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October 3, 2012

Cage Titan Releases Full Fight Card For October 20th Show and More

Cage Titans, Mike Polvere and company have been very busy working on not one fight card but two fight cards!!  Their first show will be on October 20th, 2012 at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.  Last show they sold out so I suggest you all get your tickets early because you will not want to miss this show.  Then just a few weeks later they will be having another Cage Titans Show on November 10th which will be held at the Local 103 Union Hall.  As always support the fighters and get the tickets from them!  Mike Polvere has hooked us up with the full fight card and even gave us the scoop on some fights in the works and all set for the November 10th show.  I can tell you one thing folks, it is going to be a very busy few MMA months coming up.  Let's hope we all get December to relax a little!!  I know Brandie Light will be going nuts in the next few months with all the paperwork!!  Here is how the cards are shaping up below.  As always these are up to date as of today and as we all know things can change dramatically as the date gets close but I gotta say Cage Titans has a remarkable closing record and they lose about zero fights due to lack of medicals!  Remarkable.

Cage Titans October 20th, 2012 Plymouth Memorial Hall

Main Card

145lbs Rob Font 3-1 Sity vs. Brandon Fleming SSSF 2-0
160lb Catch Weight Bobby Flynn 1-0 Pro Elite  vs. Jay Bakanowski 0-1 Wai Kru
145lbs Peter Barrett 0-0 Maxx vs. Walter Cotito 1-1 Triumph
145lb Mark Giove 4-2 SSSF vs. Shaun Marmas 4-4 Integrated Martial Arts
145lb Amateur Title Matt Tullos 4-0 Connors MMA vs. Brett Morris 4-1 Rivera Atheltics

155lb AM – Jacob Weeks (0-0, NEXUS) vs Evan Aubrey (0-1, Wai Kru)
170lb AM – Jeff Hsu (2-0, Team Trifecta) vs Feliz Gomez (1-0, Florain MMA)
145lb AM – Jeff Marchetti (0-0, Lauzon MMA) vs Travis Demko (1-0, Wai Kru)
155lb AM – Dan Lopez (3-3, Sport Specific Fitness) vs Jamie Courtney (3-4, Sityodtong)
185lb AM – Mike Rodriquez (2-0, Team Trifecta) vs Anthony Soto (1-2, Wai Kru)
145lb AM – Manny Bermudez (1-0, SSSF) vs Grant Mosley (0-0, Florian MMA)
155lb AM – Justin Marshall (0-1, Team United) vs Michael Mitry (0-0, Wai Kru)
185lb AM – Lorenzo Kane (0-0, Lauzon MMA) vs Jamel Roy (1-0, Connors MMA)
135lb AM – Jessie Pires (0-1, Team BKJA) vs George Nassar (1-2, Wai Kru)
150lb AM – David Espino (0-1, Team Trifecta) vs Jeff Perez (1-0, NEXUS)
145lb AM – Max Barrett (0-0, MAXX) vs Stefanos Kampouris (0-1, Wai Kru)
125lb AM – Remo Cardarelli (2-0, USMMA) vs Jesse Gutierrez (1-1, Connors)

Cage Titans November 10th Local 103 Union Hall

Kin Moy (Pro debut, Redline) vs Devin Pilkington (Pro debut, RUKUS)
Roger Zapata (2-1, Bruno Tostes) vs Joe Cloutier (Pro debut, DOomsday)
Cody Anderson (Pro debut, Triumph MMA) vs Jim Pitner (2-1, USMMA)
Billy Giovanella (3-0, Connors MMA) vs Andy Aiello (Pro debut, Lauzon MMA)

As you can all see the cards are stacked with very closely matched fights.  Hats off to Mike Polvere on the matchmaking.  Well job my friend.  October 20th show tickets are for sale on the website here.  As for the November 10th show the tickets are not available on Ace Tickets yet but keep your eyes peeled.  As always stay right here for all the local happenings in MMA in New England!

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