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January 24, 2013

Cage Titans 1/26/2013 Teaser

Cage Titans has their fight card all set for their first show of 2013.  It is a solid 14 fight card with two amateur title fights and 4 pro fights.  The show is set for 1/26/2013 at the Plymouth Memorial Hall and the fights will start at 7:35.  Mike Polvere, Shelly, and Brandie along with the rest of the Titan crew have been working on hard on putting this together and their hard work will pay off on Saturday when the action begins.  Tickets are available from the fighters and also at the website here.  They start at $45 and go up to $75 but let me tell you in advance, there are no bad seats at then venue.  It has stadium seating and the atmosphere is just incredible.  For those of you who have never read our teasers, basically we break down every fight and I try to give you all a little insight.  We do your homework for you basically!  Now you will know what fights you want to go to the bathroom , fill up on popcorn and indulge yourself on a refill of an adult beverage.  Kidding, but if you are like me you won't want to go all evening!

FIGHT 1: 145lb AM – Sandro Ibrahimovic (0-0, Nova Unaio) vs Max Barrett (0-1, MAXX)

The first fight of the evening is at 145lbs between Sandro Ibrahimovic against Max Barrett.  Sandro trains with Novo Unaio and will be making his amateur debut.  Max trains with Maxx Training Center and has a record of 0-1.  He fought Stefanos Kampouris last October and was winning the first round in my eyes.  He ended up losing the fight in the second round due to a ref stoppage to strikes.  No doubt he will be hungry for his first amateur win.  This should be a fast paced fight.

FIGHT 2: 150lb AM - Justin Lozada (0-0, Triforce) vs Tony Ellison (3-0, Lauzon MMA)

At a catchweight of 150lbs Justin Lozada will be fighting Tony Ellison.  Justin is an independent fighter and will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent Tony trains with Lauzon MMA, yes that Lauzon and has a perfect record of 3-0.  All three of his fights were stopped, two of them by submission and the other was a ref stoppage.  Justin is giving up a lot of experience in this fight and that could make the difference.  Tony is moving up as most of his fights were at 135lbs.  Should be an interesting one!

FIGHT 3: 160lb AM – Jose Quinones (0-0, Allaire) vs Dan Phelps (1-0, Triforce)

The third fight of the evening is also at a catchweight of 160lbs.  It is between Jose Quinones and Dan Phelps.  Jose will be making his amateur debut and trains with Allaire MMA.  His opponent Dan trains with Triforce MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He won at Coliseum to the Cage with a first round ref stoppage against Jon Cunningham.  He looked very impressive in his amateur debut.  I can't predict how I see this one going so we will all have to wait and see!

FIGHT 4: 170lb AM – JC Lima (0-0, Dungeon MMA) vs Peter Luciani (0-0, Nexus MMA)

The fourth fight of the evening is at 170lbs and is between JC Lima and Peter Luciani.  JC is from Dungeon MMA and he will be making his amateur debut.  Peter is from Nexus MMA and is also making his amateur debut.  Two fighters who have never shown their raw talent in the cage, yet.  Sounds like a good time to me!  

FIGHT 5: 145lb AM - Shayne Stephenson (2-6, Independant) vs Manny Bermudez (1-1, SSSF) 

In the fifth fight of the evening, there will be Shayne Stephenson fighting Manny Bermudez.  Shayne has struggled lately and is coming into this fight with a 2-6 record as an independent fighter.  He lost many of his fights by submission but he is very experienced in the cage with 8 fights under his belt.  His opponent Manny has a 1-1 record and trains with SSSF.  Manny's last opponent dropped out and Shayne stepped up to fight him so I am happy that this fight is happening because it should be a great one.  Manny won his first fight against Stefanous Kampouris with a triangle choke in rd 2.  He then lost his second fight against Grant Mosley via submission in round 1.  Both fighters have submission victories and I see this fight going to the ground very quickly.  

FIGHT 6: 135lb AM – Chris Suarez (0-1, Allaire) vs Brian Squadrille (1-3, Nova Unaio)

In fight 6 at 135lbs Chris Suarez will be fighting Brian Squadrille.  Chris trains with Allaire MMA and has a record of 0-1.  He lost his amateur debut at a previous Cage Titans against Ricky Bekerian from a unanimous decision.  He fought a good fight just fell short.  Brian trains with Nova Unaio and has a record of 1-3.  His sole win came against George Nassar where he won from ref stoppage to strikes in round 3 last January.  He lost a decision and one other fight due to submission from an injury.  This is a real close matchup and it should be a good battle.

FIGHT 7: 145lb AM - Joey Siekierski (0-0, Greenlight) vs Ricky Proctor (1-0, Lauzon MMA)

Fight 7 brings us at 145lbs a fight between Joey Siekerski and Ricky Proctor.  Joey trains with Greenlight mma and will be making his amateur debut.  I am not familiar with Greenlight team so I am interested to see how this fight turns out.  Ricky trains with Lauzon MMA and has a record of 1-0.  He is brother of Joey Proctor and had a great amateur debut his last fight.  He beat Rourke Devlin via tapout to rear naked choke in just 54 seconds of rd 1.  I give the edge to Ricky in this fight but then again what do I know :P

FIGHT 8: 160lb AM - Ruso Kubecov (3-0,Connors MMA) vs Peter Barrett (3-2, MAXX)

For the last undercard fight of the evening we have at 160lbs Ruso Kubecov against Peter Barrett.  Wow, this is going to a great fight.  Ruso trains with Connor's MMA and has a record of 3-0.  He first fought at Cage Titans I and won a decision which was a war I heard.  He then won his second fight against John Healey via brutal KO in just 13 seconds.  His third fight was for Warrior Nation and it was a bloody war against Walter Rodrigues where he won a close decision.  Ruso can take this fight anywhere and but I see this fight being a stand up war because Ruso loves to stand and bang!  His opponent Peter trains with Maxx MMA and has a record of 3-2.  Pistol Pete lost one fight from submission and one decision.  He has won a decision and also won some ref stoppages to strikes.  Also he has won Fight of the Night THREE times at Cage Titans. Ruso has won Fight of the Night and KO of the Night once. I see this fight being an absolute war and I don't see it going to decision.  DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, go on a beer run during this fight!  Now onto the main cards.

Fight 9: 155lbs  Keegan Hornstra (0-5 Shop) vs. Sean Nichols (0-0 Sityodtong)

At 155lbs Keegan Hornstra is set to fight Sean Nichols.  Keegan has a record of 0-5.  Keegan is still hungry for his first pro win.  He has taken some time off of fighting in the cage to get his bearings and train hard.  He has been knocked out and submitted during his 5 pro fights but that isn't going to stop him.  Sean trains with team Sityodtong and is making his pro debut.  Sean didn't have the best amateur record from what I read either but he is at a clean slate now that he has turned pro.  He also has lost many submission victories in his amateur career and won a couple of decisions.  This is a real close matchup when you think about it and I think it is going to be a ground battle.

Fight 10: 185lbs Josh Mellen (2-10 Maximum Fitness) vs. Pierry Pierre (3-1 CCFA)

Next pro fight is between Josh Mellen and Pierre Pierry at 185lbs.  Josh trains with Maximum Fitness and has a record of 2-10.  All of his losses were stoppages in the first round.  Pierre  trains with CCFA and has a record of 3-1.  Pierre has one win by dec, submission and ref stoppage to strikes.  His only loss was to Todd Chattelle and he lost from a tko stoppage.  Pierre hasn't fought since 2011 but being from CCFA, I know that won't be much of a factor.  I give the edge to Pierre and I see this one ending early. To win this fight Josh will want to get Pierre to the ground and control the fight.  We shall see how this one plays out.

Fight 11: 145lbs Josh Beauparlant (0-2 Greenlight) vs. Johnny Campbell (4-4 SSSF)

Next pro fight is between Josh Beauparlant and Johnny Campbell at 145lbs.  Josh comes into this fight with an 0-2 record and trains with Team Greenlight.  Josh made his pro debut against Kin Moy which he lost in the first round to an armbar.  He then stepped in and fought the Cage Titans matchmaker Mike Polvere where he lost via submission in round 1.  Mike must have told him after the fight, don't worry I will get you on the next Titans card!  His opponent Johnny Campbell comes into this with a dead even record of 4-4 and trains out of SSSF.  Johnny has had some struggles in the cage as of lately where he lost three fights in a row.  He then bounced back with a victory over Theo Desjardin at the last Reality show where he won from a ref stoppage to strikes in round 2.  I give the edge in this fight to Johnny Campbell due to his experience as a pro fighter.  He needs to not taunt and stay focused and the victory will be his.  

Fight 12: 185lbs Hector Sanchez (3-8 Allaire) vs. Ryan White (4-1 SSSF)

At 185lbs Hector Sanchez will be facing off against Ryan White.  This is a rematch where Ryan White won the first one from a ref stoppage to strikes.  Hector trains with Allaire MMA and comes into this fight with a 3-8 record.  He lost all of his fights in the first round and most of them were from submission.  His last fight he took on very short notice and was slammed hard on his shoulder and appeared to be injured.  I am glad it wasn't too bad and he is right back in action.  His opponent Ryan trains with SSSF and comes into this fight with a 4-1 record.  He has been fighting since 2007. I wasn't able to find any much info  on Ryan White.  He had a ref stoppage in round 2 back in 2009.  I give the edge to Ryan White and I see this one ending in the first round.

Fight 13: 170lb Amateur title Brian Sparrow ( 3-0 ProElite) vs. Hiago Fontura ( 2-1 Triboro)

That concludes the pro fights and they now have two amateur title fights.  The first one is at 170lbs between Brian Sparrow and Hiago Fontura.  Brian trains with Pro Elite and comes into this fight with a 3-0 record.  He won all three of his fights in the first round by submission.  His opponent Hiago trains with Triboro and has a record of 2-1.  He has a ref stoppage victory and a submission victory in his career.  He lost his only loss from a ko to Nick Logan.  On paper, you gotta give the edge to Brian Sparrow on this one.  I see him winning this via submission in rounds 1 or 2.  I do have to put it out there, that Hiago looked real good his last fight and won over a tough opponent Tim Leary.

Fight 14: 125lb Amateur Title Fight Remo Cardarelli ( 3-0 USMMA) vs. Kenny Murphy( 3-0 Link NH) 

The last fight of the night is also for an amateur title.  It is between Remo Cardarelli and Kenny Murphy at 125lbs.  I love this division and I love this fight.  Remo trains with USMMA and has a 3-0 record.  He has the hat trick with a win from tko, sub and a decision.  Two of the wins were against Jessie Pires being that the 125lb division is so slim.  Kenny Murphy trains with team Link in NH and has a record of 3-0.  Kenny has all three wins coming from a decision and two of them were split.  He has fought some good fighters too in his career.  This fight is dead even on paper and I see it being a ground battle.  Fight could go either way but if I had to choose then I would give the edge to Kenny Murphy in either winning by submission later in the rounds or win by decision.

Well that puts the wraps on this teaser.  I hope you all enjoyed it and please we do this for fun to get everyone hyped up.  Don't flame me for not picking your favorite fighter to win!  All I gotta say is prove me wrong and get the win!  As always you can get your tickets at the door and they are still available online here.  Thanks to Mike Polvere, Shelly, Brandie Light and the entire Cage Titans staff for keeping us in the loop and always providing the media with lovely hospitality.  The Boss and The Artist will be there live and we should have live updates that evening so stay right here for the latest news.  

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