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August 10, 2012

NEF Announces 31 Fights For Fight Night IV

Lewiston, Maine (August 10, 2012) – New England Fights (NEF) is proud to announce the fight card for its Fight Night IV event on September 8 at The Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, Maine.  Get your ticketes by visiting here.

"I've been honored and privileged to work with such amazing athletes on all of the New England Fights shows," stated NEF co-owner and matchmaker, Matt Peterson. "But this fight sets a new standard. I can't recall the last time I saw a regional card with so many top-ranked professional and amateur mixed martial artists all competing on the same night. We look to kick it up a notch with every bout sheet and I think we've really done that with Fight Night IV. With over 30 matches scheduled, fans can expect to get good value for their dollar. NEF aims to deliver every show--and you can bet these 60+ skilled fighters are going to help us do that on September 8th. The listing speaks for itself so come out to the Colisee on September 8th and help us set a new record!"

At the top of the card will be two Maine State MMA title fights. The first, a middleweight bout, will feature former Maine State Wrestling Champions Jesse Peterson (6-2) and Cody Lightfoot (6-3). The second, for the welterweight title, pits Veazie, Maine’s Ryan Sanders (4-1) against UFC veteran Ricardo Funch (8-4).

“This is the second-consecutive card we’ve had a UFC veteran in our main event or co-main event,” said NEF co-owner and promoter Nick DiSalvo. “Everyone knows that Tim Sylvia fought in our last main event back in June. We received a ton of national coverage on that card on Spike TV, AXS TV (formerly HDNet), and TUFF TV. Now it seems like everyone wants to fight for us, both New England and national fighters. Matt and I are getting so many requests from former UFC, and other national-level fighters, as well as ranked fighters in the northeast, to come fight for NEF. It’s difficult to keep up with all of it. Maine is now THE place to be for MMA. We knew it could be, and that was our goal when we started this promotion in late 2011 – to put Maine on the MMA map. We didn’t know it would happen this quickly. The fighters and the fans are the ones to credit for the sport’s success in Maine. Matt and I just guided the process along from a business standpoint. The fights have all been action-packed thanks to the fighters. And, the fans are really the best, most passionate and enthusiastic, I’ve ever seen anywhere.”

NEF smashed the all-time attendance record for a mixed martial arts show back in February when over 3,100 fans turned out at the Lewiston Colisee for Fight Night I. In April, the promotion sold out the Ice Arena in Biddeford, Maine for its Fight Night II event. Then, in June, the promotion returned to the Colisee in Lewiston with another packed house of nearly 3,000. NEF executives are planning for another large crowd on September 8, and they report that ticket sales to date, still over four weeks out, are already in the thousands.

The fight card (subject to change):

185 Jesse Peterson 6-2 (CMBJJ/SSSF) vs Cody Lightfoot 6-3 (The Shop) *MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE* 170 Ryan Sanders 4-1 (Young’s MMA) vs Ricardo Funch 8-4 (Team Link) *WELTERWEIGHT TITLE* HW Matt Andrikut 0-0 (Kut Combat) vs Jason Dolloff 6-16 (Team Anger Management)
170 Josh Bellows 1-0 (Littlefield’s) vs Darrius Heyliger 2-1 (Bombsquad)
155 Bruce Boyington 3-2 (Young’s MMA) vs Antony Woodman 2-6 (Havoc)
155 Jamie Harrison 3-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs Josh Parker 3-4 (Littlefield’s)
155 Jon Lemke 0-0 (Team Irish) vs Nate Oses 0-0 (Independent))
135 Pedro Gonzalez 8-5 (Sityodtong) vs Paul Gorman 9-9 (Academy)

115 Connor Murphy 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Tyler Durkee 0-0 (MMA Athletix)
125 Cecil Haney 2-3 (Academy) vs Matt Almy 4-5 (Bombsquad)
130 Maria Rios 2-0 (Academy) vs Fernanda Araujo 0-1 (Defensive Edge MMA)
135 Matt Marshall 2-4 vs Tommy Nevelizer 0-0 (Premiere Martial Arts)
135 Eric Austin 0-0 (Moontide MMA) vs Noah Hall 1-1 (Team Irish)
135 Nicholas Spencer 1-1 (Choi’s) vs Cody Sargent 0-0 (Independent)
135 Elias Leland 1-1 (The Academy) vs Tommy Balzano 3-1 (Team Irish)
145 Ray Wood 4-1 (Young’s MMA) vs Soap Am 4-0 (Independent)
145 Erik Nelson 0-1 (CMBJJ) vs Derek Shorey 2-5 (Bill Jones’ Shop)
145 John Raio 3-0 (MMA Athletix) vs Damon Owens 1-3 (Young’s MMA)
145 John Parker 0-0 (Team Nitemare) vs Caleb Hall 0-0 (Moontide MMA)
155 Will McCall 0-0 (Team Irish) vs Erik Tainter 0-0 (Independent)
155 Jesse Erickson 2-1 (CMBJJ) vs RJ Letendre 3-1 (Bill Jones Shop)
145 Kris Kramer 1-0 (Team Irish) vs Ken Foster 0-0 (Independent)
155 Jason Libby 3-2 (The Shop) vs Josh Mayville 1-0 (Premier Martial Arts)
165 Dustin Theriault 0-1 (Oxford Hills) vs Tollison Lewis 0-2 (Wai Nei)
170 Andrew Hughes 3-1 (Team Irish) vs Tim Tucker 0-1 (Independent)
170 Greg Morse 1-1 (Team Irish) vs Achelas Ankers 0-0 (Moontide MMA)
185 Buck Pineau 4-1 (Choi’s) vs Allan Josselynn 2-1 (Kaze)
185 Kent Smallwood 0-0 (Team Irish) vs Robert Cameron 1-0 (Condemned Combat)
185 Crowsneck Boutin 0-1 (Independent) vs Steve Kimball 0-1 (Bill Jones Shop)
195 Chaz Guthrie 0-1 (Kut Combat) vs Jon Deupree 0-0 (Choi’s)
HW Mike Blair 2-0 (PowerMMA) vs Matt Mahon 1-0 (Bombsquad)

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