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October 10, 2012

Coliseum To The Cage 'Unleashed' 10/12/2012 Teaser

Coliseum To The Cage is less than a week away before their first event.  They seem to be doing everything right.  They are advertising and they have an excellent card of 13 fights and four of them are pro.  The card also includes the huge amateur showdown between Ray Wood and Soap Am!! They have a great website too, that they update very often which is a great way for fans to keep up with all their fight card changes.  They have listed pictures of their two ringside girls on the website as well so make sure you check it out.  The show is set to take place in Derry New Hampshire at the SportsZone and the doors open at 6:30pm.  Tickets are on sale and they start at just $20 bux and are available here.  Another great thing about CTTC that I want to have you all aware is they teamed up with DKMS and Mike Guglielmo in the Fight Blood Cancer-Do It For Giovanni Campaign which is a fight against blood cancer.  Mike's son had the rare immune deficiency disorder called NEMO and there is a great article about it all here.  Stay strong Mike, we are proud of what you do!!  So what does this all mean?? It means that for every ticket purchased for "Unleashed" using the coupon code DKMS during checkout, CTTC will donate 10% of the purchase price to DKMS.  They have also commited to add 300 new people to the DKMS registry during Unleashed.  If you would like to find out more info visit  Last shoutout I am going to do before I break down the fights is, I want to thank CTTC for their support of and for always keeping us up to date with the show.  Support them by liking their fanpage here.

John Sterns vs Dan Ward

John Sterns will be fighting Dan Ward at 135lbs.  I believe both of the fighters will be making their amateur debut.    Dan Ward is from Team Pitbull and John Sterns is from Intenze MMA. This should be a great way to start out the evening.

Chris Viollette vs.  Lewis Caballer

Chris Violette is set to fight Lewis Caballer at 145lbs.  Chris trains with Burgess MMA and has a record of 1-0.  His only amateur fight was at Cage Titans 9 where he defeated Kurt Daniels via submission RNC in round 2.  Lewis is from Team Triforce and I believe he will be making his amateur debut.  Being from Tri-force I know he will be well prepared.  Chris is from New Hampshire so I am sure he will bring some fans to cheer him on!  

Jared Laganas vs. Aaron Lacey 

Jared Laganas is ready to take on Aaron Lacey at 155lbs.  Jared has a record of 1-0 and is from team MSA.  His sole victory was over Washington Rodrigues at Combat Zone 42 where he won from TKO to punches in round 1.  Aaron Lacey is from Young's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Being from Young's MMA, I know he will be ready and will have some great wrestling.  This is a great matchup because we got a great striker in Jared against a great wrestler.  Then again, we really don't know what Aaron is capable of but we will all find out this Friday!

Scott Gorgone vs. Ken Kersch

Scott Gorgone will be fighting against Ken Kersch at 145lbs.  I believe Scott is making his amateur debut but I know that if CTTC put him up against a 2-5 guy he must have some NAGA experience.  He fights out of Mass BJJ. His opponent Ken is nicknamed the Wreckage and has a record of 2-5.  He trains with Real Deal MMA. He is fighting out of NH and four out of his five losses were from a decision.  His two wins he won submission and a decision.  He last fought at GFL on September where he won with a guillotine over Tyler Tracy.  This should be a great fight due to both fighters having ground skills.  Ken has proved he can go the distance and his experience may make the difference in this fight.  I know Scott will be ready to show off his jitz skills as well.

Jon Cunningham vs. Daniel Phelps

John Cunningham is ready to fight Daniel Phelps at 170lbs.  John Cunningham will be making his amateur debut.  He trains with Young's MMA so he will be ready.  Daniel Phelps is from Rhode Island and trains with Tri-force MMA.  He will be making his amateur debut as well.  Tri-Force had a great weekend for their team at CES and they will be looking to continue their success this Friday.  This will be a great fight because we really don't know what to expect.  Two fresh amateurs from two great mixed martial arts schools.  It really doesn't get much better than this.

Ronald Mello vs. Peter San Antonio

Ronald Mello will be facing Peter San Antonio at 170lbs.  Ronald has a 3-3 record and is an independent fighter out of New York.  It appears he has lost the majority of his fights via submissions.  He has won a decision and won another fight from ref stoppage to strikes.  Peter trains with Team Pitbull and has a record of 5-4.  He has a couple split decision victories and a couple submission victories in his career.  He has lost a decision and a couple from strikes and one from submission.  This is evenly matched as you can see and can really go anywhere.  This will be a great battle.

Tim Carron vs Erron Ebbeling

Tim Carron is ready to face Erron Ebbeling.  Tim is from Team Burgess and Erron is from Triforce MMA.  This fight will be at 185lbs and I believe they both are making their amateur debut.  I wish I knew more background on both the fighters but we will all have to find out together at their amateur debut!

Dan Burke vs. James Raymond

Dan Burke will be fighting James Raymond at 185lbs.  Dan trains with Team Burgess and comes into this fight with a 2-0 record.  He has two first round stoppages. One from tko to punches and the second win is over Buck Pineau where he won via submission.  Very impressive because Buck is tough to submit.  James comes into this fight with a 3-3 record and is an independent fighter.  I was not able to find the right fighter info about James on Sherdog.  The fighter info seemed a little odd so I don't think it was accurate but James has the experience so this should be a good fight.

Soap Am vs. Ray Wood

Now is the time for the huge amateur showdown between Soap Am and Ray Wood at 145lbs.  This fight was originally set for New England Fights Fight Night IV but Soap had an injury a few weeks before the fight and had to pull out.  Ray couldn't get an opponent in time so he was unable to fight on that show.  The fight was then signed up for Coliseum To The Cage and the fans are finally going to get to see the showdown!  Soap trains with Redline and has an undefeated record of 4-0.  He won the Premier FC 145lb tournament and also has a knockout win over Cory Pickering.  He has submission victories and decision victories.  I have seen all of his fights and he has great wrestling skills as well.  Ray Wood trains with Young's MMA and is also very well rounded.  He has a 4-1 record.  He has fast hands and has won some tkos from them and also has a submission victory.  I have seen one of his fights and his one loss he was outwrestled by Shane Manley from Bombsquad.  No surprise there because Bombsquad has nasty wrestlers.  Both fighters know what is at stake and this is for all the marbles to reign at the top of the rankings.  Of course it won't last long because I know they are going pro soon.  At least Ray is one month later :)  Who will be at the top of the ranks and get the bragging rights?? We will find out real soon folks!  Now onto the pro fights.

Franklin Isabel vs. Dan Bonnell

For the first pro fight of the evening they have Franklin Isabel taking on Dan Bonnell at 145lbs.  Frankling trains with Doomsday Hardcore and has a record of 4-5.  He has won all four of his fights via submission.  He has lost four of his fights from submission and one from a decision.  He hasn't fought in a little while and has been training hard so I know he will be ready.  Dan trains with Renzo Gracie NH and has a record of 11-8.  He has 3KO, 5 SUB and 3 DEC victories.  Out of his losses 3 were from KO and 5 from submission.  As you can see they are both really good on the ground and I think this fight is going to come down to who can stay patient and get their opening to take each other down.  It will most likely be a good ground battle. Can't wait!

Anthony Loycano vs. Yann Olivero

Anthony Loycana will be fighting Yann Olivero at 145lbs.  Anthony trains with Team Pitbull and has a record of 0-2.  He has one split decision and one uanimous decision loss.  He has fought some tough fighters in his career.  His opponent Yann will be making his pro debut.  He trains with Renzo Gracie and I don't think I have ever seen him fight before so I am excited.

Aaron Petrucelli vs Bruce Boyington

Aaron Petrucelli will be fighting Bruce Boyington at 155lbs.  Aaron trains with Mass BJJ and has a record of 1-1.  He has defeated Chris Ramos via decision and lost a decision to Aniss Alhajjajy.  Aniss is a very tough opponent so Aaron gotta be good.  Bruce trains with Young's MMA and is a very entertaining fighter to watch.  He has a record of 2-3 according to online but I think he is actually 3-3.  He has the most definitely knockout of the year against Keegan where he won with a spinning back kick to the head.  He has another KO in his career and his last fight suffered a tough loss to Dez Green.  Bruce will be looking to bounce back and get back on track because he has another fight lined up for November with NEF.  I think this is going to be a great standup battle and should be a real treat for the crowd so get ready.

Nick Logan vs. Lowell Zangri

Nick Logan will be facing Lowell Zangri for the main event at 185lbs.  Nick trains with Doughboys and will be making his pro debut.  He had an amateur record of 3-0 and will be looking to continue his undefeated streak.  He has some wins from submission and stoppages from punches and is a great wrestler. His opponent, Lowell trains with Team Valor and has a record of 1-1.  He has a win over Josh Mellen via guillotine and has one loss to Fran Collins from a ref stoppage.  I have both of these fighters fight before and they are very entertaining.  In my eyes, Lowell will want to keep this fight standing and tire out Nick and Nick will want to use his wrestling and take Lowell down and submit him.  I can't wait for this battle.

That wraps up this latest teaser for you all.  To recap CTTC has 13 fights total, 4 of them pro and a huge amateur ranked showdown.  For just $20 bux there really is no excuse not to go!  Don't wait and get your tickets here.  I would like to thank Coliseum to the Cage for getting us the up to date card so you all can see what to expect that day!  New Hampshire is beautiful anytime of the year so I hope to see you all there.  Warchild and I will be there with the review and as long as I have WiFi, I will keep you all up to date with the live play by play.

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