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October 6, 2012

CES 13 Event Review 10/6/2012

Panoramic Shot of the Entire Arena Pre Show-Click pic to enlarge.
 Arrived at CES with Warchild and The Artist with plenty of time to spare.  We found some grub and are ready for some big fights.  CES and company has put a great card and arguably one of the best local cards to date.  Suckerpunch Athletics and SKSFightGear were here with a huge display from what I noticed.  Many MMA stars were in attendance, Joe Lauzon, Loco Lobo, Jorge Rivera, Sarah Payant, Karyn Wesch, Matt Bessette, Dinis Paiva Jr and Damien Trites to name a few.  I would say the crowd got up to around 2500-3000 total.  It filled the arena very well.  The sound was great quality.  The ring girls looked hot.  The parking was a little steep $20 bux to park in the garage but I am sure that is up to the venue.  We got a "health" food items from the venue and the fries were soggy and we weren't that impressed.  Just my take on things so let's get on with the fights.

Tyson Chartier( 3-2) vs Kevin Horowitz (4-4)

Tyson drops him with a good shot.  They have a good sprawl.  Kevin takes Tyson's back briefly.  Tyson gets back to his feet and Kevin slams him right back down.  Now they are in North South and Kevin gets back to his feet.  Kevin pushes forward with a good combo.  Tyson is eating some shots from the side on the ground.  They are back to their feet.  Kevin gets in some combos and Tyson gets in a good knee.  Tyson turns it up and they clinch and go to the ground.  Tyson gets in an elbow as the round ends.

Kevin 10-9

Rd 2: Tyson is clinching Kevin up against the cage.  Kevin pushes him off and the are back to the center.  Both fighters are getting in some good combos.  They sprawl and they both fall to the ground.  Kevin is on top in Tyson's guard.  Kevin is bleeding from the nose but winning the round on top.  Kevin is getting in some  big ground and pound as the round ends from the top.

Kevin 10-9

Rd 3: Not much action in the beginning.  Kevin goes for a takedown and catches a knee from Tyson.  Tyson tries to capitalize and go for an armbar but can't get it.  Kevin works from the top.  Tyson gets back to his feet and Kevin goes or another takedown.  Kevin ends the round on top.

Kevin 10-9

Kevin Horowitz defeats Tyson Chartier via unanimous decision.

Leon Davis (3-0) vs. Nate Andrews (1-0)

Leon comes rushing in and gets a slamming takedown.  He goes for a guillotine but can't get it.  Nate gets back to his feet and Leon works another slamming takedown.  Leon is working the side.  Nate spins and Leon is working the back with a tight body lock.  Nate spins out and Leon takes full mount.  Leon gets in some big shots.  Nate gets back up to his feet and Leon works another takedown and finishes the round from the side.

Leon 10-9

Rd 2: Nate gets in two body kicks.  Leon fights for the single leg but gets caught in a deep guillotine.  It is deep and Leon taps like 7 times before the ref notices it.

Nate Andrews defeats Leon Davis  in 29 seconds in round 2 to guillotine.  Keep your head up Leon and Nate sweet submission.

Andre Soukhamthath (2-1) vs. Rob Costa (2-1)

Andre gets hit with a good right hand.  Andre gets in a leg kick.  Andre gets in a right hand of his own and clinches Rob up against the cage.  Andre takes advantage of his opening and gets a sweet takedown.  Andre is working the guard.  Andre is getting in a few good ground and pound shots.  Rob tries for an armbar but Dre slips past it and gets in some GnP as the round ends.

Andre 10-9

Rd 2: Dre starts us out by peppering the leg of Costa.  You can see the leg turning red.  They clinch and Costa gets a tripping takedown.  Dre gets back to his feet.  Dre gets the double leg takedown and is now working the guard.  Dre is now in half guard trying to get in some ground and pound.  He gets in some elbows and the crowd roars.  He gets in some big quick elbows and opens Costa up. He has a nasty gash over right eye.

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Rob Costa via doctor stoppage at 4:42. Nasty cut over Costa's right eye.

Brennan Ward (2-0) vs. Shederick Goodridge (2-2)

Shederick rushes in and gets the tripping takedown.  Brendan quickly gets to his feet.  Shederick goes for a takedown but Brennan ends up getting one of his own.  Brennan is in full mount and Shederick is doing a good job defending on the bottom.  Shederick bucks him off and Brennan takes his back.  Shederick gets back to his feet.  Brennan gets in a right hand that drops Shederick.  Brennan rushes in an finishes him off for the ref stoppage.

Brennan Ward defeats Shederick Goodridge via TKO to punches late in Rd 1.  Brennan is nasty all around!!

Greg Rebello (13-4) vs. Chris Guillen 13-12

Greg clinches Chris up against the cage.  Greg gets the double leg takedown and is working half guard.  Chris twists and Greg takes his back and is working rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Greg Rebello defeats Chris Guillen via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:21 in Rd 1.

Tyler King (4-1) vs. Josh Diekmann (12-4)

They clinch right away and both are fighting for the takedown.  Tyler ends up getting the takedown via trip. Tyler is working the side.  Josh twists and Tyler is now on top in half guard.  He bucks Tyler off and Tyler pounces back on top with a good shot to the head.  Josh fires back with a shot from the bottom.  Tyler is working the side and has full mount briefly.  Tyler is working the side but Josh is doing well at not eating any big shots.

Tyler 10-9

Rd 2: Tyler rushes in and picks up Josh and carries him over to his corner and slams him.  Josh gets back to his feet pretty quick and Tyler is working another single leg.  He gets it and is now in guard.  Tyler moves to the side and Josh bucks him off and gets back to his feet.  Tyler fights for a takedown and Josh gets in a good knee.  Josh ends up getting the takedown from a trip and is now on top getting in some ground and pound.  Josh is getting in some ground and pound from the top.  He gets in an elbow.  Tyler eats some shots and gets back to his feet.  Tyler eats a big right hand and powers a takedown and ends the round on top.  What a round!!

Tyler 10-9 real close round and Josh definitely did more damage but Tyler controlled the majority of it.

Rd 3: They touch gloves and Josh tells Tyler to come in.  Tyler rushes and Josh gets the takedown.  Tyler bucks him off and Tyler rushes in for another takedown.  Josh throws a kick that hits the cup.  Tyler takes a few minutes and they fight resumes.  Josh jumps into a guillotine and gets our rather quickly.  Tyler is working the side and gets in a knee to the body.  Tyler moves to full mount and the crowd starts too boo.  He gets fired up and lays in some hammerfists.  Josh reverses and ends up on top as Tyler is trying for an armbar as the round ends.

Tyler King defeats Josh Diekmann via unanimous decision.  Great battle.

Marc Stevens (14-9 UFC and Strikeforce veteran) vs. Luis Felix (7-6)

Not much action just an occasional leg kicks here and there.  Marc gets the double leg takedown.  Marc is top getting in some shots here and there.  Luis sweeps and Marc has his back.  Luis gets back to his feet.  They clinch and Luis gets in some punches to the body as the round ends.

Marc 10-9

Rd 2: Marc starts us off with a leg kick.  Not much action going on.  Luis gets in a good shot and the crowd roars.  Stevens fights for a takedown and gets caught in a guillotine.  It looks good but Marc, the veteran slips out of it.  They scramble and Marc goes for a takedown but Luis stuffs him and is now firing elbows to the body.  Luis gets in an illegal knee that grazes the head but it definitely hit.  Marc takes a few minutes and the fight resumes.  Luis backs Marc up against the cage and finishes the round strong.

Luis 10-9

Rd 3: Marc closes the distance and gets the single leg takedown.  Luis spins quick and takes Marc's back.  Marc gets back to his feet and Luis gets in a nasty knee to the head. Marc is now clinching him up against the cage.  Luis reverses and gets the takedown.  He is now on the side and getting in some big hammerfists.  The ref stands em up and  Marc gets the takedown and Luis reverses and gets in a foot stop and gets in some big shots as the round ends.

Luis 10-9

Luis Felix defeats Marc Stevens via unanimous decision.  What an end in round 3!!

Saul Almeida (12-2) vs. Calvin Kattar (12-2)

Both fighters are going at it in the center.  Saul's standup is looking much improved.  Saul gets the tripping takedown but Calvin ends up on top in guard.  Saul is tying him up well from the bottom.  Saul threatens with a kimura and they get back to their feet.  Calvin gets in an inside leg kick.

Calvin 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters are working their kicks and jabs.  The crowd is cheering Calvin.  Saul rushes in for a single leg but Calvin defends it nicely.  Calvin rushes in and gets the takedown and ends the round on top.

Calvin 10-9

Rd 3: Calvin is bleeding from his nose.  Saul rushes in and gets the takedown.  Saul is on top controlling the fight.  Calvin throws up a sweet armbar.  Saul steps over him to get a better position.  Saul appears to be out and the ref just lets them lay there for the rest of the round.  Saul eventually slips his arm all the way out and sits on top of him and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Saul 10-9

Calvin Kattar defeats Saul Almeida via unanimous decision.  Great battle.

Mike Campbell (10-4) vs. Geimyale Adkins (8-3)

These guys are kicking hard.  Adkins works a takedown and Mike defends nicely.  Mike reverses and is now working the clinch.  Adkins reverses and Mike reverses again.  They break and are working their standup.  Adkins gets in some leg kicks.  Campbell gets in a good body kick.

Real close round Mike 10-9.  Really could go either way.

Rd 2: Mike continues to push the action.  Adkins throw a high kick and Mike checks it.  Mike is getting the better of the standup.  Adkins backs up Mike with a good combo.  Campbell fires right back.

Another real close round, I think Mike pushed the action for the majority of the round so I edge him 10-9

Rd 3: Mike gets in a right hand that drops Adkins.  They scramble and Mike takes his back briefly and they get to their feet.  They clinch for a bit and Big Dan breaks them up.  Not much action until Mike picks him up and slams him down.  The crowd roars.  Mike takes his back and is trying for a rear naked choke.  He softens him up with a few shots to the body and to the head but time runs out.  Great solid round for Campbell.

Mike 10-9

Mike Campbell defeats Geimyale Adkins via unanimous decision 30-27.

Doomsday Howard (15-7, UFC veteran) vs. Brett Chism (16-11)

Doomsday gets in a right hand.  Brett gets in a shot of his own then gets a takedown.  John reverses and is now on top in guard.  Not much action so the ref stands him up.  Brett gets in a combo and Brett gets a high single leg takedown.  Doomsday was in the corner and both fighters were getting some big shots in.  Brett's mouthpiece flies out and as they break the ref gives it back to him and the action resumes.  Doomsday pushes Brett up against the cage as the round ends.  Brett's eye looks swollen bad.

Real close round but I give slight edge to Doomsday because he did more damage.

Rd 2: Doomsday is clinching up against the cage and overpowering him with combos.  Doomsday gets the takedown and is on top working some ground and pound.  Brett bucks him off and Doomsday finishes him off with some ground and pound and gets the ref stoppage.

Doomsday Howard defeats Brett Chism in via ref stoppage to punches at 3:31 in round 2.  Great finish Doomsday!!

Dave Loiseau (20-10, UFC veteran) vs. Chris McNally (7-4)

Dave works a takedown but Chris sprawls and they both go to the ground.  Chris takes the back but Dave gets out and takes the top in guard.  Dave gets in a nasty elbow that opens Chris up as the stand up.  Blood is pouring out from a cut at the top of Chris's head.  They stop the fight for the doctor stoppage.

Dave Loiseau defeats Chris McNally via ref stoppage to doctor's advice in Rd 1.  Blood was everywhere!

Todd Chattelle (10-7) vs. Chandler Holderness (9-3)

Chandler comes at him like a bat out of hell with a jumping knee that catches Todd.  Chandler covers and finishes him with about 20 elbows to the head.  The ref is forced to stop the fight.  Todd is slow to get up and at the media table we are thinking rib damage.  Hope you are ok Todd.

Chandler Holderness defeats Todd Chattelle via ref stoppage to strikes at 27 seconds in Rd 1.

Dave Bautista (0-0, 6x WWE Heavyweight Champion) vs. Vince Lucero 20-22-1

Now Vince comes out with Prime Athletics gear on and Sean from Prime tells me he has been teaching some things to the Prime exclusive fighters Robbie Leroux and Tom Evans.  Bautista gets the award for longest entrance of the year!!  They do a national anthem and the fight is about to begin.

Vince comes in with some decent shots.  He is clinching him up against the cage.  Bautista powers his way out and the are back to the center.  Bautista reverses and gets in a combo.  Vince reverses and they are leaning on each other.  The ref breaks him up.  Bautista rushes in and gets the takedown.  Bautista is now on top full mount.  Bautista overpowers him with a barrage of punches and Big Dan stops the fight.

Dave Bautista defeats Vince Lucero via ref stoppage to strikes at 4:05 in Rd 1.  The crowd is booing Bautista but he is used to it from WWE I am sure.  Joe Lauzon interviews Bautista in the cage and Bautista said he definitely wants to fight again.  Vince said he has better t*tties than the ring girls.  Bautista is donating his entire purse to a children's hospital.


Fight of the Night:
Marc Stevens vs. Luis Felix
Submission of the Night: Nate Andrews over Leon Davis
KO/TKO of the Night: Brennan Ward over Shederick Goodridge
Blunder of the Night: No food/nor media package that the media was told we were getting.  Not sure who dropped the ball on that one.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5
Star Quality: 5
Sound: 4,
I docked one point because when they were interviewing, it was hard to hear.
Refs: 4.5
Announcer: 5,
always top notch.
Ring Girls: 5 they looked super hot.
Vendors: 4, lots of great ones but the food at the venue wasn't that tasty
Overall: 4.64

It was a great night of fights.  On our 2 hour ride back I was thinking about the fights and checking on facebook.  All in one night we saw two doctor stoppages from two brutal bloody cuts.  We saw a nasty armbar attempt on Saul Almeida.  He later had is arm in a small sling but said on facebook his arm was fine so I gotta believe him.  We saw Todd Chattelle get nailed in the stomach and quite possibly could have broken his ribs.  Hope you are ok my man.  We also saw Brett Chism get pummelled by Doomsday and appeared to be a broken orbital with his whole right eye swollen.  Then to top it all off, we saw Brennan Ward win in a big way.  That guy can knock you out, submit you and of course dominate you with wrestling.  My thoughts on Bautista, yes he is a big WWE superstar but as he steps into a mma cage, I am going to treat him as an MMA fighter.  He ate some shots in the beginning and powered threw it and got the takedown.  He positioned himself well on the ground and got the finish.  There did look like one hit the neck and perhaps a few hit behind the head but as a guy is squirming and sometimes they land badly.  I know it was not Bautista's intention.  I am excited that he wants to fight again and I can't to see how it goes.  CES brought us all of this in one night!! My hats are off to CES for this great event. Thanks to CES MMA for allowing us to cover this for you all and we hope you enjoyed following along.

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