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November 14, 2012

NEF Fight Night V 11/17/2012 Teaser

New England Fight's are ready for their last event of the year.  They had an awesome year and promise to keep it full steam ahead.  Their fifth installment will be happening again at the Colisee in Lewiston Maine.  Nick DiSalvo/Matt Peterson have worked hard on getting this together for us and you won't want to miss it. Not only did Matt Peterson make all these great matches on the card, he also won the election for State Representative District 92 in Rumford, Maine!!  Congrats on your achievements Matt. Tickets are still available by visiting here and start at just $25 bux.  There are 17 fights scheduled and 5 of them are pro including one title fight.  One thing to note is this show is not starting at its regular time.  They have decided to start earlier due to UFC on that night and the doors will open at 4PM, with fights starting at 5PM.  Please don't forget this because you won't want to miss a single fight New England fans!!  One thing I like about NEF is that when you are at their show they have their next show already set and with even some matches to get the crowd pumped.  The fans there always have the chance to get their close seats early before they are available online.  Not to get ahead of ourselves but their next event Fight Night VI is going to take place on February 2nd in Lewiston Maine!  They said they have a big fight all setup and yes this is Super Saturday!!  Should be an awesome weekend especially if the New England Patriots make the SuperBowl.  Let's break down the card and please keep in mind that the fight order may change.

Brent Dillingham vs Ben Raven

For the first fight they have Brent Dillingham against Ben Raven at 205lbs.  Brent trains with MMA Athletix and has an undefeated record of 3-0.  He has two submission victories and one ref stoppage to strikes.  He has a huge crowd following and no doubt this fight won't disappoint you.  His opponent Ben trains with Sipayik Boxing Club and will be making his amateur debut.  I would like to see Ben keep it standing and get in a big standup battle to get the crowd pumped.  Otherwise if he takes it to the ground he might get cooled down rather fast by the wrath of "Frosty!"

Crowsneck Boutin  vs Tony Wells

For the next fight they have Crowsneck Boutin against Tony Wells at a catchweight of 195lbs.  Crowsneck is an independent fighter and has a record of 0-2.  He lost his first fight two Crowsneck Boutin and it got real heated at weigh ins.  He ended up losing that bout in the second round due to strikes.  He then fought Steven Kimball and lost that fight to submission in Rd 1.  He has been training hard and is hungry for that first amateur victory!  His opponent Tony trains with CMBJJ and has a record of 0-1.  He lost his only fight against Nick Walker at Fight Night II.  He ended up losing it from a submission to knees and punches in the first round.  As you can see this fight is very closely matched.  This fight is going to come down to who can dig deep and stay focused.  They need to wait for their openings and take their time.  One thing is for certain, one fighter will be walking away with their first amateur victory of their career!

Tollison Lewis  vs Tim Tucker 

Then we have Tollison Lewis against Tim Tucker at 170lbs.  Tollison has a record of 2-2 and trains with Balanced Ground MMA.  Tollison started out his career with two straight losses.  One was by tko to punches and the other one was from submission.  He has now turned it around with two straight victories.  He won his first fight at the last NEF against Dustin Theriault where he won via submission in Round 2.  He then fought for Reality Fighting against Daryl MarcAurele Jr. and won a come from behind win in round 2 due to unanswered strikes.  He is very entertaining to watch and he will be looking to bring his record above .500 that evening.  His opponent Tim is an independent fighter and has a record of 0-2.  Tim first lost to Buck Pineau from a sub in Rd 1.  He then fought Andrew Hughes at the last NEF and lost that one to an armbar in Rd 1.  He is hungry for his first victory!  I think Tim is going to have to keep this fight standing because from what I have seen Tollison is very well skilled on the ground.  Tim's takedown defense will be key in this fight so I can't wait to see what will happen.

Damon Owens vs Steven Bang 

At 155lbs Damon Owens is taking on Steven Bang.  Damon trains with Young's MMA and has a record of 1-3.  I was not able to find any info on his win but I did on his 3 losses.  He lost one to strikes and one to submission.  He lost at Fight Night IV which many of you should remember was a decision to John Raio.  This is a much better matchup for him and should be a great fight.  His opponent Steven trains with CMBJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  Without never having fought yet, it is hard to say what skills he has but with the last name of Bang, one would think he has some great striking!  With that assumption I think this is going to be a great stand up battle!

Rob Vandastine vs Nate Charles 0-4 

Next up is Rob Vandastine against Nate Charles at 155lbs.  Rob trains with IABJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  Nate trains with Balanced Ground MMA and comes into this fight with an 0-4 record.  He has lost two fights to tko stoppage to strikes, one to submission and one decision.  He has fought some tough fighters and will be ready for his first amateur win.  I don't really have too much insight on this fight but I am anxious to see Rob's amateur debut and if he can overcome Nate's four fight experience.

Jesse Erickson vs Drew Waltz 

Jesse Erickson will take on Drew Waltz at 155lbs.  Jesse Erickson trains with CMBJJ and comes into this fight with a 2-2 record.  Jesse started out his career with a loss to the very tough Shane Manley which was a decision.  He then followed it up with two straight wins, one from armbar and one from ref stoppage to strikes.  His last fight he fought RJ Letendre and lost in the first round from ref stoppage to strikes.  He will be looking for his 3rd win and I know he will be ready.  His opponent Drew Waltz trains out of Young's MMA.  He comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He has a decision win over John Healey and also a decision loss to Jason Libby.  He hasn't fought since 2011 and I am sure is anxious to get back in the cage.  This is a real good matchup and fighters from two great schools up in Maine.  I predict this fight will be a ground battle with lots of ground and pound!

Shawn Goodrich  vs Edward Milville 

At 145lbs Shawn Goodrich is taking on Edward Milville.  Shawn is from team Havoc and will be making his amateur debut.  Edward trains with CMBJJ and is also making his amateur debut.  Two fighters, making their amateur debut and ready to display their raw, unseen talent for all of you carnage hungry Maine-iacs.

Nick Spencer vs Brandon Bushaw

Nick Spencer takes on Brandon Bushaw at 135lbs.  Nick trains with Choi's MMA and has a record of 2-1.  He started his career with a loss to Elias Leland from a rear naked choke in round 2.  He then got two straight victories.  First one was armbar submission over Matthew Almy in Rd 1.  Then at the last NEF, he defeated Cody Sargent from ref stoppage to strikes.  No doubt, he is ready to continue that win streak.  Not if his opponent Brandon has anything to say about it.  He trains with Fitness Edge MMA and has a record of 2-2.  He has a ref stoppage to strikes and a submission victory in his amateur career.  For his losses, he has lost by two submission that were all in the first round.  Both of these fighters are very well rounded and seem very even with each other on the ground.  This should be a good ground battle.

Elias Leland  vs Tommy Balzano

Elias Leland is set to fight Tommy Balzano at 135lbs.  Elias has a record of 1-1 and trains with The Academy.  He has one loss via submission to Ray Wood and he has a win over Nick Spencer via rear naked choke in Round 2.  He has fought two tough guys and this fight is going to be no exception.  Tommy trains with Team Irish and comes into this fight with a 3-1 record.  He started out his career with 3 straight wins in which two of them he won decisions.  The other win was a ref stoppage to strikes against Anthony Carmenatty at Premier FC 1.  His last fight resulted in a loss against Tony Ellison from a rear naked choke at a CFX show.  

Eric Austin  vs Steve Sobel 

At 135lbs Eric Austin will take on Steve Sobel.  Eric trains with CMBJJ and has a 1-0 record.  He won his only fight at the last NEF by a decision over Noah Hall.  I saw Eric's last fight and an all around good game. He took more damage from strikes but won the fight on the ground.  His opponent Steve is an independent fighter and has a record of 1-0.  He fought his only fight at the last NEF and won with a first round submission victory over Matthew Marshall.  As you can see on paper its dead even.  I think this will be a ground battle but it will be anyone's fight to take.  Can't wait for this one.

Derek Shorey  vs Cody Sargent

Derek Shorey is ready to take on Cody Sargent at 135lbs.  Derek comes into this fight with a 2-5 record and fights out of Bill Jones' Shop.  He won two fights, one from his opponent injuring his knee and the other was a submission victory.  All five of his losses came from a submission but to be fair he has fought some tough fights!  Derek is always an exciting fighter to watch so this should be a good one.  His opponent Cody has a 0-1 record and trains with Balanced Ground MMA.  Cody lost his only fight to Nick Spencer from ref stoppage to strikes in Round 1.  I think both fighters want to stand and bang for this fight.  I don't know about you guys reading this but that's fine with me!  If Cody gets into trouble he may want to try his luck on the ground.  Should be a great fight.

John Parker  vs Ken Foster

Then at 125lbs John Parker will take on Ken Foster.  John trains with Team Nitemare and has an 0-1 record.  He lost at the last NEF against Caleb Hall from a rear naked choke in round 1.  He will be hungry for his first victory this Saturday night.  His opponent Ken is an independent fighter and also has an 0-1 record.  He lost at the last NEF against Kris Kramer to a rear naked choke in Round 1 as well.  As you can see both fighters are dead even once again.  I would expect this fight to be stand up until a fighter gets in trouble then they will take their chances on the ground.  I can guarantee you one thing, the 125lbers are never a boring fight!  Now onto the pro fights for the evening!

Dez Green  vs Brandon Fleming

This was a match up I was thinking about at a Cage Titans not too long ago.  Little did I know, my dream became a reality courtesy of New England Fights.  This one is at a catchweight of 150lbs and is against Dez Green and Brandon Fleming.  Dez has a record of 5-0 and is from Team Bombsquad.  He won four of his fights by his wrestling and getting the decisions.  He then won his last fight over Bruce Boyington from an arm triangle in Rd 2.  He will be looking to keep his undefeated record intact!  Brandon Fleming is an outstanding wrestler just like Dez.  He trains with SSSF in MA and is coming all the way up to Maine for this battle.  He has a record of 2-1.  He started out his pro career with a submission victory over PJ Davis at Bellator with a peruvian necktie submission.  He then won his second fight for WCMMA with a unanimous decision over Cleon Hoggard.  Then for his third fight he fought Rob Font at Cage Titans and lost a close decision.  This is a true test once again for both fighters and we are in for a real treat as a fan.  Definitely fight of the year material here.

John Raio  vs Ray Wood

At 145lbs NEF is proud to present a double pro debut between John Raio and Ray Wood.  John trains with MMA Athletix and had an undefeated amateur record of 4-0.  He won three decisions and one submission victory.  His opponent Ray Wood trains with Young's MMA and has outstanding wrestling.  He had an awesome amateur career and was top ranked before going pro.  He was 5-1 as an amateur and his last victory was a dominating performance against Soap Am for Coliseum to the Cage which put him on top of the ranks.  He wins fights by decisions, ref stoppages to punches and submissions.  This is a real challenge for both fighters and I am pumped about it.  Both fighters know how to hang in there, grind out wins and the fans are in for a battle right here.

Bruce Boyington  vs John Ortolani

At 155lbs Bruce Boyington is set to face John Ortolani.  Bruce has a record of 3-4 and trains out of Young's MMA.  Bruce is on a two fight losing streak and no doubt is ready to turn that around.  He lost at the last NEF to Dez Green where he was just outwrestled and then eventually submitted.  He then lost to Aaron Petrucelli where he was subbed in round 2.  Bruce is a very entertaining fighter and has some crazy kicks.  NEF fans should all remember his spinning back kick KO over Keegan Hornstra.  Bruce needs a fighter who will stand and strike with him.  In steps John Ortolani from Team Triumph.  He has a record of 6-6 with 4 KO and 2 Decision victories.  He lost 5 fights to KO/TKO and one decision loss.  I predict this fight is going to be a stand up war!!  I don't see it going to a decision and this one might very well be fight of the night if not year material!

Ryan Sanders  vs Jarod Lawton

At 170lbs Ryan Sanders will face off against Jarod Lawton.  Ryan trains with Young's MMA and has a 4-2 record.  Ryan has all four of his wins from submissions.  His two losses he lost from a decision and he was just outwrestled.  The last fight was against Gil de Freitas and he was outwrestled for five rounds.  Ryan has the conditioning and is always deadly on the ground.  His opponent Jarod trains with IABJJ and has a record of 1-1.  He has his only pro victory from a submission and his only loss was to Darrius Heyliger which was to a doctor stoppage in round 3 at Fight Night II.  I remember that fight and it was a good stoppage.  I loved the photos we had of the blood dripping down Jarod's spine and down his ear.  Blood and submissions, two of my favorite things!

Paul Gorman vs Adam Toussaint  [BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE]

For the last fight of the evening for the bantamweight title they have Paul Gorman fighting Adam Toussaint. Paul has a record of 9-9 and trains out of the Academy.  I couldn't find all of his fight data but I can tell you he has won the majority of his fights from submissions and decisions.  He lost 1 KO, 3 SUB and 4 decisions and I couldn't find the other fight.  Adam trains with Havoc and has a record of 5-4.  He has one KO and 4 submission victories.  His last fight he fought Johnny Campbell for Cage Titans and won in the second round from a submission.  He lost most of his fights from submission.  I predict this fight will be a ground battle and keep in mind it will be five rounds.  I don't see it going the distance and I see it ending in a submission.  It is going to come down to who can control the fight and who makes the first mistake.

Well that is all I have for you all.  I hope you enjoyed it.  That is all she wrote about the 17 fights that we will all see this Saturday Night.  Fights should be over in time to go see GSP win another boring fight *yawn*! will have a full crew there consisting of Warchild, The Artist and me(CityBoy).  Warchild and The Artist will be capturing the photos for you all and I will be doing the live play by play.  Thanks to Nick DiSalvo for keeping me posted so I know that this fight card is up to date.  Which fight(s) are you all excited for?? Let us know.

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