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October 25, 2012

Warrior Nation Releases Fight Card for Warrior Nation V

Warrior Nation has been working hard on the fight card for their upcoming show on Friday, November 9th, 2012. They return to the Hu Ke Lau Showroom in Chicopee Mass and Jesse Camp has worked double duty on this one as promoter and matchmaker. You can get a night full of solid fights, great Polynesian food, full drink menu and watch the gorgeous Warrior Nation Girls all on the same night and in fact, all at once if you want! Jesse Camp told me "We've put a lot of hard work into Warrior Nation over the last 2 years and have seen the growth. I put everything I've got in to this last show for 2012 and you won't want to miss it!" Tickets are available here and of course, tickets are available from the fighters which I recommend. I am not going to break down the fight card in this article but I will tell you the 3 Pro fights are great matchups and they also have a rematch of the Allen Edgecomb vs. Nhel Theam.  For those who weren't at the last show, the last fight resulted in a No Contest due to an accidental eye poke.  Without further adieu here is the fight card...

 1) 125 lbs Nate Russell (FAA 0-0) vs. Dan Krall (Guardian MMA 0-0)
2) 130 lbs Britt Soden (DCNU 0-0) vs. Michael Tabor (Guardian MMA 1-2)
3) 135 lbs Nhel Theam (DCNU 0-0-1) vs. Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin Kempo 0-0-1)
4) 140 lbs Mike Pezello (Strike Zone MMA 0-0) vs. Justin Marcoccio (Guardian MMA 0-1)
5) 145 lbs Mclynn Cadiente (ECU BJJ 0-0) vs. Anthony Jerome (Bombsquad MMA 0-1)
6) 155 lbs Todd Matulis (DCNU 1-1) vs. Rob Solveson (Bombsquad MMA 0-1)
7) 155 lbs Nicholas Sam (CT MMA 0-0) vs. Billy Leischner (Dexter's MMA 1-3)
8) 185 lbs Anthony Delmeilico (ECU BJJ 0-0) vs. Leo Powers (Dexter's MMA 1-1) 
9) 135 lbs Kurt Chase-Patrick (DCNU 0-0 Pro Debut) vs. Hassan Mamhood (Bombsquad MMA 1-0) 
CO-MAIN EVENT (125 lbs) 
10) Theo "The Unholy Terror" Desjardin (TUML 4-6) vs. Anthony "Skwirl" Carmenatty (Backyard MMA 0-1
MAIN EVENT (185 lbs) 
11) Erik Sommer (CT MMA 2-2) vs. Harley "Darkheart" Beekman (Bombsquad MMA 4-2)

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