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September 25, 2012

Cage Titans Hosting Media Day/Clinic September 30th

Courtesy of Rich O's Photography

Cage Titans announced that they will be having a Medical Clinic/Media Day/Open Workout on Sunday, September 30th at 9am at South Shore Spotrfighting in Norwell. (Easy location, right off the highway) As always, this is open to fighters, training partners, coaches, etc. This is important to note that this is a new location for it and also that any fighter is welcome to come.  What does this mean exactly?  Well any fighter can come in and get the majority of their medicals done at a discounted rate.  Not to mention you get to chat with some great people and get work done.

Doctors will be there set-up for a Medical Clinic to take care of all medicals and blood work for your license. (Physical, EKG, Blood, CT scan referrals) Cost for everything is roughly $220 but you can also get individual tests done as well. (Just blood or just ekg, etc) Unfortunately the eye doctor, Dr. Shea won't be able to make it but I believe you can make an appointment there and you definitely can by calling his office.  He does a great job and Cage Titans highly recommends him.  Now for the very important part, so pay attention! Please RSVP if you plan on using them so Titans can staff accordingly. Last Media Day they had over 25 fighters getting medicals. This is open to ALL FIGHTERS not just those fighting for Cage Titans so feel free to bring your teammates to take advantage of it especially if they plan on fighting in the future or have something scheduled upcoming for another promo.

Also, all day Rich O will be taking photos, doing interviews and shooting video during and while you train. Footage will be used to hype up the fights in the weeks leading to the event. For the pros and ammy title fighters, you will have a custom one made for you to play before you walk to the cage on fight night. Plus we will be doing individual promo poster photos and stare down photos between all competitors in attendance.

And finally, the guys at South Shore Sportfighting mentioned that they wanted to add some of their own fun to the Media Day experience by hosting some friendly and fun competitions and seminars...Tire flip contests, grappling matches, demonstrations by UFC vets (Rumored Joe and Dany Lauzon, Josh Grispi, Alex Karalexis) and more.

Just please confirm that you will be in attendance and also a list of who you are bringing with you so we can add them to the guest list as well. (This event is free!) You can RSVP by saying you are going in the facebook event here.  If you don't have facebook, then give Mike Polvere or Brandie Light a call and RSVP or email Mike here  Thanks to Titans staff and to SSSF for having this great event.  It really helps the fighters out big time!!

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