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December 4, 2012

CES 12/7/2012 Teaser By Mike Strazzere

CES is back for their final show of 2012 this Friday on December 7th, 2012 at the Twin River Casino.  The card is stacked which is a regular affair for CES.  This one is packed with all top ranked guys and there are a total of 10 fights.  The matches are dead even and even an avid fan cannot guess the outcomes.  Great job Pat Sullivan (the matchmaker of CES).  Tickets are still available at the box office and also online here and start at just $35.  Do yourself a favor and give yourself an early Christmas present and enjoy a great night of action.  I just wrote the introduction and most of the conclusion.  The real guts of this teaser was written by Michael Strazzere.  He enjoys doing them and we all love reading his insight on the match ups.  For those of you who don't know Mike he has done a little bit of everything in MMA.  He has trained, managed and made the matches for the last GFL show.  Recently he has started his own management company called Global Warrior Management where he manages fighters such as Matt Doherty, Soap Am and Isaiah Gomez.    Click the link for GWM and like the fanpage to keep up.  Let's break down the card.  

135 lbs Matt "The Mantis" Doherty (0-0) Redline Fightsports vs Terin  Swanson (2-1) Gladiator BJJ

Obviously I am a bit biased on this fight, but I am not stupid. Matt will go in the underdog again in many people's minds and like his ammy career he will put on a show and fight his heart out. He is known for his resilience and tough stand up but is very well rounded. He has heart and cardio and a great will to win, which will be tested Dec. 7th.

Terin is a young star in the making a with a very slick ground game and a great team around him at Gladiator BJJ.  He will most likely look to take it to the ground any way he can while Matt will most likely keep it standing. Matt will be the toughest kid Terin has faced and a win here for either would definitely vault them up in the red hot 135 division!

135 lbs Dinis "Sweetbread" Paiva (2-3) Keith Allens vs Josh Lange (1-0) Bombsquad

Dinis seems to be allergic to any type of easy fight and this one is no different. Sweetbread brings in a big crowd to go with his slick wrestling and very tough stand up. He is coming off a very tough pro boxing debut where he went the distance with a very skilled fighter. He is a gamer but he is definitely in a tough fight here.

Josh Lange is out of Bombsquad, who has just been tearing up New England. He has a great overall game and can finish from anywhere. This fight will be a tough grinding battle. Let's see if the hometown boy has what it takes to stop the Bombsquad!!

145 lbs Thane "Freight Train" Stimson (2-2) Team Link vs Chris "Cassius" Foster (5-2)

Thane came into this fight as a late replacement for Tom Evans and brings with him a pitbull ground game with tough stand up and great cardio and toughness. Thane will look to play the spoiler on what seemingly looks to be the favored Chris Foster.

Chris is a BIG dude and has serious ko power.  If he can keep this fight standing, Thane could be in trouble. Chris has some highlight reel Ko's and he looks to finish fights. If Chris underestimates Thane and Thane gets it to the ground he could get grinded out.

Very tough fight in my opinion for Thane but believe me I know him well and he would not want it any other way!

185 lbs Joe "the Soul Taker" Palazio (0-0) Rukus fighting vs Joe Cronin (2-0) SYT

Palazio was a great amateur fighter with really good wrestling skills and a fight anyone attitude. He has been improving steadily throughout the ammy ranks and now will debut in his home state and look to get the hometown fans cheering. Joe will definitely want to get this fight to the ground.

Cronin is 2-0 but actually does not have the experience of Palazio as he has faced some tough ammy's. Cronin has a decent ground and his stand up must be good coming from SYT. This is a well matched fight, a good fight for both guys and should have lots of action! Cronin has alot to gain by beating the ammy star and Palazio has a tough debut on his hands!

225 lbs Pat  Walsh (1-0) Wai Kru vs Eric "Lucky Strikes" Bedard (5-1) Gillettes MMA

Wai Kru has been straight beasting CES as of late and now they got the Beast a fight. Don't let the records fool you here as Pat Walsh has plenty of experience in MMA and wrestling at high level. This kid gets on top of you and you are done...period. His stand up is still a work in progress but with his wrestling will he need it?

"Lucky Strikes" has some nice wins and one loss to Tyler king. Coming from Gillette's is definitely a plus as they have a solid team and he is sure to be well rounded. Bedard will more than likely look to keep it standing. These guys don't have Keith Jeffrey physique but they are great athletes and this will be an exciting fight. Can Wai Kru keep it rolling or will Bedard become a bigtime player in the HW division!

155 lbs Luis "Rockstar" Felix (8-6) Team Rockstar vs Jeremy Ross (6-3) Gladiator BJJ

Yet another fight that could absolutely end in any way. Luis is coming off a HUGE win over UFC vet Marc Stevens last CES where he showed a very well rounded game. He also has a win over current UFC fighter Joe Proctor by headkick KO. He has all the tools and will look to use them when he fights Jeremy Ross.

Jeremy is STRONG on the ground and can finish standing as well. He has won a few fights in a row including a title. He is a pretty big 155 and has cardio for days. The kid is tough and he will definitely be coming to beat the hometown boy.
This fight is impossible to pick, the matchmaking on this card is just second to none! Any fight could win any award!

150 lbs Lucas "Golden boy" Cruz (5-0) Nova Uniao vs Andres "Black Shark" Jeudi (5-0) SYT

This fight may be the best match up of the entire year. I know Lucas has wanted this fight for a long time and I am sure Andres is happy to oblige. Where do you even start with these two! Lucas has devastatingly accurate and dangerous stand up that has crushed some of the areas top fighters  His BJJ, Under Jose Adriano, is crisp and dangerous from anywhere. This kid is the real deal! He can end a fight anywhere at anytime!

Andres is a technical Muay Thai phenom. He breaks his opponents down with deadly accuracy and more than holds his own on the ground. He is coming off a huge win over Matt Bessette in a great fight and is looking to build on that momentum. This kid could be a legit top 2-3 guy with a win here.

This fight to me is the explosive unorthodox striking of Lucas vs the technical power of the Black Shark. To me this is a dead Pickem and a great job by the matchmaker and great job by both camps accepting this fight!

Heavyweight Tyler King (5-1) Connors vs Kevin Brooks (13-11) Georgia?

One of the most popular and the #1 ranked HW in the Northeast returns to the cage after beating Josh Diekman in his last fight by decision. This was supposed to be a rematch with Randy Smith for Tyler to attempt to avenge his only loss, but Randy had to pull out. King is good everywhere and seems to improve on all aspects every fight. The ex NFL football player has just signed with CES and is looking forward to trying to finish this fight any way he can.

Brooks comes in from Georgia with a bunch of Muay Thai fights and will look to keep it standing one would think. There are no guarantees in MMA especially in the HW division, so look for fireworks in this one!

185 lbs Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle (10-8) Tri Force vs Robby "Wartime" Roberts (9-15) The Factory

After an amazing run of 4 wins including becoming the first ever CES champ, Todd "Hulk" Chattelle looks to break a two fight losing streak when he steps in against veteran Robbie Roberts. Todd trains at TriForce and is known for his size and strength and ko power standing. The Hulk had a spirited battle with John Howard then suffered a quick ko loss to Chandler Holderness so I am sure he will be looking to get the home crowd in a tizzy in this one. Chattelle is a very exciting fighter and this should be no different.

Although Robert is only 9-15 he has won much more than he has lost since rededicating himself and joining Matt Lee's Fight Factory. He will probably look to get this fight to the ground and is a pretty big 185 lb fighter. He is definitely the underdog in this fight but this is no gimme by any means. This will be a VERY interesting fight between two TOUGH veterans!

170 lbs Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil (9-5) Mass BJJ vs Keith "Sonic Boom" Jeffrey (9-2-1) Tri Force

Chuck O'Neil and Keith Jeffrey are both coming into this battle looking to make a huge statement both locally and nationally with a win here. Chuck is coming off a tough decision loss in Indiana and is back home to show why he is the #1 ranked 170 lb fighter in the region. He is known to be very well rounded, slick on the ground with competent stand up ability and great cardio. This FC vet definitely brings the total package to this fight and would have to be a slight favorite in the minds of many.

One mind that does not have Chuck as a favorite is Tri-force MMA owner, Keith Jeffrey. "Sonic Boom" is coming into this fight with an allegiance of fans in his hometown and looking to capitalize on a HUGE opportunity. CES signed fighter, Jeffrey is known more for a very strong ground game but has proven he can certainly stand up as well. He has won 3 in a row and is looking to keep his momentum going.

This fight is one of the best of the year thus far and is very tough to predict. Both athletes have a nice skillset and are as tough as they come. This fight should be very entertaining and very interesting. The winner here takes a huge step up locally and towards big big fights!

As usual this Card is well matched. You don't get "easy" fights at CES. Every win is huge and every fight is competitive. Should be a GREAT show! will be there to keep you all up to date with the action.  The Artist will be capturing the action and I will be doing the live play by play.  This is a great way to close out a spectacular year of mixed martial arts.  Great job CES!

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