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October 1, 2012

Brent "Frosty" Dillingham to Return at Fight Night V

[NEF Press Release]

Lewiston, Maine (October 1, 2012) – New England Fights! (NEF) is proud to announce the return of one of its most popular fighters, Brent Dillingham (3-0), at the promotion's Fight Night V event. Entitled "Night of Champions," Fight Night V is set to take place on November 17 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Dillingham's hometown of Lewiston, Maine.

"Whether it was justified or not, Brent has served his suspension and NEF is thrilled to have him back," stated NEF co-owner and promoter Nick DiSalvo. "His family, friends, and many fans are chomping at the bit to see Brent back in the cage. And they'll finally have that opportunity on November 17."

The suspension, noted by DiSalvo, stemmed from an incident following Dillingham’s last bout at Fight Night III back in June. That night, Dillingham emerged victorious over opponent Crowsneck Boutin (0-2). The flames having already been stoked by a confrontation a day earlier at weigh-ins, Dillingham and Boutin continued to argue post-fight, having to be separated by officials and their respective corner men. Yet the Combat Sports Authority of Maine ("CSAM"), the regulatory body of mixed martial arts events in the state, chose to suspend Dillingham for actions that took place in the locker room immediately proceeding the fight outside of the public view. Dillingham was accused of inciting a heated confrontation in the post-fight medical examination area.

“I think the suspension was unjust and I think it’s a shame in this state that there’s such hypocrisy where some people have a pass and can do as they please and others have to pay through the nose, but such is life,” stated Dillingham. “Not being able to compete, I felt like the kid who had to stay in at recess and watch all the other kids go outside and play.”

"There have been rumors and speculation as to what, exactly, Brent Dillingham was suspended for," stated NEF co-owner and matchmaker Matt Peterson. "MMA fights are violent and tempers are occasionally going to flare. That's especially true when you have two individuals as passionate as Brent and Crowsneck. After being forced out of our September event due to his suspension, I'm certain that the Colisee is going to be shaking from the thunderous ovation Brent receives when he makes his return to the cage on November 17th. He's one of our most popular fighters."

So popular is Dillingham that his suspension sparked outrage among his fans to the point where there is now a viral campaign spreading through social media channels dubbed "Free Frosty." The anti-establishment movement has gained steam in recent days when word leaked that Dillingham would return on the November card.

"It's been kind of crazy," continued DiSalvo. "All of these 'Free Frosty' messages started to pop up. We started getting emails and calls off the hook asking if that meant that Brent is returning at Fight Night V. The answer, we're proud to say, is a resounding yes.”

“For my return, I’ve been training and preparing like never before for this fight,” stated Dillingham. “I’m more motivated than ever and fans can expect what I always give them—and that’s me finishing the fight and getting my hand raised at the end, God willing.”

Fight Night V is slated for November 17 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, ME with a special start time of 5:00 PM. For more information on this event, visit You can watch NEF videos at, follow them on Twitter @nefights and join the official Facebook group “New England Fights.” Tickets for Fight Night V are on sale now at or by calling The Colisee box office at 207.783.2009 x 525.

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