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January 28, 2013

Cage Titans: Brawl at the Hall Review

"Brawl At The Hall"
Plymouth Memorial Hall
Plymouth, MA
Jan. 26, 2013

Prelim Bouts

145lb Ammy
Sandro Ibrahimovic vs Max Barrett
(0-0) Una Nuova      (0-1) Max Training

This fight brought us into the new year with high hopes.  Both fighters clearly had been training hard as they seemed to both have great form and a lean appearance.  Sandro's family was up in the balcony sharing the front rows with us.  His mother and the rest of the family were so into this fight.
Max Barrett had more than a couple of fans in attendance because as he entered the hall and made his way to the cage the room erupts into applause and cheers.

Round 1 Sandro comes out the aggressor.  His ability to land kicks to all areas is impressive.  The sound of another well timed, well placed kick is clearly defined by the sick thud it makes as it connects bodily.  Max is no slouch though and begins to prepare for battle.  The two feel each other out at the end of their strike zone.  Straight punches from Barrett find purchase on Ibrahimovic's face.  The redness is begin to show from the leather's bite.  I see another flurry of punches from Max and then a red blaze of bright crimson paint appears on Sandro's left cheek.  He's leaking his mud.  Nothing serious though.  The nose is bleeding, but not pouring.  Maintaining composure, but allowing the energy to push him on, Sandro keeps after the leg attack he first initiated at the start.  He lands the last strike as he chops Max's legs out from under him.  The timekeeper sounds the horn.  Round one is in the books and Cage Titans is reminding us why it was considered the best of the promotions in the East by this website and to many of our friends and fellow fighters.

Round 2Max Barrett comes out with combinations that connect.  Sandro's head is taking the worst of it.  He is bullied into the clinch for a time.  When the two separate Ref. Steve Rita calls for the time to stop while a physical examination of Sandro's nose takes place in the cage.  With no reason to call the fight off time resumes and both fighters try and bring intensity back to the task at hand.  The round ends shortly after this and no real advantage is gained by either fighter.

Round 3 
Max receives his purple belt after receiving his "W"
Seeing the end is near both men pick up the pace as their conditioning is tested for the final remaining moments.  Sandro is hanging high kicks up with ease.  Max is looking to close the distance at all costs often absorbing kicks to the midsection and hoping to catch the leg before it goes back to the mat.  He is able to corner Sandro in the Red corner, but only for a moment.  Sandro is very aware of his surroundings and never stays stationary.  The round ends and the crowd is cheering for their favorite fighter.  Each group hoping to lift the victor audibly and convince the judges their man was the one.  Look for both of these talented men in the future.  They will make great matches against some of the young up and comers from the last half of 2012.  
Official Dec.Unanimous Dec. Max Barrett (1-1)

150lb Ammy
Justin Lozada vs Tony Ellison
(0-0) Ind.       (3-0) Lauzon MMA 

This mismatch had an undefeated Lauzon fighter pitted against a debuting Ammy
Tony Ellison finds the Armbar Sub at 1:21 of the 1st rnd. Advances to 4-0

The MSAC is interrupting the flow of the show because the fighters are coming out without gloves being taped and signed by an official prior to leaving the locker room. Two fighters now have come out without this important safety step.

170lb Ammy
JC Lima vs Peter Luciani
(0-0) La Familia     (0-0) Nexus MMA

Round 1
The men answer the call to engage moving to the center of the cage.  Peter looks for the quick glove touch and decides that he should throw a strike instead.  JC keeps it together as he is pressed into the cage with the clinch.  Pete is throwing knees to the thighs inside and out.  This works to soften JC enough to be brought to the ground.   The Nexus fighter is looking good in his first match.  He postures up and lands punches.  JC makes space and gets a chance to stand, but like I tell my guys when they train get ups, if you hang your head out there unprotected even a novice will take it home for his trophy case.  JC makes this mistake and the guillotine is immediatley upon him.  He isnt able to get free.  Pete backs him up to the cage and uses those knees again until JC has to tap to the choke he is unable to defend without taking immense damage for the effort.

Peter Luciani (1-0) by way of 1st rnd Standing Guillotine Submission

170lb Ammy
Jose Quinones vs Dan Phelps
(0-0) Allaire        (1-0) Tri-Force

Jose and Dan are cleared to fight now that the commission has corrected the missed safety check regarding the proper inspection of the gloved hands in the locker room.

Round 1
Dan wastes no time taking Jose to the ground.  He is working with purpose as he works to mount and locks on what looks like an armbar attempt as Jose looks to turtle.  There is a reversal and now it's Jose who's dominating from the top.  He's raining down the punches until Dan finds a way to reverse.  This is a well matched fight and the crowd is into it.  It's clear that neither man is going to give up, but Jose is struggling to clear Dan off his back.  Dan digs in for the remaining seconds of the round hoping to stop this fight with a RNC Sub.  Jose guts it out.  Probably holds his breath just a little and hopes.  The horn sounds.  There will be a round 2.

Round 2
Jose changes his game enough to try his hands out as the round begins.  He thows a looping right hand and follows it up with some 1,2's.  Nothing is landing hard if at all.  He's closing the distance enough to reach for the single leg takedown.  It's to far and to slow.  Dan sprawls.  Dan then shows us what a wrestler styled double leg takedown actually looks like when he changes levels in the clinch and scooops up Jose dumping him hard to the mat.  Jose must be comfortable with people on his back because he once again ends a round with Dan fixed upon his back with hooks inand looking for the RNC again.

Round 3
Jose is not going to just go away.  Dan is going to have to put him away.  Jose's corner must have calm him down during the rest because he looks focused.  He's thrown a flury of accurate punches and really has intent behind them.  He wobbles Dan.  Phelps goes down like a sack of potatoes and the crowd is surprised until you realize he's just picked Jose's ankle for a slick takedown.  This kid is a step ahead.  Jose fights for the scramble and gets to his feet once more.  He's still in the zone and gets the hands working again and is really making a dent in Dan's armor with accurate and simple Jab/Cross combos.  Dan is staggered, but unrelenting.  He starts throwing strikes as well and then right back on Jose for another takedown.  This one is the last and Jose prepares for the worst.  Instinctively and predictably he gives Dan the back mount with little protest.  Dan finds the RNC at the end of the round.  Great back and forth battle.  Jose has nothing to be ashamed of and with more exposure to this intense setting he'll most likely learn to avoid giving up such important positions.
    Dan Phelp (2-0) 3rd rnd RNC. Look for this to be in the running for fight of the night.

145lb Ammy
Shayne Stephenson vs Manny Bermudez
(2-6) PartyTime MMA              (1-1) SSSF
Manny Bermudez (2-1) 1st Rnd Guillotine Choke in 33sec

135lb Ammy
Chris Suarez vs Brian Squadrille
(0-1) Allaire (1-3) Nova Unaio
Chris Suarez (1-1) 1st Rnd K.O. 12sec

145lb Ammy
Joey Siekierski vs Ricky Proctor
(0-0) Greenlight MMA (1-0) Lauzon MMA
Round 1
Ricky comes out right off and takes Joey to the mat.  From here he bullies the Greenlight fighter until the inexperienced man makes a crucial mistake.  For a second you see an arm and the next instant it's gone again.  Ricky Proctor makes his move and the armbar is one move away when Joey defends himself right into a RNC.  The ref jumps on the pair and the fight is over.  Ricky isn't so convinced and holds the position for another second longer.

Ricky Proctor (2-0) finds the RNC in 1:05 of the 1st Rnd.

160lb Ammy
Ruso Khubejashvili vs Peter Barrett
(3-0) Connors MMA          (3-2) MAXX Training
Peter Barrett (4-2) via No Contest. Ruso may have what is commonly called a "cold sore" or what doctors call Herpes. This would definitely be a good reason to call the fight.

Ammy awards
F.O.T.N. - Sandro Ibrahimovic Vs Max Barrett

K.O.T.N. - Chris Suarez

S.O.T.N. - Dan Phelps (3rd Rnd RNC)

Main Card

155lb Pro
Keegan Hornstra vs Sean Nichols
(0-4) Team Kaos    (0-0) Sityodtong

Round 1
Keegan trying new things immediately with a spinning back-fist.  Nichols clips him with a right-cross.  Keegan initiates a clinch as he's lining up a shot at a takedown against the cage.  Nichols goes down briefly, but instantly scramble back to his feet where he locks on to Hornstra for a picture perfect maneuver called a 100% and Keegan is on the bottom on the ground.  He's being punished with constant pressure and heavy punches.  Nichols continues this for some time until Keegan flattens out under the melee (May-lay) and The Ginger Ninja finishes the night with a deep RNC. 

Sean Nichols (1-0) RNC at 4:22 in the 1st Rnd makes it look easy against Hornstra

150lb Pro
Josh Beauparlant vs Johnny Campbell
(0-2) Greenlight MMA (4-4) SSSF

Round 1
Johnny takes this fight seriously "says, no one ever".  He's showing no form or technique at all so you can tell right away he's probably got more respect just about anyone else in the whole building than he does for the person he's locked in a cage with.  Sad that he would even take a fight like this cause it certainly won't improve his ranking here in MA.  Boppy has no clue he's in the cage with a fighter.  He barely got undressed in time for the fight as he somehow forgets to take off his socks before entering the cage.  He's pumped, amped, and ready to rumble.  Poor kid.  Someone should tell him the fight already ended.  Yeah pretty much what I said.  He waits in the cage for a turn on the mic.  For some reason Mike Polvere indulges this childlike behavior and we all get to hear the empty thoughtlessness that makes up Josh's inner monologue.  He actually shocks everyone when he blurts out that he wants Mike to rematch him.  Umm, isn't there something the commission could do to keep people from getting in the cage without the proper understanding of the sport.  I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem right to keep letting this kid get punched in the head.  He's got something wrong up there and wouldn't want to be responsible for any harm that would come from his poor intellect.  He's going to take a fight he can't win and get hurt.

Johnny Campbell (5-4) T.K.O. At 2:01 in the 1st

185lb Pro
Josh Mellen weighs in @193 3/4lb and loses $25/lb over out of his purse for the carelessness
Josh Mellen vs Pierry Pierre
(2-10) Wolfgang MMA (3-2) CCFA
Josh Mellen in the fetal position. The ref calls the fight a no contest due to imagined illegal strikes. We'll be hoping the video goes public. Don't hold your breath though because Provizion doesn't let the public see the vids. ~ Joe Leonard

195lb Pro
Hector Sanchez vs Ryan White
(3-8) Allaire (4-1) SSSF
Ryan White (5-1) Armbar at 2:56 in the 1st

170lb Ammy Title Match
Hiago Fontura vs Brian Sparrow
(2-1) Triboro/Rivera       (3-0) ProElite

Round 1
Hiago and Brian come out looking to bang.  There's a low blow and Hiago takes a minute to recover.  Both men begin their attack again and this time it's not going to be a low blow that stops the clock.  With only about a minute of action in the whole fight it ends.  Brian assaults Hiago in a way that will forever be emblazoned in the man's memory.  The young Sparrow is a monster.  His punches find their target and Fontura's head is recoiling violently until the ref steps in to end the vicious beating.  Sparrow had supporters to my right in the balcony.  Some men he works with.  This is their first Cage Titans show and they are amazed at the action.  All night they have been speaking in tones that suggest they weren't expecting this kind of action.  Now they are cheering and telling me how nice a guy Brian is even if he is a "lazy kid" at work.  They are only joking of course and are thrilled that he's just become the newest Cage Titans Title Holder.  Welcome to the family guys.  MMA is glad to have you and your support.

Brian Sparrow (4-0) K.O. for the title.

125lb Ammy Title Match
Kenny Murphy vs Remo Cardarelli
(3-0) Team Link        (3-0) USMMA

Round 1
Both fighters feel out the distance.  Remo is pressuring and landing jaw cracking strikes.  Kenny answers witha flurry and gets taken down for the effort.  He springs back to his feet and keeps Remo off his back.  Remo is bleeding from the scalp on his left side, but I'm not sure what caused the injury. They continue to put together exciting combos and push the action.  The "Linker" maintains his composure despite Remo's best efforts to end the fight standing in the last seconds of the round.

Round 2
It's a brawl all over again!  Kenny is hunting down Remo, stalking his prey around the cage.  Remo stops running long enough to launch an assault.  He ties Kenny up in a clinch then changes levels for the takedown.  As soon as the bodies hit the floor Murphy rolls to top position lieka true Jiu-Jitsu ace.  His skill is further demonstrated as he places Remo in the first submission threat of the match.  A deep head and arm choke from the looks of it.  Remo isn't beaten and he regains his awareness and works back to his knees eventually getting back to his feet.  With the last seconds fading away Remo goes on the attack backing Kenny up into the cage at the end of his fists.

Round 3
Kenny takes Remo into deep waters as he picks up and then slams the man down into the mat.  Cardarelli must be thinking this is a good time to take the fight back as he scrambles and regains his footing.  He becomes the aggressor and unleashes a barrage of punches catching Kenny more than once.  It's a great attmept to win back the round, but Kenny came to win and is not only able to recover his senses and move like a cat, he shoots in and grabs another solid takedown.  Remo is again forced to scramble.  He is good at it and hasn't begun to look tired, but you can bet somewhere deep inside his confidence has to be starting to crack.  A hard swing and a miss earns Remo only the priviladge of being thrown down to the mat again like a sack of potatoes.  Kenny punishes Remo with hard head and body shots.  Somehow Remo makes it to his feet and takes Kenny to the ground.

Round 4
Remo and Kenny are going to have to destroy each other to give Cage Titans a new champion.  If they keep up this pace there'll be nothing left to put a belt around.  Kenny is standing his ground at the center of the cage as if to say, "This now belongs to me".  Remo isn't afraid, but he is looking for a hole in the man's offense without much luck.  Remo shoots in, but Kenny keeps his feet under him.  Now it's Kenny pressing Remo to the cage for a takedown and with a bit of work gets it.  Things are looking up for this fighter and he is making the best of it.  Remo gets up once more and Kenny takes him down again. The round ends and the crowd is worked up.

Round 5
We've seen four great rounds and in twenty minutes the crowd has realized that this was the reason to come see the fights tonight.  Remo Cardarelli, a fixture in the Cage Titans Cage, an amazing athlete and one of the fighting Cardarelli's is fighting for his life in there.  His face says it all.  Kenny feels that belt around his waist and won't let it slip away.  Team Link will have victory and a new trophy to show the family.  Kenny is first to throw a strike, but misses.  Remo is looking high, but throws low for a blistering leg kick.  Kenny takes Remo to the mat.  Kenny is punishing Remo with punches and Ref. Steve Rita is seconds from stoping the fight, but Remo ever the gamer is ready to try anything and gives up his back.  He must have realized the danger in this and quickly rolls over pulling Kenny into the triangle.  Both men have been at it for 24 minutes and with seconds remaining Kenny makes the escape giving Remo some downward strikes from the top as the horn sounds.  
Both fighters pushed to the end and while I loved everything about the fight it was clear that Kenny had taken the W and the belt home with him.  I hope that we see this young fighter again soon, but I wonder who will step in to take the  challenge.
 Kenny Murphy (4-0) Unanimous Dec.

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