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September 19, 2012

GFL 9/15/2012 Review

[This review was done by guest writer Zach Ordoyne.  Zach is a member of Team Ravenous and fights out of Greenfield MA.  He currently has a 2-0 amateur record and has won both of his fights via submission.]

We arrived at the event early enough to catch them wrapping up all the production and getting ready for the show. They really out did themselves and used everything the sports club had to offer, from the four projectors showcasing the fights to the balcony seats providing fans with the bird’s eye view. Big thanks to GFL for their hospitality and VIP seats; they put a lot of work into this event and the quality shows. Scott Millette and Mike Strazzere clearly know what they’re doing putting together entertainment that did not let down. Will the fights live up to the production quality??  Let's find out.

Fight 1: 145 Danny Monteiro (Nova Uniao) (0-0) vs Garret Elias (Bucket Brigade) (0-0)

Garret came out strong with a quick combo looking for some connection, but quickly got caught with a counter from Danny’s straight right dropping him to his knees at 9 seconds. It was a scary moment as they pulled Garret out of the cage on a stretcher but he made a full recovery and the show continued soon after. What a way to start out the night!

Danny Monteiro defeats Garret Elias via knockout in Rd 1.

Fight 2: 205 Jason Barrett (Independent) (1-0) vs Kristian Lombari (Team Fury) (0-0)

Jason (Flex Armstrong) controls the beginning of the round with striking, getting in close and connecting. Kristian gets flustered allowing Jason to go for a take down; gaining top control on the ground and Jason begins to throw knees to the body. Kristian gathers himself and squares up as they get to their feet, but Jason holds the clinch and starts dirty boxing. Jason quickly pulls a standing guillotine which ends the fight via tap out at 1:36. Living up to his notorious name Flex Armstrong, he waves on his boos from the crowd with a love to hate me smile. He then proceeds to call out Dave Bautista.  Sounds like a great fight to me, except Dave is pro and you are amateur Flex.

Jason Barrett defeats Kristian Lombari via guillotine in Rd 1.

Fight 3: 150 Ken Kersch (Impact BJJ) (1-0) vs Tyler Tracy (Bucket Brigade) (2-2)

Rd 1. Tracy pulls a fast clinch up against the cage, with an exchange of dirty boxing. Tracy begins to throw knees and Kersch goes in for the take down into Tracy's guard. They break and stand but Kirsch wastes no time getting another take down to side control where the round ends. 

Rd 2. Kersch lands a heavy right knocking Tyler to the ground and he steps in for the ground and pound. Tyler pulls guard and works an arm bar but Kersch shakes it off. In side control now Kersch works more ground and pound and sets up a guillotine sinking it for the win at 1:59 into the round.

Ken Kersh defeats Tyler Tracy via guillotine in Rd 2.

Fight 4: 135 Brian Squadrille (Nova Uniao) (1-1) vs Chris Caterino (Bucket Brigade) (2-2)

Strong exchange at the beginning of the round that brings them into a clinch against the cage, Caterino get a nice takedown into Brian's guard. Effective enough to create a groin injury causing Brian to tap at 0:45 seconds into the round.

Chris Caterino defeats Brian Squadrille via tap to injury in Rd 1.

Fight 5: 130 Colton Blanchette (Cage Strikers) (5-2) vs Chad Kelly (FAA Gardner) (3-2)

A quick exchange of hands in the beginning to open the round, but Colton quickly goes for the take down that is inevitably stuffed. He holds a single leg as they battle for control. Colton goes again for the take down, this time successful into Chad's guard. Chad begins to work right away setting up a high guard with great control. He throws up the triangle sinking it deep and with quick adjustment he has Colton tapping at 1:10 to end the fight.

Chad Kelly defeats Colton Blanchette via tapout to triangle in Rd 1.

Fight 6: 155 Mike Materkowski (Cage Strikers) (3-2) vs Isaiah Gomez (Sityodtong Northshore)

Rd 1: Mike starts the round with a take down and passes to side control but they soon square up and are back to their feet. Gomez goes in for a take down next but gets rolled on his back and forced to pull guard. He doesn’t seem to mind as he begins to work an arm bar that battles until the end of the round.

Rd 2: Mike comes out and goes right for the take down as Isaiah pulls guard and works for an kimura, with great defense from Mike he relentlessly doesn’t tap. They struggle for control but Isaiah doesn’t break grip holding the kimura strong and at the ten second make the ref stops and Isaiah wins.

Isaiah Gomez defeats Mike Materkowski via ref stoppage to kimura in Rd 2.

Fight 7: 135 Matt Doherty (TPS) (4-4) vs Rico DiSciullo (sityodtong) (6-2)

Rd 1: They start with great exchange which brings them into the clinch; they break and throw more combos. They both land punches and Matt goes for the take down into side control. He works there for a bit then onto mount. Covered up, Rico shakes him off just as the bell rings for round 1.

Rd 2:
They both come out swinging and get caught in the clinch but as they break, Rico catches Matt with a stiff right dazing him. Rico quickly goes for another combo but Matt steps in for the take down. Stuffed, they clinch against the cage and on the break Rico lands another hard hitting combo and Matt shoots again. Rico pulls a guillotine but Matt is able to escape as the bell rings.

Rd 3:
They both come out moving waiting for someone to throw the first punch; Matt starts it off with some leg kicks and attempted a take down. Stuffed they clinch but quickly break, Rico seems to be controlling with his combos off the break landing a few nice upper cuts. Matt continues to drive in looking for the take down and holding Rico against the cage. They break again and Rico throws more combos but Matt drives him into the cage controlling him and pressing forward. They break again and the bell rings. Matt wins by split decision, tough fight for the judges but a great show from these to warriors for one hell of an ending for GFL.

Matt Doherty defeats Rico Disciullo via split decision.


Fight of the Night: Matt and Rico, no brainer!
Submission of the Night:  Chad Kelly Triangle over Colton.
KO of the Night: Danny Monteiro KO, very scary moment
Blunder of the Night: Groin injury in Fight 4.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5
Star Quality:5
Announcer:5, nice post interviews
Ring Girls:5

We would like to thank GFL for their hospitality and allowing us to cover this show.  The show was soldout and the fights were solid as any show.  The location was great and the fans all seemed to love it.  I think GFL has found a new home.  GFL used to be so dominant a few years ago and they seem like they haven't lost a step.  I hope they continue to move in this direction and maybe mix in a few pro fights.  This show was another example of how a show can still be dope with being an all amateur fighter show.  This was my first time covering a show for and GFL so please be easy on me!  Thanks everybody.

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