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November 8, 2012

Cage Titans 'Glory' 11/10/2012 Teaser

 Cage Titans is set to return on November 10th, 2012 to the Local 103 Union Hall in Boston Mass.  They have 11 fights scheduled with four of them pro.  One of them is also the heavyweight amateur title fight which I will break down later.  Tickets are still on sale and are available here for just $45 bux and up.  Mike Polvere, Brandie Light and the rest of the Titans crew have been working around the clock to get these fights all ready to go and it should make for an awesome night of fights.  Many of the fights have been changed up and Mike worked hard to repair them.  This is why some of them may not look very good on paper but there are plenty of awesome matches on this one! This is my first time going to the Local 103 Union Hall so I am excited to see the venue.  Let me break down the card for you...

Welly Sanchez  vs Evan Aubrey 

For a catchweight of 150lbs they have Welly Sanchez taking on Evan Aubrey.  Welly is from Redline and will be making his amateur debut.  Kin Moy has told me "Welly Sanchez is, quite simply, a fighter. From day one, he dove into the mix head-first. He's only been training for like 8 months or less, but he puts everything he has into this sport. It's amazing that, in such a short amount of time, he can already go toe to toe with experienced fighters like myself, Soap Am, Matt Doherty, etc and legitimately hold his own. He's got the talent, and more than anything, he's got the heart. Welly Sanchez is someone to watch out for." Thank you Kin for the insight.  Evan is from Wai Kru and has a record of 0-1.  He lost his first fight to Sean Nichols at an AFO and it was to a decision. I know being from Wai Kru he will be ready for a battle.  Great way to start out the evening.

Rob Moser vs Jose Suarez

At 160lbs they have Rob Moser taking on Jose Suarez.  Rob trains with Dragon Warrior and will be making his amateur debut.  Jose trains with Allaire and I know Kody Nordby is back so he will be ready for a battle.  Jose will also be making his amateur debut.  Two new fighters stepping into the cage should make for some raw, unpredictable talent being displayed.  I love it!

Lorenzo Kane vs Jamel Roy

Lorenzo Kane will be fighting Jamel Roy at 185lbs.  Lorenzo is from Lauzon MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Jamel is from Connor's MMA and has a record of 1-0.  He won his only fight against AJ Davis at Combat Zone.  He won it with a submission armbar in round 2 at 2:18.  Again we got two fighters young in their career looking to make a name for themselves in the mma world.  They have two great schools going head to head.  Should make for a great fight.

Shayne Stephenson vs George Nassar 

At 135lbs Shayne Stephenson will be taking on George Nassar.  Shayne is an independent fighter and comes into this fight with a 2-5 record.  I think I have seen all of his fights and he is a tough kid.  He has won his two fights via submission against Dan Wilcox and Nick Pallini.  He has lost the majority of his fights via submission.  Submit me or I will submit you mentality!  George Nassar was supposed to fight on the last Cage Titans card but his opponent dropped out last minute so I know he is pumped for this one!  He trains with Wai Kru and comes into this fight with a 1-2 record.  George won his first fight with a split decision against Caleb Gosselin.  He then unfortunately had two straight losses with one being a decision and the other being ref stoppage to strikes.  I feel this is a good match up for both fighters and could go either way.

Tim Leary vs Hiago Fontoura

Tim Leary is set to fight Hiago Fontoura at 170lbs.  Tim trains with Redline and has a record of 2-1.  He has one knockout victory and one submission victory.  His last fight was for AFO where he lost via submission against Mike Burke.  Hiago trains with Triboro MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He won his first fight for WCF against John Deluca via ref stoppage.  He then lost his second fight to Nick Logan via ko.  I think this is going to be a good standup battle and should get the crowd on their feet.

Ricky Berkerian vs Chris Suarez

Ricky Berkerian is taking on Chris Suarez at a catchweight of 140lbs.  Ricky trains with SSSF and comes into this fight with 1-0 record. Ricky won his only fight for AFO back in April against Frank Falso where he won via armbar.  His opponent Chris trains with Allaire MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Will Ricky's experience/skills be enough to get him the victory or will Chris come out strong in his amateur debut??  I predict this fight will be a great wrestling/ground battle.  Now onto the main event fights.

Ed Gillis vs. Nick Fontecchio

For the first fight of the main card they have the heavyweight amateur title fight.  Nick Fontecchio is defending his belt against Ed Gillis.  Nick trains with Connor's MMA and has a record of 1-0.  He won the belt back in May against James Smith where he won in the 3rd round due to ref stoppage to strikes.  He is looking to keep his win streak going and this time not allowing it to go into the 3rd round.  His opponent Ed trains with Doomsday MMA and also has a record of 1-0.  Ed won his only fight against Eddie Cornet via submission arm triangle in the third round back in July.  You are probably wondering why these guys are getting title shots at 1-0?? Well it is simple, there are very few amateur heavyweight fighters in the pool to choose from.  I expect this to be a ground battle and it is going to come down to who has the better conditioning and can work their takedowns to their advantage.

Kin Moy  vs. Josh Beauparlant

For the second fight of the main card they have Kin Moy against Josh Beauparlant at a catchweight of 140lbs.  Kin was first set to fight Devin Pilkington but Devin was unable to fight so luckily Josh stepped in.  Kin had a great amateur career for Team Redline.  Kin Moy was 5-1 amateur and he has won them every which way.  He has won two decisions, ref stoppage to strikes and a submission victory and they weren't against easy opponents either.  His only loss came to Rico Discuillo where he lost via tko in round 1.  Now Kin is making his pro debut.  His opponent Josh is an independent fighter.  I was not able to find his complete record but I do know he was at least 0-2 according to in his amateur career.  He lost both of his fights from ref stoppages in Rd 1.  Josh will also be making his pro debut. Hopefully he has been training hard for this fight because I know Kin has. If he hasn't then he could be in for a long night with Kin Kong Moy.

Joe Cloutier  vs. Josh Mellen

At 185lbs Joe Cloutier is fighting Josh Mellen.  Joe Cloutier had a great amateur career for Doomsday.  He was 3-1 and is very well rounded.  He will be making his pro debut for this fight.  Joe has wins over tough fighters and I know he will be ready for this fight. His opponent Josh Mellen has a record of 1-8 and trains with Maximum Fitness.  I think Josh's record is actually more in the losses column but whatever.  All of his losses have been in the first round and mostly to ref stoppages to strikes.  I love that Josh is always willing to step in to fill spots but let's face it, it doesn't help his record one bit.  To win this fight Josh is going to have to take Joe down right away and control the fight.  If he doesn't then it is going to be another quick loss for him.

John Downey vs. Cody Anderson 

At a catchweight of 180lbs John Downey will be fighting Cody Anderson.  John fights with Team Xtreme and has a record of 3-11.  John has lost pretty much all of his fights via submission in round 1. I have seen two out of the last three of John's fights and they weren't pretty.  John was very quickly submitted by Bill Mahoney.  Then he was submitted again during a CFX fight which he had to beg the commission for the fight.  Then he fought again for Cage Titans and started off winning and even got to full mount against Hector Sanchez.  Hector then swept and took the top position and ended up winning via rear naked choke in round 1.  Cody will be making his pro debut and had an amatuer record of 5-0.  Cody has never seen round 3 and won all of his fights via ref stoppages or to submissions.  He trains out of NH with Triumph MMA.  I gotta be completely honest, I don't see John winning this fight one bit.  I give John much credit for stepping in and taking this fight on such short notice and I wish him the best of luck.  To win this fight John needs to fight just like his last fight but get the position first and win the rounds.  Otherwise it is going to be quick night for him.

Dan Bonnell  vs. Billy Giovanella 

At 135lbs Dan Bonnell is set to fight Billy Giovanella.  Dan has a record of 11-9 and fights for Renzo NH.  Dan has fought beasts and has most of his wins via submission.  He was set back for a bit with a knee injury and I am happy to see him back in the cage.  His last fight was for Coliseum to the Cage where he fought another tough fighter Zech Lange.  Dan got knee in round 1 and continued to fight. He ended up losing the fight from ref stoppage to strikes.  No doubt he is hungry and ready for another win in his belt.  His opponent Billy trains with Connor's MMA and has an undefeated record of 3-0.  Billy was 4-2 amateur career and his two fights he lost via decision.  He then went pro and has strung three straight victories against three good fighters.  His last fight which we just posted yesterday was against Dan Cormier which he dominated Dan on the ground but just couldn't get the finish and ended up winning decision.  He is fighting yet again another tough opponent.  On paper, it might look like Dan has the edge with his experience but Billy is one tough fighter.  I have never seen him fight someone that he couldn't takedown. I thought he was going to have trouble taking Dan Cormier down but I was dead wrong.  If Billy gets the takedowns, Dan is very comfortable on the ground which is going to make for a great fight.  I see this fight very even and it is going to come down to who can keep the better positions.  I can't wait for this fight and I predict it will be fight of the night!!

Well, that wraps up this teaser for Cage Titans.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I had writing it all.  I want to wish all the fighters good luck in their fights.  The Artist and I will be there covering for you all.  If I can get on the internet I will try to do live play by play for you.  If anyone's record or teams are wrong please let me know and I will gladly change them.  As I said in the intro, I have never been to this venue so not sure I can get on the wifi.  Please let us know what fight you are looking forward to seeing and how you think its going down.  Keep it friendly though!

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