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November 12, 2012

A Night of Boxing With

Tonight we head out to Holyoke for a rare glimpse at one of the roots of MMA.  Boxing has come back to The Log Cabin with intentions of raising money for fallen police officer, Kevin Ambrose.  The charity event was sold out for at least a month with a 200-300 people opting to be on the Wait List.
We've been graciously allowed to attend as media and it is our intention to bring you some great play-by-play accounts from my partner, Jeremy "The Boss" Reipold.  I'll be taking some photos.
The Event will feature 10 Ammy Bouts.  We will see at least 6 including our young teammate, Zach Ordoyne, in his ammy debut.  Zach will be representing the UMass Boxing Club, Team Ravenous MMA, and The Web Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in nearby Greenfield, MA.  Zach is a winning Amateur Mixed Martial Artist who's two wins via Jiu-Jitsu submission have established him in the sport.  Always looking to improve, Zach made some contacts within the local MMA network here in Western MA where he was invited to train with The UMass Boxing Club and the Westover Air Force Boxing Team.  His intense manner and indestructable will to perfect have made him sharp and focused for tonight's bout.  In recent weeks he has been making frequent visits to The Web Mixed Martial Arts Training Center, home of Team Ravenous MMA, his home gym.  At this stage he's looking to build his skill sets.  His visits allow others in the gym to see the benefits of cross-training when appropriate methods and instructors are available.  Keep refreshing this article to see how the fights are progressing.  We will stay for as many bouts as possible, but work comes early for some and that means it won't be a late night for the crew.  The Full Photo Archive is here.

Officer Fay made this an exceptional and meaningful event.  It's all in the details and it showed.

132lb Novice - Lee Moore (Coast Guard) Vs. Jiling Hu (UMass Boxing)
winner rd3 decision Jiling Hu (Umass Boxing) These guys were banging right from the start. Hu had more of the big punches, as he found a home on several occasions with his left hand.
Lee Moore (Blue Trunks w/ Wht.Stripe) avoids the looping Rt. Hand of Jiling Hu (Black Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) (Above)

141lb Novice - Daniel Montanez (Coast Guard) Vs  Steve McGrath (UMass Boxing)
winner rd3 decision, Steve McGrath (Umass Boxing) Back and forth fight, very close, but McGrath took it to him in the 3rd.
Daniel Montanez (Blue Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) throws a jab that Steve McGrath (Black Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) dodges while changing levels. (Above)

141lb Open - Bill Dise (Coast Guard) Vs. Josh Lopez (UMass Boxing)
winner rd3 decision Josue Lopez (Umass Boxing) Very close fight, more technical win on Josue's part.
Bill Dise (Blue Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) clinches Josh Lopez (Red Trunks w/ w/ Wht. Stipes) (Above)

152lb Open - Justin Mao (Coast Guard) Vs. Rollin Whitley (Whitley Bros. Boxing Club)
winner rd3 Justin Mao (Coast Gaurd) These guys came out swinging hard...I though someone was getting KTFO!! Justin had more gas and pressed the fight in the end.
Justin Mao (Blue Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) takes an angle on Rollin Whitley (Black Trunks w/ Red Lettering)
165lb Novice - James DesCartes (Coast Guard) Vs. Jason Kelly (Dorchester Boxing)
winner rd3 decision James Descartes (Coast Gaurd) As the fighters get bigger, the punches get bigger! The 1st round was close, but the next 2 were all James, as he wobbled his opponent, and even got a standing eight count from the ref.

Both James DesCartes (Blue Trunks w/ Wht. Stripe) and Jason Kelly (Red Trunks w/ Wht. Trim) trade jabs (Above)
178lb Novice - Shane Rainey (Coast Guard) Vs. Zach Ordoyne (UMass Boxing)
winner rd3 Zach Ordoyne (Umass Boxing) ...(Team Ravenous MMA!!!) Close fight, Zach gave up a few lbs but managed to use his speed to his scoring advantage!
Shane Rainey (Coast Guard)
Zach Ordoyne (UMass Boxing Club)

Zach Ordoyne wins via Judges Score Card.  Unanimous Dec. earning his first Amateur Boxing victory.  
Dinn Bros. always does sports trophies right.  
The following bouts occured after we had to leave for the night.  I will get the reults in a day or so from Officer Fay.  We wish the rest of the competitors the best.
165lb Novice - Mark Barrile (Whitley Bros. Boxing Club) Vs Carl Hoffman (UMass Boxing)
152lb Novice - Anthony Brown (Bright Futures Boxing) Vs. Justin McDonald (Whitley Bros. Boxing Club)

165lb Novice - Ben Solitar (Camp Get Right Boxing) Vs. Gary Smikle (Elephant In The Room Boxing)
152lb  Open - TBA Vs. Derrick Whitley (Whitley Bros. Boxing Club)
152lb Novice - Sammy (Camp Get Right Boxing) Vs. Tyjuan James (Bright Futures Boxing)

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