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December 18, 2012

Ryan Kane Medals in USA FPA WPC

I was talking with Mike Gresh or as many of you know him Loco Lobo at a local MMA event and I was talking with him about his trip to Greece.  He shared this amazing story with me about one of his students from CCFA named Ryan Kane who is just 17 years old.  They both traveled to Laconia Greece so Ryan could enter in the USA FPA World Pankration Championships.  This was Ryan's second year on Team USa.  Last year he went, he ended up getting silver at 121lbs.  He returned this year to 121lbs but unfortunately couldn't get his weight down enough.  As Mike said in an article in Wicked Local "It was a 14 hours of travel" and that is definitely tough on a weight cut!  Ryan ended up participating in the 132lbs level and placed 3rd.

Pankration dates back to Ancient Greece and the rules are similar to mixed martial arts except punches to the head are illegal.  Punches to the body, kicks to the head, body and legs, takedowns and submissions are allowed.  Matches are scored on a point system but as you can see from the rules, the matches can get pretty brutal.  Now they have 33 countries participating so this is the best of the best.  A Superbowl or Olympics of Pankration one might say.  Gresh says "many of these guys you'll see in the UFC someday."  Gresh was telling me how he saw a few fighters with broken bones sticking out and another cool thing is they have back to back bouts all in one day.

I am not going to go into too many more details because Wicked Local has already done an excellent job on the story. I encourage you all to check out the story here.  What I do want to tell you is that Ryan Kane will be 18 soon and will be looking to tear up local mma here in New England.  He trains with CCFA and Sityodtong so keep your eyes peeled.  Congrats to you, Ryan and your team for all your hard work and thanks to Mike Gresh for sharing this great story with us.

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