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September 21, 2012

Reality Fighting | Haddad vs. Campbell Teaser

A last minute change on the card has been the talk for much of today around here at HQ.

After some sort of issue relating to Medical's, Joe Cushman is out of title contention.  Stepping in with only a day and some odd hours notice will be, Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell.

 This would have been Haddad's second title defense bout since winning the Bantamweight belt in 2011 where he K.O.'d John McLaughlin with a nasty Axe Kick at the beginning of rnd 3, but for the second time now there have been medical issues preventing that test.  Jeff was hospitalized earlier this year just days from his first scheduled defense and this time his opponent couldn't get the requirements met.  In both instances Jeff had put all the pieces together for what would have been truly savage fights.  This time around he had the full attention of his team mates and more than a few friends to keep him focused and often pushing him to the breaking point in an effort to make him a terror once the cage door was locked.

Stepping in will be SSSF ace, Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell.  As an amateur John went undefeated with no fights decided by the judges.  That changed slightly when he stepped up to the Pro ranks in 2010 with Cage Titans 1.  Cupcakes drew a No Contest after striking his opponent in the groin.  Since then things have been hit or miss.  John has only submitted one other opponent in his 7 pro fights.  He has lost via submission and the judges score card forcing him to find a healthy rhythm once again.  With this fight he has a huge opportunity to steady the ship and put himself in the middle of a very active 135lb division both locally and regionally.

On paper we see that Jeff has less fights, but unlike John he has no pro losses to come flying into his mind at the wrong moment during the fight.  Johnny has plenty of experience and a hard core work ethic that will take him three rounds if the need arises.  Both men strive for perfection in all that they do with regards to MMA.  Both men will climb into the cage and leave their hearts at the door, but one way or another they will both come out stronger for the effort.  I am as excited as ever to be heading to Mohegan tomorrow night.  As always Joe Cuff and Kipp Kollar are poised to bring memorable fights to you and me for a fraction of the cost of a big show.  It will only be a matter of time before their brand of Micro-MMA is exactly what the fans and fighters expect all other shows to be like.

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