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December 7, 2012

CES 12/7/2012 Review

CES brings us 9 star studded fights packed with top ranked locals.  There was one last minute cancellation and that is the Tyler King fight.  His opponent Kevin Brooks never made it to weigh ins so once again Tyler is left without an opponent.  Keep your head up Tyler!!  The Boss, Artist and I are now here.  We went and got some grub at Johnny Rockets.  We recommend them if you love burgers and fries.  Saw SuckerPunch and SKSFightGear out there booths.   The Boss and I are seated at the media table with our buddy Grant Tremmeling who is writing for NorthEastMMA.  Many local celebs are in the house.  I saw Doomsday, Kym Sturdivant, Karyn Wesch, Sarah Payant, Mangler, Tyler King, KCP, Kody Nordby, Andre, Vinny Paz and Damien Trites! The place is starting to fill up, I estimate around 2500-3000 fight fans. Fights are about to start so follow along...

Bantamweight Terin Swanson 2-1, Gladiator MMA Vs. Matt "The Mantis" Doherty 0-0, Redline

Matt is getting in some clean shots.  Terin works a double leg takedown and is working halfguard.  Doherty gets back to his feet.  Matt jumps guard and Terin threatens with a guillotine but Matt gets out.  Terin gets another guillotine but Matt gets out and he transitions to a triangle but Matt slips out.  They are back to their feet.  Terin gets a single leg takedown and works the side as the round ends.

Terin 10-9

Rd 2: They clinch and Terin gets hit with a knee to the head.  Terin is eating some big shots.  They go to the ground and Matt is making him pay with hammerfists.  Matt laid down more hammerfists and gets the ref stoppage.

Matt Doherty defeats Terin Swanson via ref stoppage in Rd 2.

Joe Cronin 2-0, Sitydtong Vs. Joe Palazio 0-0, Rukus Fighting

Palazio calls off the glove touch.  They clinch up against the cage and Palazio goes for a hip toss and Joe rolls through it.  Palazio gets in a double jab.  Palazio puts on the heat and grabbed a guillotine and jumped guard.  He gets the tap.

Joe Palazio defeats Joe Cronin via tapout to guillotine at 2:22 in Rd 1.

Featherweight Chris "Cassius" Foster 5-2 Vs. Thane Stimson 2-2

Thane goes for a takedown and Chris stuffs him and makes him pay with a nice combo.  Chris gets in a body shot, head shot combo. Chris closes the gap and lays a barrage of strikes.  The ref yells for Thane to defend or he is going to stop.  Thane weathers the storm and they are back to the center.  Thane gets a takedown and is working half guard.  Chris gets back to his feet and Thane threatens with a guillotine but Chris gets out.  Thane gets a double leg takedown as the round ends.

Chris 10-9

Rd 2: Thane is bleeding from the ear.  Thane tries for some takedowns but is stuffed.  Chris is getting the better of the standup.  Thane was working the clinch against the cage.  He gets in an uppercut and Chris gets in a jab.  They break and Thane gets a takedown and is working the side.  Chris uses the cage and rolls.  Thane is threatening with a guillotine as the round ends.

Thane 10-9

Rd 3: Thane starts us off with some leg kicks.  They clinch and is working for a single leg.  He doesn't get it and they are back to their feet. Thane tries for a takedown but is stuffed.  Thane is pushing the pace which could win him the round if the judges see it that way.  Chris gets a takedown and is caught in a guillotine as the round ends.  Way to steal the round.

Chris 10-9

Chris Foster defeats Thane Stimson via split decision.

Bantamweight Dinis "Sweetbread" Paiva 2-3, Keith Allen's MMA Vs Josh Lange 1-0, Bombsquad

Sounded like Dinis came out to a song called "City Boy Life"  Love it!!  Josh is pushing the action.  He gets in a leg kick and tries for a takedown but Dinis defends.  Dinis works a takedown even though Josh held the cage briefly.  He is working the guard.  Not much action until  Dinis picks him up and slams him down.  Crowd roars.  Josh bucks him off and they are back to their feet as the round ends.

Dinis 10-9

Rd 2: Dinis went for a takedown and Josh takes his back and Dinis gets out and takes him back down.  Not much action but Dinis controlled the fight on top.

Dinis 10-9

Rd 3: Josh gets a leg kick.  Dinis gets the takedown and controls the round the same way he has.  Not much action going on.  Sorry Dinis a pretty boring fight.

Dinis Paiva defeats Josh Lange via unanimous decision.  Great job SweetBread!!

Hvyweight Eric "Lucky Strikes" Bedard 5-1, Gilette MMA Vs. Pat Walsh 1-0, Wai Kru

They come swinging!  Pat picks up Eric and slams him down.  Pat works a kimura.  Eric rolls a few times but in the end is forced to tap.

Pat Walsh defeats Eric Bedard via tapout to kimura early in Rd 1.

Lucas "Golden Boy" Cruz 5-0, Nova Unao Vs. Andres "The Black Shark" Jeudi 5-0, Sitydtong

Lucas starts us off with a leg kick.  He misses with a high kick.  Lucas is pushing the pace and Andres is being very cautious.  He is a very methodical and patient fighter.  Andres got in inside leg kick.  Lucas gets in a double jab and clinches Andres up against the cage.  They break and are back in the center.  Lucas fires with a high kick that Andres checks.  Andres raises his hands and smiles and is like is that all you got. Lucas fires back and the fight is on.  They clinch up against the cage as the round ends.

Lucas 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters fire leg kicks.  Lucas rushes in and catches Andres with a right hand.  Andres shakes it off and dances back over to Lucas.  Andres gets in a leg kick.  Lucas clinches him up against the cage.  Lucas is trying for a takedown but Andres defends well.  Andres reverses the clinch and Lucas reverses it back.

Real close round but I give slight edge to Lucas 10-9

Rd 3: Lucas gets in a leg kick and a right hand.  Andres gets in a good right hand that connects.  Lucas gets the takedown and is working the back.  Lucas is on top but Andres is defending well.  Lucas turns the heat on and lays down some hammerfists.  The crowd roars and Andres gets back to his feet as the round ends.

Lucas 10-9

Lucas Cruz defeats Andres Jeudi via unanimous decision. Lucas turned the heat on in round 3.  Great fight!

Luis "Rockstar" Felix 8-6, Team Rockstar Vs. Jeremy Ross 6-3, Gladiator MMA

Jeremy starts us off with a leg kick.  Jeremy goes for a takedown and Luis catches him in a deep guillotine.  Jeremy is forced to tap.

Luis Felix defeats Jeremy Ross via tapout to standing guillotine in Rd 1.

Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle 10-8, TriForce MMA Vs. Robby "Wartime" Roberts 9-15 The Factory

Robby gets in a right hand.  They clinch and Todd has him up against the cage.  Robby reverses and then Todd reverses that.  Todd takes him down with a guillotine and gets the tap.

Todd Chattelle defeats Robby Roberts via tapout to guillotine at 1:35 in  Rd 1.

Welterweight Chuck O'Neil 9-5,Mass BJJ Vs. Keith "Sonic Boom" Jeffrey 9-2-1, TriForce MMA

Keith starts us out with a leg kick.  Keith is clinching Chuck up against the cage.  They break and Chuck gets in a good combo.  Keith is working for a takedown.  They break and Chuck gets in a knee to the head. Keith gets in with a cup shot.  He takes a minute and the fight resumes.  Chuck gets the takedown and is working the guard.  Keith bucks him off and Chuck is now standing over Keith and firing leg kicks as the round ends.

Chuck 10-9

Rd 2: Chuck fires a high kick to the body.  Keith is fighting for a takedown but eating some knees to the body.  Keith catches Chuck with a right hook and Chuck goes down.  Keith is working the side.  He gets bucked off and Keith finishes the round standing throwing leg kicks to Chuck on the ground.

Keith 10-9

Rd 3: Keith tries two superman punches and that connects but Chuck connects too.  Chuck takes his back and is working a rear naked choke.  Chuck has full mount and controls the rest of the round on Keith's back.

Chuck 10-9

Chuck O'Neil defeats Keith Jeffrey via unanimous decision.


Fight of the Night: Thane Stimson vs. Chris Foster, great fight guys!
Submission of the Night: Pat Walsh's kimura!!
KO of the Night: No KO that night so I give this award to Tisha Rodrigues who looked like a knockout in the cage!!

TKO of the Night:  Matt Doherty ref stoppage to strikes over Terin Swanson!
Blunder of the Night:  Everything went smooth

CityBoy's Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality: 5
Sound: 5
Refs: 4.5, no early stoppages, great job.
Announcer: 5 Bill does a great job.
Ring Girls: 5, as the fights go on the ring girls wear less, I love this concept!
Vendors: 4.5  Lots of booths to keep people busy with.
Overall: 4.79

It was a great way to end the fight year of mma.  Fights were done in time to see Nick Newell become World Champion for XFC!!  We saw some great fights tonight.  The highlights of the evening were for me, Thane Stimson getting rocked and battling back and getting the decision.  I had it all tied up into the 3rd round which made it exciting.  The Lucas Cruz against Andres Jeudi lived up to the hype.  It started off slow but picked up in the 3rd round when Lucas turned up the heat and got the takedown.  I wouldn't say it was fight of the year but still exciting to watch.  Pat Walsh is looking impressive with his submission victory over a very tough Eric Bedard.  Joe Palazio and Matt Doherty had impressive pro debuts and I expect we will hear much more of them in 2013.  Chattelle bounced back with a Hulk Guilotine submission.  Luis Felix got an impressive standing guillotine over Jeremy Ross.  Lastly Chuck O'Neil and Keith Jeffrey lived up to the hype as well.  It was a great back and forth which was anyone's fight to win in the 3rd round.  Chuck in the end had an awesome 3rd round and got the nod on the decision.  Tisha Rodrigues did the interviews in the cage and I gotta say she did an awesome job! Thank you for following along and special thanks to CES for the lovely hospitality and for always supporting us!

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