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November 18, 2012

PFC 12 "The Review", by Todd "Results" Selva

Long time friend, teammate, and business partner the “Boss” Jeremy Reipold and I arrived at the Armory in Albany New York to attend Premier Fighting Championships 12th installment. A change in scenery for this event as the promotion occupies a new venue outside of the western part of Massachusetts and Leaves its blood and sweat right here in Albany New York. I look around the venue and I like what I see. This is a great location for an mma event. The cage is bright and well lit. There are floor seats as well as bleacher seats and rows of seating in front of the bleachers. A great venue to say the least.

Fight 1: Jerry Avenancio vs Justin Lyon

Round 1: They feel each other out for a bit. Jerry gets a takedown and goes to work. Justin Throws up a triangle that is deep. Jerry defends and Justin switches to an armbar attempt. Jerry defends that attempt surprisingly. The round ends with Jerry in Justin's guard.

Round 2: They come out and exchange punches. They go right into a clinch war. They go to the ground and Jerry looks for a guillotine but Justin defends and they are back to their feet. Both fighters look tired as they share a few exchanges on the feet. Round 2 comes to a close.

Round 3: Nice leg kick by Lyon. Jerry shoots in and gets the takedown. Armbar attempt by Lyon from the guard position. Lyon switches to a triangle and finishes the fight.

Winner via Triangle choke Justin Lyon

Fight2: Rich Hunter vs T.J Holt

Round 1: Rich shoots and gets the takedown. They scramble and Rich ends up on top. They continue to scramble for position and Holt gets the top position. They battle for position some more and Rich ends up on top to finish the round.

Round 2: Holt shoots and gets the takedown. He lands a few punches from the top position. Rich sweeps him. He then passes to mount and softens him up. He rains down  some hard punches for the tko victory.

Winner rd 2 via Tko due to strikes Rich Hunter

Fight 3:Walter Rodriguez vs Cambor Bohlen

Round 1: They come out and go right to work! Cambor clinches and lands a stiff right hook that Drops Walter to the ground. He follows him there and lands hard hammerfists for the k.o. This place is loud, the crowd erupts.

Winner 8 seconds of rd 1 By k.o. Cambor Bohlen.  Fastest KO in PFC history!

Fight 4: Marina Shafir vs Becky Lewis (female bout)

Round 1: This is a female fight and the crowd is anxious to see the action. They come right out and exchange punches. Marina gets the takedown and looks to pass. Becky sweeps her and lands in guard. Marina sets up a textbook armbar for the finish.

Winner rd 1 via armbar Marina Shafir

Fight 5: Ian Mcwan vs Nestor Xicohtemcahl 145 Lbs Title fight

Round 1: Ian comes out and gets a takedown. They are right back to their feet. They scramble and Nestor sets up a guillotine from standing. He pulls Ian to the ground to finish the fight by guillotine choke for the 145 Lbs championship Title.

Winner Via guillotine choke in rd 1 your new 145lbs champion Nestor Xicohtemcahl

Co-Main Event Fight 6: Joshua Carerro vs Carlos Candelario 135 lbs title

Round 1: Carlos lands some nice strikes. Josh shoots and gets the takedown. Josh lands some bombs from the guard. Carlos gets back to his feet and they clinch on the cage. Josh takes Carlos back down to the mat. The round ends with a triangle attempt from Carlos. A close round.

Round 2: Nice kicks from Carlos. Carlos continues to piece Josh up a bit on the feet. Carlos striking looks great. Josh shoots and takes him down. They battle for position and Carlos is on top. Carlos takes his back and lands some bombs from there. The round ends while Carlos has back control looking for a Rnc. I give that round to Carlos easily.

Round 3: Carlos lands some nice strikes. Josh takes him down. Carlos sets up a guillotine from side control and finishes the fight to retain the 135 lbs Championship belt. This kid Carlos has talent. Constantly improving his game and always pushing the fight. I am excited to see his future performance.

Your winner in rd 3 via guillotine choke and STILL pfc 135 lbs champion Carlos Candelario

Main Event Fight 7: Marvin Maldonado vs Angel Laboy 125 lbs title

Round 1: Angel gets the takedown. He lands some hard strikes from the top position. Marvin reverses and gets the mount. Marvin attempts an armbar from the mount position to end round number one. Its safe to say this fight looks like its going to be a war.

Round 2: Marvin goes right in for the takedown and gets it. He passes to side control but Angel regains a half guard. Marvin lands a few hammer fists from half guard. Angel regains a full guard. Marvin passes it and lands some nice strikes to end the round. The fans are on the edge of their seats, as well as myself and the judge sitting next to me.

Round 3: They exchange punches and kicks. Marvin gets the takedown. Marvin lands some strikes from the top as he looks to pass and is successful in taking the mount. The two scramble and battle for position. Marvin gets the mount. It’s a back and forth war as the two change position back and forth several times to end round three.
Round 4: They go right back to the ground. Marvin gets his back and looks for the Rnc, but Angel defends well. Marvin lands strikes from back control. That pretty much closes round number four. Its safe to say Marvins grappling is superior in this match.

Round 5: They go right to the ground once again. Marvin looks for a triangle then an armbar that looks deep. The Boss has a photo of the armbar attempt that he shows me and its completely hyper-extended. Angel surprisingly defends it. It a straight up WAR back and forth for position. This is a great fight to witness. Marvin gets his back and pounds his way to victory for the pfc 125 lbs belt via ref stoppage due to strikes. What a fight! This is one of the best fights that I have ever seen live.

Your winner and new champion at 125 lbs Marvin Maldonado Via ref stoppage (strikes)

Overall a great night of fights. The title fights were exciting to watch. The main event and the co-main event lived up to the hype for sure. I would like to wish the PFC the best of luck with their journey to the top as a promotion. This show in Albany is just the foundation of what the Premier FC can bring to New York. I’m excited to see what will be next. Great night, Great fights. I hope you have enjoyed reading “the review” as
Western Mass MMA continues to bring you “Closer To The Cage”

All pictures were taken by Jeremy "The Boss" Reipold. The full gallery should be up soon on our Facebook page for you to tag, share and enjoy!! Hope you all enjoy them... We would like to thank Karyn and the PFC staff for letting us cage side to help bring our fans closer to the cage!! Here's a couple more of our favorite ring girl Alecia, and funny man/announcer Marty!!

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