Tostes) vs. Dan Bardellini(Rivera MMA)

Dan gets a slamming takedown. Aru gets back up and Dan slams him down again. Aru is working a guillotine but Dan pops his head out. Aru takes his back and hooks both his legs in. Aru is getting in some ground and pound. Aru threatens with rear naked choke but then goes back to ground and pound. Ref Kenny tells him to defend and is forced to stop the fight.

Arutjun Pogosjan defeats Dan Bardellini via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 1 at 2:36.

Fight 3: Zach Ordoyne(Ravenous) 0-0 vs. Josh Smith (Jiu Jitsu Nation) 0-1 155lbs
They start out swinging. Josh goes for a takedown and gets it but is caught in a guillotine. Zach uses his hips and legs and flips him over and is now on top and still working the guillotine. Josh fights it but it is too tight. Very impressive amateur debut from Zach. You don't see many guillotines from on top.

Zach Ordoyne defeats Josh Smith via guillotine choke in 1:05 in Rd 1.

Fight 4: Ian McEwen(Lion’s Den) 0-0 vs Marvin Maldonado(Bruno Tostes) 2-2 135lbs

They clinch up against the cage and Ian gets a slamming takedown. Ian is working the half guard. Ian gets in a little ground and pound. The ref stands him up. Marvin gets a single leg takedown of his own. Ian pops right back up. Marvin backs out of the clinch swinging.

Ian 10-9

Rd 2: They come swinging. Ian gets some good knees to the body. Ian gets a single leg takedown and is now in the guard. Marvin gets a triangle and Ian somehow flips over and gets out of it. They stand up and Ian gets in another takedown and is working the guard. Ian gets in a few shots to the body and then to the head.

Ian 10-9

Rd 3: Marvin misses with a punch and Ian gets a takedown. Marvin uses the cage to stand back up and Ian gets in some punches to the head. Marvin stands up and fires a good right hand. Ian is working another takedown and he gets it via hip toss. Marvin was going for a kneebar but Ian rolls out and is now on top working the side. Marvin gets a triangle and is threatening with it but time runs out.

Ian 10-9...real close round but Ian was in the dominant position on top for most of the round.

Ian McEwen defeats Marvin Maldonado via unanimous decision.

Sky comes back to the cage and they do a 50/50 raffle. They raised $166 bux for Sky's family and to the winner

Fight 5: Joshua Carrero (DCNU) 2-0 vs. Chris Palacios (Sityodtong Northshore) 0-1 135lb

Josh gets a takedown and is now in half guard. Josh passes to full mount. Josh lays down some ground and pound. Josh gets bucked off and is now back to half guard but he is getting in some big shots. Josh stands up and grabs the arm and cranks. Chris gets out of it. Josh is working the side and then passes to the other side getting and takes the arm and gets another armbar for the tap.

Joshua Carrero defeats Chris Palacios via armbar tap in Rd 1.

Fight 6: Ashley Weber(Dexter) 0-0 vs. Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ) 1-2 125lbs

Sarah comes out swinging and gets in a good right hand. Ashley goes for a single leg. They are clinching up against the cage. Ashley is getting in some good knees to the leg of Sarah. Sarah reverses and gets in a good knee to the body. Sarah uses a hip toss and gets right to full mount. Ashley spins out and Sarah threatens for a rear naked and and lays down some huge ground and pound as the round ends. With one second left the ref stops the fight and its in the books.

Sarah Payant defeats Ashley Weber via ref stoppage to ground at pound at 2:59 in Rd 1.

170lb Tournament SemiFinal Fight
Fight 7: Myles Reid(The Dungeon) vs. Tyler Rose(Ultimate MMA)

Myles works a takedown but Tyler reverses it and Tyler got the takedown working the side. Tyler passes for full mount and Myles bucks him off and they are standing clinching up againt the cage. Tyler gets a tripping takedown and is again working the side. Myles spins and Tyler takes his back and is working a rear naked choke. He twists and sinks in the arm under the chin and gets the tap.

Tyler Rose defeats Myles Reid via tap to rear naked choke at 2:11 in Rd 1.

At the August 3rd Finals Premier FC will have George Abele vs Tyler Rose for the championship fight!

There was a slight delay due to some taping of the fighters issues so Marty filled it in nicely with some funny jokes. Marty you really need to warm up the crowd at the beginning of the show with a good 5 minute joke spiel. You are wicked good!
145lb Tournament Semifinal Fight
Fight 8: Jordan Pope(Premier Fight Team) 1-0 vs Leon Campbell.(Sity)

Jordan gets a takedown but is caught in a guillotine. He pops his head out and is working the side. Leon uses the cage to stand up and Jordan fires a good combo. Leon in clinching Jordan up against the cage and gets a few knees to the body of Jordan. Jordan looks like he is working a guillotine but slides down and Leon gets in some good shots to the body. Jordan pushes the action and they are clinching up against the cage.

Jordan 10-9 real close round, really could go either way. Jordan had a takedown and was on top for a bit and so was Leon. I feel Jordan got in a few more shots standing so I gave him the slight edge.

Rd 2: Jordan starts us off with some leg kicks. Leon misses with a wide right. Leon gets in a few leg kicks of his own. Jordan goes for a takedown and Leon gets in a knee to the body of Jordan. Jordan gets it and is working the side. Leon uses the cage and stands up. Leon is clinching and gets in a knee to the body. Leon picks Jordan up and slams him down on his back. Jordan bucks him off and Leon backs off. They stand as the round ends.

Jordan 10-9...again another close round but Jordan was on top longer so I gave him the edge

Rd 3: Leon is teeing off with leg kicks and Jordan is eating them. They clinch and fall to the ground and Leon is working the back. Leon is working a rear naked but Jordan sweeps out and is now on top. Jordan gets a few shots to the head. He gets some separation and gets in some big ground and pound as the round ends.

Jordan 10-9 Jordan definitely won this round all out but it all comes down to what the judges thought in the first two rounds because they were real close.

Leon Campbell defeats Jordan Pope via split decision 27-29 Leon, 29-28 Jordan, 27-30 Leon Campbell. I knew it was going to be close. Congrats to both fighters for an awesome fight. Leon moves on in the tournament and gets a rematch with Soap Am for the 145lb tournament finals in August!


Fight of the Night:
Leon Campbell vs. Jordan Pope...great back and forth and real close rounds..
Submission of the Night: Zach Ordoyne guillotine from full mount..very impressive.
KO of the Night: No knockouts this show
Blunder of the Night: delay before last fight for fighters being taped up!

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality:4
Ring Girls:5
Overall: 4.79

I would like to thank the fighters, Premier FC team for putting a great show and allowing us to cover it.  Everyone did a great job.  Thanks to Karyn for the hospitality and the great show.  I am looking forward to the next show which is set for August 3rd, 2012 which I just figured out is the same night as CES fights.  Right now for the finals they have Jeremy Reipold vs. Carlos Candelario for 135lb finals and the other finals were listed above.  Feel free to steal all our photos and share them with your friends.  We will be posting all of our photos from the event on our facebook fan page so please look us up and "like" us if you haven't yet.  As always keep checking the site often for all your local mma as we get you closer to the cage!

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