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October 29, 2012

Cage Titans Returns November 10th and Here Is The Fight Card

Cage Titans has been working double duty the last few months on two great shows in less than a month.  Their first show in the double feature was on October 20th and was a huge success.  The show went smooth and it was a great night of fights.  Yes, I know I bickered about a few of the decisions but that is the beauty of MMA.  Everyone has their own view of how a fight goes and make no mistake, all the fighters fought their asses off! Titans also raised money for great causes and everyone had a great time.  Mike Polvere, Shelly Riley, Brandie Light and the rest of the Titans staff are ready for their next show.  They will return on November 10th and will be held at the Local 103 Union Hall in Boston MA.  Tickets are available from the fighters and also at the link here.  Today they released their fight card and here it is.  Mike Polvere told me pretty much every pro fight has been changed so luckily some new guys stepped up! I hope everyone is staying dry and safe from the storm.

Main Card
135 lbs Dan Bonnell 11-9 (Renzo NH) vs. Billy Giovanella 3-0 (Connor's MMA)
180lbs John Downey 3-11 (Team Xtreme) vs. Cody Anderson 0-0 Triumph MMA
185lbs Joe Cloutier 0-0 (Doomsday) vs. Josh Mellen 1-8 (Maximum Fitness)
140lbs Kin Moy 0-0 (Redline) vs. Josh Beauparlant 0-0 (Independent)
Heavyweight Ammy Title Ed Gillis 1-0 (Doomsday) vs. Nick Fontecchio 1-0 (Connor's MMA)
 140lb AM – Ricky Bekerian (1-0, SSSF) vs Chris Suarez (0-0, Allaire)
170lb AM – Tim Leary (2-1, Redline) vs Hiago Fontura (1-1, Triboro MMA)
135lb AM – Shayne Stephenson (2-5, Independant) vs George Nassar (1-2, Wai Kru)
185lb AM – Lorenzo Kane (0-0, Lauzon MMA) vs Jamel Roy (1-0, Connors MMA)
160lb AM – Rob Moser (0-0, Dragon Warrior) vs Jose Suarez (0-0, Allaire)
150lb AM – Welly Sanchez (0-0, Redline) vs Evan Aubrey (0-1, Wai Kru)

Cage Titans did a nice preview of the main card.  Check it out at the link below.

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