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August 14, 2012

Introducing Coliseum To The Cage

We have some new banners up on the site and I just wanted to introduce you all to Coliseum To The Cage.  They reached out to us a few weeks back and we are very impressed with them.  They will be having their first event on October 12th, at the SportZone in Derry New Hampshire.  They plan on having about 4-5 events a year at that location for a while and eventually might branch out to other parts of New England.  Mark your calendars, and of course we have it on our sidebar for the Upcoming Local Events if you forget.  Their team consists of Christopher Corso, Eric Bither and Jimmy Quinlan who I think most of you will be familiar with.  Eric and Chris both graduated from University of Maine Law School and Jimmy is an MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighter with years of experience in the industry.  He has won national Jiu Jitsu titles and is 2-0 as a professional with his third fight coming up.

There are so many promotions coming about and I wanted to know what their goal was.  They informed me that they want to "promote the high standards, professional ethics and integrity of MMA through their events."  They also stated that they "desire to assist and support upcoming fighters and provide media exposure for the athletes and event sponsors."  We, at are very excited for this upcoming event and covering it for all our fans.  I can assure you all that these guys are very professional and we wish them the best.  To me,  I really enjoy the promotions that love to give back to their community. They told me "we also want to help out the towns/cities where we will be hosting these events in any way we can, specifically by involving as many local businesses with the event."  Any local businesses that want to get in on this please contact them by visiting their site here.  You can always click on their banner to our right of this article too.  I check it frequently and they are always updating it which is very important in this day and age!

Jim and Chris have known each other for a long time, in fact since they were 2!  I highly doubt you remember when you first met.  Chris then met Eric in law school and they became great friends.  The law school jobs were looking slim so they decided to put their knowledge of MMA and start their promotion company.  Their goal is to "help promote the fighters and to bring a great show to the fans" said Corso.   The fans in New Hampshire are going to be hungry for some hard hitting action, right guys??  It is very important to them to "make the show affordable, fun, entertaining and memorable."  With that said the tickets start at $20 bux for general admission and go up to $200 bux for VIP but don't let that fool you. You can get Front row seats for just $50 bux.  As for the fights I have not heard of any fights yet but don't you worry as soon as we hear it we will share it.  It really isn't too far of a drive either, from Western Mass it is a little over two hours.  Keep up the great work CTTC! Last but not least check out their fan page.

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