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October 3, 2012

CES MMA 'Feel The Pain' 10/6/2012 Teaser

[Guest Written By Michael Strazzere and Edited By CityBoy]

CES is bringing arguably the biggest show outside the UFC that this region has ever seen on Oct 6th, featuring Former WWE star David Bautista and about anyone else you can think of that has ever stepped in a CES cage! This show has some great matchups that have the locals buzzing and a main event that has the PPV fans, especially wrestling drooling. With 14 fights it promises to be nice perfect night out with your buddies, so you really should go to the Dunkin Donut's Centre in Providence, RI and check this out if you like MMA at all!  If you aren't able to make it out then this will also be available on PPV on Direct TV and at Bautista's website here.  The stream is just 29.95 and as always tickets are still available at the door and at CESMMA's webpage here starting at just $20 bux.  Now onto the fights..

Marc Stevens vs Luis Noel Felix

Marc Stevens (14-9) is out of BJJ nation in NY and well known for his stint on TUF. He lost a few fights via guillotine on the show but do not let that fool you as he has a great ground game. A few fights ago he cruised to a unanimous decision win over highly touted Abe Pitrowski but followed that up with a decision loss to wrestling phenom, Ryan Quinn out of ATT. Marc will be looking to rebound against one of the areas most popular fighters, Luis "Rockstar" Felix (7-6). Luis does not know the meaning of a boring fight and has been in there with the best, actually beating the UFC's Joe Proctor by KO via a huge headkick. He is pretty well rounded with strong wrestling which could be the difference if he is on Oct. 6th. This fight is a very even matchup of two high class fighters that can end it everywhere and anywhere. I am very excited for this fight.

Tyson Chartier (4-2) vs Kevin Horowitz (4-4)

Tyson had a brilliant amateur career and has carried some of that success into the pros. He is stepping up a bit in competition in this one to fight a bigger man, not sure what weight they agreed on? Tyson is coming off a HUGE ko of Tim O'Connell and looks to keep the momentum going as he takes on Rhino fight team member, Kevin Horowitz. Tyson trains at Sityodtong and we all know he will come prepared to take care of business. He has a very strong ground game and improved stand-up. Kevin is a hometown guy who has been in there with VERY tough opponents and only lost to top tier guys such as Keith Jeffery. I except him to make a good account of himself win or lose. His last fight he won a close decision over then undefeated Shawn Summey and he looks to build on the momentum. This is another very well matched fight that I am definitely looking forward to seeing!

Greg Rebello (13-4) vs Chris Guillen (13-12)

Rebello comes in as one of the most popular New England fighters still on the local scene. He is a TUF alum and is looking to rebound from a tough loss at the hands of the brutal Mike Stewart. Before that fight he had a huge win over Cody Lightfoot and he is returning to this great event trying to get that momentum back. Training out of Tri-Force, he has possibly the best and deepest roster of training partners around and he brings a great wrestling game as well as very good stand up. If he fights his fight he should be in for a successfull night. His opponent Chris Guillen out of Utah has a 13-12 record with 5 straight losses but as fought 8 UFC vets including Shane Carwin, Ricco Rodriguez and Ben Rothwell. He has beaten some good competition but has not fought in 4 years. The game has evolved since then and the question will be, has he? If he hasn't, look for Rebello to pick up a nice win for his home crowd! If he is, this will be a good fight!

Andre Soukhamthath vs Rob Costa

If you have never hard the name Andre Soukhamthath and you are a local mma fan, you are not really a local mma fan! "The Asian Sensation" has become a fan favorite not just with his fans but with so many in the game right now. His humility is matched only by his blazing fast hands and vastly improved ground game. Ok, enough on the gushing over Andre and on to the fight lol. Andre will try to utilize his hand speed and strength while staying out of any slick submissions attempted by BJJ ace, Rob Costa. If Andre can keep it standing it could be a quick night. If Costa, also a Rhode Island guy, somehow gets it to the ground and gets in  position, things could get interesting. I think Andre may have too many weapons at his disposal but this is a little bit of a step up in class as Costa has yet to lose at 2-0. This is a good step up fight for the Tri-Force rising star to see if he can continue his rise, while Costa will be looking to spring an upset and catapult himself possibly into the rankings! Any fight with Andre has plenty of energy so this should be a good one either way!

155 Leon "Dynomite" Davis (3-0) FAA vs Nate "the Snake" Andrews

Leon comes from FAA, a gym that has not lost a pro fight in a few years. He is loaded with talent everywhere including a very strong wrestling background. His last fight he controlled former division 1 wrestler Jay Bakanoski on the ground in a dominant 3 round decision. He is definitely one of the top rising stars in New England and really looks to break out here on this huge card. He will be facing yet another Tri-Force member in Nate "the Snake" Andrews. Andrews is a Rhode Island native who had a great amateur career and won his first pro fight last CES by stoppage. He is very slick on the ground and brings a good all around game. This is a huge step up in class for Andrews and a very courageous fight to take in my opinion. This is yet another well matched fight that I expect to see a finish in and to be very exciting!

185 Brennan Ward (2-0) Triforce vs Shederick Goodridge

Brennan "The Irish Badboy" Ward by all accounts is possibly the next big thing around these parts. He is very accomplished at wrestling and has a strong ground game. He has dominated his first two opponents and I heard he has a big fight coming up after this. I really look for him to show his talents for the hometown crowd in this one against 2-2 Shederick Goodridge. As long as Brennan is focused and not looking ahead he should show why he has all this hype behind him and that he is ready for another big stage!

Saul Almeida (12-2) vs Calvin Kattar (12-2)

This is maybe the most anticipated 145 lb fight this area has ever seen. For whatever reason being weight or purse or venue this fight hasn't been able to happen. Now it is on and it is a fight most of New England will be glued too. Calvin "The Boston Finisher" is dropping down for the second time to 145 and seems to be really big for the weight class. He is an accomplished wrestler has great standup and has NEVER been in a boring fight. The Wai Kru product has fought everyone in New England and with a win here would have to be on at least a short list to the UFC. His opponent, Saul "The Spider" Almeida out of Dragons Lair in Framingham and Blackhouse in Brazil (yes Anderson Silva's gym) is the number 1 145 in the rankings. He brings a smooth striking and jits game to add to his very lengthy frame. He is really stepping up a bit in this one and like Kattar, a win here would be huge in a step to much bigger things in MMA. I look at this fight like finesse vs power. Whoever can dictate their style will win, whoever has improved the most since their last fight will take this one home. This is a GREAT fight! Definitely could be fight of the night and would main event ANY other New England card out there!

Todd Chattelle (10-7) vs Chandler Holderness (9-3)

This fight was supposed to happen last show and Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle got injured. Chandler then called him out for this show after a devastating KO win at the last CES and to the surprise of no one, Todd obliged. Chattelle is out of, you guessed it, Tri-Force and is coming back after losing his CES MW title to John Howard last fight in a great action fight. He has great standup, hits like a truck and an improved ground game and will certainly look to be finishing this fight quick for his hometown fans. Chandler is another Wai Kru product who is very well rounded and perhaps a bit underrated. This man can fight. He is coming in to hostile territory but has the tools to quiet the crowd. If this fight stays standing, which I think it will it could be a real slobber-knocker...another fight of the night candidate!

Mike Campbell (10-4) vs Geimyale Atkins (8-3)

The Beast is back as Mike Campbell reurns to the CES cage after winning his last fight over a very tough Don Carlos Clauss. The former "Tapout" TV star and WEC fighter seems to be on the brink of getting back to bigger shows (although this show is pretty damn big). Campbell, out of Tri-Force is a cardio machine with great standup skills and awesome size strength and athletic ability for 155. His ground is always improving and he has loads of experience with great training partners. His opponent Geimyale Atkins does not care about any of that and is promising a KO of Campbell. Geimyale is very short but packs a mean punch. This one will be a war until it is finished. The only question is will the Providence crowd be silent or going crazy when it ends!

Tyler King (4-1) vs Josh Diekmann (12-4)

This card just keeps getting better every fight!! This will be a clash of the titans in the HW division that no one will want to miss. It is yet another fight that could be a main event anywhere. Tyler is an ex NFL football player who improves each time out and is always on the hunt for tough fights. He definitely found one here with Josh Diekmann. King has good standup, cardio and ground and is a very tough dude. So is Diekmann who also possesses great all around skills. Diekmann I believe reps Tri-Force and like most Tri-Force guys Tim Burrill's BJJ. King reps Connor's MMA and has some great training partners as well. This fight could end anyway, anyhow and like about 10 others has potential to be fight of the night!

Keith Jeffrey (9-2-1) vs Chad Renier (29-13)

The hits keep coming on this card as the hometown boy, Tri-Force co-founder, Keith "Sonic Boom" Jeffrey will have his biggest fight of his young career as he will take on a super experienced and tough UFC veteran in Chad "The Grinder" Reiner. Keith is very versed on the ground but can definitely strike as well. He is coming off a submission win over Harley Beekman and a razor thin decision win over top striker, Chip Pollard. He will look to get the crowd in an uproar in this one. Reiner is coming in from Nebraska and has fought such names as Rumble Johnson, Dan Hardy and TJ Grant. He is very well rounded and exciting to watch so this clash should be very intense. A win here for Sonic Boom will have the MMA world taking a long look at him for major national shows! And yes you guessed it even this could be fight of the night!

John Howard (15-7) vs Brett Chism (16-11)

Everyone knows who DOOMSDAY Howard is. For him to not be top 2 billing shows you the depth of this card. He is a 7 time UFC vet who in my opinion belongs in the UFC and it is crazy that he isn't. He is the CES middleweight champ after beating Todd Chattelle and Scotty Rehm. He has been in with the best, he has competed at the highest level and he seems primed to make another UFC run. He really doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, especially locally. His standup is crisp and his ground is strong. His opponent, Brett Chism, has been in the cage with some tough fighters but never won in these step up fights. His nickname is "bedtime' and unless he lands a razer shot which has happened so many times before, I see Wai Kru's Doomsday Howard putting him to sleep, and hopefully getting back to the UFC where he belongs!

David Loiseau (20-10) vs Chris McNally (7-4)

Now this fight has many scratchin' their heads. One can only assume that this is a favor to the Main Event and big name on the card nationally, Bautista. Multi-time UFC veteran David Loiseau will be taking on out of stater Chris McNally. Neither guy has any known ties to New England and to be honest it seems like a showcase fight for UFC vet David "the Crow" Loiseau. Louiseau has vicious striking and has challenged Rich Franklin for the UFC title. This Canadian will be looking to finish this fight fast! McNally is a journeyman type who has never really beaten any top names and will be flying in from South Carolina. His only chance to win will be if he can get Louiseau to the ground as he has all 7 wins by submission. Should be cool for the diehard UFC fans to see Louiseau in action but man, after Howard? Anyhow, this is still the best undercard to any main event in New England history in my opinion!

David Bautista (0-0) vs Vince Lucero (20-22)

The six time WWE "Animal" Bautista will make his MMA debut. I have no idea if he can fight or how good he is. Rumors have flown around that he has been training for quite awhile, so he must be decent. One thing I do know is that the man would be scary to look across the cage at. He trains with some UFC fighters and has a big team around him. He has been wanting to fight for a long time and this may be his last run. The man is a beast! His opponent is 20-22 and as fought some good guys but never beaten them, I am expecting Bautista to take care of business but who knows how, which is best part of this fight!  One thing is for certain, both fighters will bring it and this fight is a real treat to see in New England in person!!

This fight card is AMAZING. If you have any interest in MMA locally this is the show to be at on Oct 6th!  Jimmy Burchfield, Sr, the promoter and Pat Sullivan, the matchmaker has put out arguably one of the best cards New England has ever seen.   Many critics have stated when Bautista lost his opponent one week out that the show was lacking without him but to New England MMA fans, this is not true.  This card is stacked either way!! will be there live, CityBoy will be doing the play by play so you all can read about it first.  The Artist will be there capturing the action and Warchild will be handling the quick results on our Facebook fanpage.  Hope to see you all at this epic show!

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