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August 3, 2012

CES Far Beyond Driven 8/3/2012 Live Updates

Cody Lightfoot and his wifey are at the show live..fights should start around 7pm so keep updating this article..

Fight 1: Anthony Carmenetti(Independent) 0-0 vs. Joe Reverdes 0-2

Joe Reverdes defeats Anthony Carmenetti via unanimous decision 29-28.

Fight 2: Dave Maggiore (0-0, White Water) vs. Hector Sanchez (0-3, Elite Martial Arts)

Hector Sanchez defeats Dave Maggiore via 8 second KO in round 1!

Fight 3: Billy Giovanella(Connor’s MMA) vs. Theo Desjardins(Triforce)

Billy Giovanella defeats Theo Desjardins TKO to punches in Rd 2.

Fight 4: Joe Pingitore (1-0, Rukus Fighting Academy) vs. Ahsan Abdullah (Pro Debut, Team Bombsquad)

Joe Pingitore defeats Ashsan Abdullah via split decision.  Cody says he had it the other way so it must have been real close!!

Fight 5: Dinis Piava Jr. (1-3, Keith Allen) vs. Gilvan Santos (1-3, Dragon's Lair)

Dinis Piava defeats Gilvan Santos via north south choke Rd 2.

Fight 6: Chris Cole (3-1) (Sityodtong Northshore) vs. Robbie Leroux (3-1)

Robbie Leroux defeats Chris Cole via unanimous decision.

Fight 7: Ruben "Rukus" Rey (5-3, Rukus Fighting Academy) vs. Sergio Moran Cabrera (1-0, Wai Kru)

Sergio defeats Ruben via rear naked choke in rd 2.

Fight 8: Tyson Chartier (3-2, Sityodtong) vs. Tim O'Connell (4-3, Black Diamond MMA)

Tyson wins ko rd 1

Fight 9: Mike "The Beast" Campbell (10-4, Tim Burrill/TriForce) vs. Don Carlo Clauss (9-6, Team Bombsquad)

Campbell wins UD

Fight 10: John "Doomsday" Howard (16-7, Wai Kru) vs. Scott "Sweet Dreams" Rehm (7-6, ProElite)

Doomsday wins from verbal tapout round 1.  Looked like Rehm hurt his arm but got in some good shots first.

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