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August 24, 2012

Warrior Nation IV 8/24/2012 Review

It is fight day folks.  I am going to do the live play by play in this post so keep checking.  The weigh ins went great and everyone made weight.  There were a few fight changes since my teaser.  Richard Hunter vs Addison O'Neil was added and Theo Desjardin vs. Anthony Carmenatty fight had to be postponed due to a small medical issue and couldn't be cleared through the commission.  That is the bad news, the good news is they have agreed to fight on the next Warrior Nation 5 card which is tentatively scheduled November 17th so mark your calendars.  The fight card is found below so do what you will with it and print out your own copy so you can have it at the show and we will see you there.  I believe doors open at 6pm and fights start 6:30-7pm.

We are here now and it is 6:40pm.  There is a lovely DJ Arianna spinning some beats for the crowd as we the fans pile in and wait for the fights to begin.  Warchild will be taking photos for us and of course I will be doing the live play by play.  I saw MMA Superfriends Matt Bessette and Nick Newell in the cage at the beginning of the show. Doomsday, Jeff Watts, Leon Davis and Old School are also in attendance!! Even Cage Titan Goddess (or Diva) Brandie Light was in attendance. Mr. Zack Lynch came as the photographer all the way from NY!! The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin.

Fight 1: 150 lbs Walter Rodriguez (Lion’s Den 1-0) vs. Ruso Khubecov (Connor’s MMA 2-0)

Ruso starts us off with a leg kick.  They both start out banging which was pretty even.  Now they are clinching in the middle of the cage.  Walter is pushing Ruso up against the cage.  Walter gets in a good knee to the body.  Ruso gets in a knee but it is too the cup.  Walter takes about a minute and the action starts.  Walter resumes action with a leg kick.  The rest of the round is standup and Walter eats some leg kicks.

Walter 10-9 real close round but he had a dominant position in the clinch up against the cage.

Rd 2: They both start us out with some leg kicks.  Walter gets in a nice body shot and Ruso counters with a leg kick.  They both start banging and Walter wants no more and goes for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine.  Walter fights it all the way til the round ends.

Ruso 10-9 real close round but I gave it to Ruso for more damage standing and the sub attempt

Rd 3: They start us out with combos from both fighters.  Ruso offers a leg kick and Walter counters with a great jab.  Nose is coming out of Ruso's nose.  They go at it at the 10 second marker.

Walter 10-9 Walter had the more damage this round so I am giving him the round

Ruso Khubecov defeats Walter Rodriguez via unanimous decision 30-27.  Not the way I saw it but congrats to Ruso.  The rounds were close.

Fight 2:  135 lbs Nhel Theam (DCNU 0-0) vs. Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin Kempo 0-1)

Both fighters start us out with some body kicks.  Nhel gets in a good left jab and Allen counters.  Nhel must have gotten a finger in the eye and he gets 5 minutes.  The doctor checks him out unfortunately Nhel can't see so the doctor stops it.  It is declared a No Contest. Jesse put em on the card for Warrior Nation V!!

Nhel Theam and Allen Edgecomb declared a No Contest!  Nhel heal up fast because we want to see this fight happen!

Fight 3:  155 lbs Curtis Watkins (East Coast United BJJ 0-0 vs. Zack Ordoyne (Team Ravenous 1-0)

They clinch and Zach gets in a good knee to the body.  Curtis gets the takedown and is in half guard.   Zach rolls and they are back standing.  They clinch and Zach is getting a bunch of knees to the body.  Curtis reverses and pushes Zach up against the cage.  Zach gets in a good right hand and Curtis gets the takedown and ends the round in half guard.

Curtis 10-9

Rd 2: Zach starts us out with a combo.  They clinch and Zach is working the knees to the body.  Zach is working the clinch up against the cage.  Zach is getting in some uppercuts and and some great body shots.  They rest of the round is in the clinch.

Zach 10-9

Rd 3: Curtis goes right for a takedown and gets it.  He is now working the guard.  Zach works an armbar and appears the ref stopped it.

Zach Ordoyne defeats Curtis Watkins via ref stoppage to armbar tap at 1:13 in Rd 3.  Great job Zach, The two rounds were close and you don't want to take a chance of it going to the judges!

Jesse Camp is calling the talent, Nick Newell, Jeff Emil Haddad, Matt Bessette, Doomsday Howard, Ricardo Funch, Jeremy Ross and Alexandre Moreno!

Fight 4:  135 lbs Ian McEwan (Lion’s Den 1-0) vs. Chad Kelly (FAA Gardner 2-2)

Ian takes Chad down and moves him to his corner.  Well done Ian.  Chad bucks him off and they are back standing.  Chad gets a hip toss takedown but Ian bounces back up and gets a takedown of his own.  Ian is now working the guard.  Ian gets in few punches to the body.  Chad works for what looks like an armbar but Ian recognizes it and makes him pay with some big hammer fists as the round ends.

Ian 10-9

Rd 2: Chad gets in a great body kick.  Chad gets in a good combo.  Ian gets in a body shot of his own.  Ian gets a punch in to the shoulder.  Chad is getting some great combos and winning the round.  Chad gets a takedown and is now in half guard.  He passes to full mount and Ian bucks him off and in now in guard as the round ends.

Chad 10-9

Rd 3: They touch gloves and the action commences.  Chad is getting in his jabs.  Ian gets the takedown and is now in guard.  Ian is trying to get some separation to lay down some ground and pound.  Chad works a triangle and it is real deep.  Ian taps.

Chad Kelly defeats Ian McEwan via triangle tapout at 1:50 in Rd 3.  Way to keep focused Chad!

Fight 5: 140 lbs Michael Tabor (Guardian MMA 0-2) vs. Joe Leonard (Team Ravenous 0-0)

Joe waves off the glove tap.  Joe catches the leg kick and takes him down.  They scramble on the ground and Michael gets an armbar and the ref stops the fight..  Keep your head up Joe, we are all proud of you!

Michael Tabor defeats Joe Leonard via ref stoppage to armbar at 52 seconds in Rd 1.  Congrats to Tabor on his first ammy win!

Jesse Camp gives all the media a shoutout.  Thanks Jesse.  He tells the crowd about how Joe a few years ago weighed 240lbs and has been battling Crohn's disease.  Joe battles with it everyday and we are proud of you man!!

Fight 6: 170lbs Richard Hunter (Lion’s Den 0-0) vs. Addison O’Neil (DCNU 1-0)

Richard starts us out with leg kicks and Addison counters and rocks Richard with a straight right.

Addison O'Neil defeats Richard Hunter via knockout at 13 seconds in Rd 1. Wow what a knockout!!  I didn't even get a chance to write anything!

Jesse gives an awesome speech about Abi Mestre and calls Fighting Arts Academy into the cage and gives them a picture frame that Zack Lynch from and Jesse put together.  Great job guys!

Fight 7: 155 lbs Billy Leishner (Dexters MMA 1-2) vs. Nick Berube (Team Link, NH 3-3)

Nick dodges a punch and goes for the double leg takedown.  He switches to a single leg and gets the takedown.  Nick is trying to pass guard to mount.  Billy is threatening with a guillotine but it isn't deep.  Nick finishes the round in half guard and he gets in a little ground and pound as the round ends.

Nick 10-9

Rd 2: They both get in a jab and Billy misses with a swinging kick and slips.  Nick covers and Billy was in guard.  Nick bucks him off and Nick stands back up.  Nick clinches up against the cage and is working a single leg takedown.  He gets it and is now in half guard.  Billy gets some space and uses the cage to stand up.  Billy is now clinching Nick up against the cage and they fall to the ground.

Nick 10-9

Rd 3: Billy hits Nick with a leg kick and Nick counters but it ends up being a cup shot.  The action resumes and they clinch.  Billy is pushing Nick up against the cage is working the double leg takedown.  The ref separates them.  Good call.  Nick is now clinching up against the cage working a takedown of his own.  Nick is working hard for the takedown but Billy defends well.  Very close round.

Nick 10-9 He was working for the takedown longer so I gave him the slight edge.

Nick Berube defeats Billy Leishner via majority decision.  Wow one judge had it 29-28 Billy...what fight were you watching?? Anyways the right fighter got the win.

Jesse gives out amateur fight of the nights awards and it goes to Ruso Khubecov and Walter Rodriguez.  He also thanks Tom and Sarah Gomes from OmniOhana Media and Sonny, the manager of the Hu Ke Lau and Chuck from!

Fight 8: 185lbs Roger Zapatta (Bruno Tostes BJJ 0-1) vs. Josh Mellen (MTF 2-9)

They clinch up against the cage.  Roger picks Josh up and slams him hard and the cage boards break underneath. It must be too bad because the fight wasn't stopped and no fighters complained. Roger finishes him off with some strikes and the ref stops the fight.  That slam was won of the hardest slams I have ever seen!!

Roger Zapatta defeats Josh Mellen via ref stoppage to punches at 1:28 in Rd 1.

They are taking a moment to fix the braces because as Jesse said Fighter Safety is #1.

Fight 9:  130lbs Dan “The Hamburglar” Cormier(Tri Force MMA/6-2 Ammy, 0-0 Pro Debut) vs. Billy “The Wolverine” Giovanella (Connor’s MMA/5-2 Ammy, 2-0 Pro Record)

Billy goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  They clinch and Billy is pushing Dan up against the cage.  Dan gets in a good knee to the body.  Dan is now clinching Billy up against the cage.  Billy reverses gets in a knee to the body.  Billy gets in some knees to the head.  Billy picks him up and gets the takedown.  Billy is working the guard.  Dan has some weird leg lock I think and Billy takes his back.  He has the legs hooked and is working for a rear naked choke.  They run out of time.

Billy 10-9

Rd 2: Dan starts us out with some leg kicks.  Dan is doing some 1-2s then out and it seems to be working great.  Billy tries a looping right but I don't think it hits.  Dan gets in a great jab.  Billy has had enough standup and takes Dan down.  Billy postures up and gets in a good punch.  Dan is working for an armbar but Billy pulls his arm through.  Billy takes his back and hooks the legs working a rear naked choke again.  Dan defends well and they keep rolling but Billy can't finish Dan.

Billy 10-9

Rd 3: Dan starts us out with a leg kick.  Billy gets in a nice jab.  Dan gets in a body shot.  Dan gets in another jab.  Dan jumps guard and sinks in a deep guillotine.  Billy muscles his way out and is now on top in guard.  Dan gets in a good upkick.  Billy takes the back and has the body lock.  Billy keeps working the rear naked choke but once again he can't finish Dan.  This one is going to the score cards.

Billy 10-9

Billy Giovanella defeats Dan Cormier via unanimous decision 30-27. Billy is still undefeated at 3-0 and is continuing to improve every fight.  Keep your head up Dan, you hung in there with a guy who had two more fights than you pro.  You will be back!


Fight of the Night: Ruso Khubecov vs Walter Rodriguez
Submission of the Night: Zach Ordoyne vs. Curtis Watkins
KO of the Night: Addison O'Neil vs. Richard Hunter
Blunder of the Night: The slam that broke the cage haha

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5 very well matched fights.
Star Quality: 5 so many as mentioned above
Sound: 5 quality was good, bass was booming
Refs: 4.5 refs did a good job, couple of fights the ref stopped the fight without a tap but it was his call.
Announcer: 4.5 John Vena did a great job besides when he said a fighter won by rear naked choke and it was triangle :)
Ring Girls:5 I wish I could give them a 10 :)
Vendors:3 there isn't a spot for vendors but I have it a 3 because the Hu Ke Lau has excellent service and food :)
Overall: 4.5

Thanks to Jesse Camp, Tom Gomes and the entire Warrior Nation/Hu Ke Lau staff for the lovely hospitality.  It was a packed show and for good reason.  We saw a great night of fights and I agree with Denny, 9 is a perfect number of fights.  Warrior Nation has some of the hottest cage girls and they give out great looking trophies to the winning fighter.  I am a little upset that the Warrior Nation girls had not one, but two opportunities to draw my ticket for the 50/50 raffle and failed to do so but I guess I will let them off the hook.  I will close this out with a few more random pics of the night.

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