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November 15, 2012

Premier FC 12 11/17/2012 Teaser

We are just days away from the Premier FC 12 mixed martial arts show.  This one is going to be held at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany New York.  It will feature 9 fights which include four title fights.  This is an all amateur show being in New York and will be a nice night of fights.  Tickets are still on sale and general admission starts at just $18.  You can get them from a fighter on the card or by visiting the link here.  Karyn Wesch the promoter and matchmaker has been working hard on finishing the card up and we are pleased to break down every fight for you all.  Many of the fighters have been seen in Premier FC and with four title fights, it is a great way to end the year for them.  The fights start at 7pm and the doors open at 6pm.  From Western Mass, Albany is just a hair over two hours so it really isn't too bad of a drive.  For our Boston fans, it is a much longer hike for you.  PFC is also doing toys for tots so if you can bring a toy to help the needy it would be much appreciated. Let's break down the card...

Justin Lyon  vs. Jerry Avenancio

At 125lbs Justin Lyon is ready to face off against Jerry Avenancio.  Both fighters are independent fighters and will be making their amateur debut. With the 125lb division being so slim, this will be a fight you want to keep your eyes peeled.  It is a great way to start off the evening with pure raw never before seen talent.  Should be a good one.

Rich Hunter vs. T.J. Holt

Then they have Rich Hunter against T.J. Holt at 170lbs.  Rich is an independent fighter and has a record of 0-1.  He fought for Warrior Nation back in August and lost from a 13 second KO to Addison O'Neil.  He is hungry for his first amateur victory.  His opponent T.J. trains with team Aggression and has a record of 0-0.  Since he trains with Team Aggression I know he will be ready.  This one is hard to predict with both fighters having such little experience in the cage but it sounds like a great match up.

Cambor Bohlan  vs Walter Rodriguez 

Cambor Bohlan is set to face Walter Rodriguez at 145lbs.  Cambor trains with Gladiator MMA and has a record of 0-2.  He fought at Premier FC 2 where he got beat from a rear naked choke to Leroy Derricott.  He then suffered his second loss at Premier FC 4 where he was submitted to guillotine by Mike Fillipone.  He is back and ready to fight for his first amateur win.  His opponent is Walter who is an independent fighter and has a record of 1-1.  He won his first fight against Eoghan Lenney from a ref stoppage to strikes in round 1 at a Premier FC in August.  He then fought a war for Warrior Nation against Ruso Khubecov where he lost a decision.  I can tell you that Walter has a decent ground game too and has that as a backup if he needs to take the fight to the ground.  I predict this fight is going to be a war and we are going to find out which fighter has the better stand up. 

 Antonio Kelly vs. Toby Oden

Antonio Kelly will be fighting Toby Oden at 170lbs.  Antonio trains with Team Asylum and has a record of 1-2.  If I found the right fighter he won his victory from a decision.  He lost two of his fights from one being a verbal submission and one from a submission.  His opponent Toby trains with Rivera MMA and has a record of 4-0.  I couldn't find all of the information on Toby but I can tell you he won against Peter San Antonio at a Cage Titans with a first round ref stoppage to strikes.  He won a fight before that with a knockout in the round 1.  As you can see Toby has great striking and I am sure he will use that to his advantage.  I am sure he is decent on the ground too being with Rivera MMA.  I don't see this fight going to a decision so don't blink!

 Addison O'Neil vs. Scott Hlubik 

For the 155lb title fight, Addison O'Neil will fight Scott Hlubik.  This will be five 3 minute rounds.  Addison trains with DCNU and comes into this fight with a 2-0 record.  He has fought twice for Warrior Nation and won a decision for his first fight.  He then won with a 12 second knockout over Richard Hunter.  He will be looking to improve 3-0 and I don't see many holes in his game.  Scott trains with Asylum and has a record of 3-4.  He won all 3 of his fights by winning the decision.  He lost one decision and the other three were from submission.  This is going to be a battle between both fighters.  With being five rounds, I don't see Scott winning it by decision this time.  I see this fight being finished well before the champion rounds.

Marina Shafir  1-0 vs. Becky Lewis 

At 155lbs Marina Shafir faces off against Becky Lewis.  Marina has a tough time finding opponents at 155lbs.  She trains with Bruno Tostes and has a record of 1-0.  She won her first fight early in the first round with an armbar.  This will be her last fight in New England then she is off out west to train with her BFF Ronda Rousey.  She is definitely and up and comer and you won't want to miss her second career fight.  Her opponent Becky trains with Charlie's Combat Sports and also has a record of 1-0.  She is coming in from Washington and won her first fight in the second round due to ref stoppage to strikes.  Becky is going to have to keep Marina on her feet if she wants the advantage.  Marina is very fluid on the ground and will want to take Becky down right away and get the quick sub.  If Becky can't keep Marina standing it might be a quick night for her.

Ian Mcewan  vs. Nestor Xicohtemcahl 

For the 145lb title fight, they have Ian Mcewan fighting Nextor Xicohtemcahl.  This was the title that Soap Am won in the tournament.  Soap and his manager has decided to fight at 135lbs so the title is now vacant.  Ian trains with Lion's Den and has a record of 1-1.  He won his first fight for PFC against Marvin Maldonado from a decision.  He then fought for Warrior Nation against Chad Kelly and lost that from a submission in round 3.  Nestor trains with Asylum MMA and has a 2-0 record.  He has fought for PFC twice.  He won his first fight against Robert Rios via submission in Rd 1.  He then fought Jake Smith who was then 6-0 and choked him out in round 1.  I see this as being a real tough match up once again for Ian.  If he is going to win this he is going to have to keep the fight standing.  Nestor is nasty on the ground and definitely has the advantage there.  If Nestor can get the fight to the ground he can then try to finish it with a submission.

Carlos Candelario vs. Joshua Carerro

For the 135lb title fight, they have returning champ Carlos Candelario against Joshua Carerro.  This is a match up that I predict will be fight of the night.  Carlos is an independent fighter and has a 3-0 record. Carlos won the 135lb tournament as we all know for Premier FC.  He fought Jeremy Reipold for the title and was getting beat up badly in round 1.  Then in round 2 he ended up catching Jeremy with an armbar for the submission victory.  Carlos has won all of his fights from a submission. Joshua trains with DCNU and also has a record of 3-0.  Josh beat Angel Laboy in a decision for Warrior Nation.  He fought Chris Palacios at a Premier FC and has submitted him.  This fight is going to be a ground battle for sure.  Both guys can submit and I would not be surprised if that is how one of them wins.

Marvin Maldonado vs. Angel Laboy 

For the last fight of the night they have for the 125lb title fight between Marvin Maldonado against Angel Laboy.  Marvin comes into this fight with a 3-5 record and trains out of Bruno Tostes.  I believe all of his fights have went to a decision.  He has never been submitted or knocked out.  He has fought at 135 many of times and is a much stronger fighter at 125lbs.  He is always an exciting fighter to watch.  His opponent Angel Laboy is an independent fighter and has a record of 3-4.  There was not much data on Angel but I believe most of his fights were at 135lbs too.  He lost to Josue Lopez at a Premier FC.  He also lost to Josh Carerro by a decision at a previous Warrior Nation event.  He is also an exciting fighter to watch.  I think this is a great match up for 125lbs for both fighters and is anyone's title to win.  Both fighters have the experience and they are going to have to step up their game if they want that title.  Remember this is five rounds not three so the fans are all looking for a finish!

Well that wraps up my last teaser of the year and the last one for Premier FC.  You won't want to miss the four title fights and unfortunately this will be the first Premier FC I will have missed because the rest of the gang is heading up north to NEF in Maine.  Luckily The Boss and Selva will be covering the show for us all who can't make the trip to New York.  New York fighters have traveled north to Mass to fight for us many of times, so it is only fair that they can't an opportunity to fight for Premier FC in their home state!  If I got anyone's info wrong just let me know and I can change it.  See you around the cage!

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