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January 4, 2013

Reality Fighting 1/5/2013 Teaser

We are just days away from the first mixed martial arts show in New England.  I am referring to Reality Fighting of course, but you already knew that!  The show will be at the highly addictive Mohegan Sun Casino and will feature 11 fights.  They had some dropouts due to injuries but the show is still going to be a great one.  Leon Davis's opponent suffered and injury this week and unfortunately had to drop out.  The show even features a female bout that is sure to get the crowd pumped!!  Joe Cuff and Kip Kollar have done another outstanding job signing some excellent match ups.  They constantly put on top notch shows and that is why they are always in the running if not the top promotion in New England.  Let me break down the card for you all.  Keep in mind this is most likely not the fight order of the evening.

First fight is between Amalio Santiago vs. Jeremiah Soto.This fight is at the 155lb range both fighters will be making their amateur debut.  Then there is Theo Desjardin vs. John Campbell.  Johnny Cupcakes Campbell had his opponent drop out just this week and the always ready Theo Desjardin gladly stepped up to fill the spot.  Theo trains with Tri-Force MMA and comes into this fight with a record of 2-5.  I believe this fight is going to be at 135lbs.  John trains with SSSF and comes into this fight with a 3-4 record.  He has struggled as of late and is looking to break this 3 fight losing streak.  Both fighters are highly entertaining in the cage and I see this fight being an awesome stand up battle.  Next up is the female fight between Dasha Hamilton vs. Stacey Scapeccia.  Dasha trains with Team Aggression which is Joe Lauzon's team and will be making her amateur debut.  Stacey will also be making her amateur debut and she trains with CT Combat in Connecticut.  I believe this fight is at 135lbs and when this fight is done a new rising women's fighter will emerge in New England.  Can't wait for this one!  Then there is Kody Nordby vs. Dan Cormier.  This is a match up that many including me have been looking forward to for a long time.  Thankfully Reality and both fighters have agreed to give the fans what they want.  This fight is at 125lbs.  Kody quickly became 4-0 with wins over Matt Doherty, Billy Giovanella and Jared Sarno.  He then made his pro debut against Theo Desjardin and quickly won that fight.  Kody is an outstanding wrestler and can submit.  Dan Cormier also had a great amateur career with wins over Chad Kelly and Colton Blanchette.  He then made his pro debut and lost a decision to Billy Giovanella.  His last fight was for Reality where he had an awesome battle against Mike DeLosReyes where he won via decision.  Dan can submit and go the distance.  He also has outstanding stand up that keeps many of his opponents at bay.  In my opinion Dan is going to want to keep this standing and Kody will most likely try to take it to the ground and use his wrestling.  Kody hasn't fought in a while because he was in the army training so we will find out if cage rust is a factor as well.  I highly doubt it will though.

Nate Andrews vs. Leroy Derricott is also on the menu for that evening.  Nate has a record of 2-0 with two submission wins.  Leroy has a record of 2-3.  Leroy has good hands and has some submission victories.  His three losses came from submissions which could spell trouble for him if Nate gets him to the ground.  Next up is the Josh Beauparlant vs. Mike Polvere.  Josh last fought at the Cage Titans show against Kin Moy which he lost with a first round submission.  He stepped up last minute to take that fight and he stepped in once again for this one.  Mike Polvere will be making his return to the cage.  He has a 1-0 record where he defeated Theo Desjardin via ref stoppage to strikes in round 2 back in 2010.  For those of you who don't know he is the Cage Titans promoter and a fine one at that.  Mike has shown in his amateur career that he can go the distance and submit.  Reality then has Kevin Bradham vs. Darryl MarcAurele Jr.  This one is an amateur fight.  Kevin has an 0-1 amateur record where he lost in an early submission in Rd 1.  Darryl has a 1-1 record and had a great fight against Tollison Lewis at the last Reality.  I had him up in the rounds and Tollison battled it out to get the ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 3.  I suspect this will be a great battle as well.  Next up is Roger Zapata vs. Jason Ward.  Roger, I believe is 2-1.  He had a great fight at Warrior Nation against Josh Mellen where he got the early ref stoppage in round 1.  He also had a killer slam that broke part of the boards under the cage that needed to be repaired.  He then had a huge battle against Erik Sommer at the last Reality show where he won in Rd 2 via ref stoppage to strikes.  He fights out of New York and always puts on a show.  His opponent Jason Ward is also 2-1 with a No Contest.  He won his two fights with his heavy hands and got the ref stoppages to strikes.  His last fight was against Jesse Peterson where he won but that was then turned into a No Contest after he tested positive to a banned substance.  Both fighters are hungry for wins and I don't see this one going to a decision with both fighters having great striking.

Now for the real big fights of the evning.  They have Jeff Anderson vs. Matt Bessette.  I believe they had this fight on a previous Reality card but it didn't happen due to injuries but now it is going to happen.  Jeff has an 11-6 record with 2 KO and 9 decision victories.  He has lost 2 to KO, 1 to submission and 3 to decisions.  The Mangler Matt Bessette has a 10-4 record and always takes the toughest fights.  He has 1 KO, 4 Submission and 5 decision victories.  His last 3 victories he has won via decision and this one could very well be won the same way.  This fight should be very exciting and you won't want to miss it.  Next up is the Middleweight Title Fight between Harley Beekman vs. Dwight Grant.  Harley has a 5-2 record.  He is tough as nails and is an outstanding wrestler out of Team Bombsquad in NY.  He started out his pro career with four straight wins.  He then lost his next two.  He bounced back with a win over Erik Sommers at Warrior Nation from a ref stoppage. He can finish with his hands, submit and can go the distance.  His opponent Dwight has a 3-1 record.  He has outstanding striking and has finished all 3 of his wins from his standup.  His last fight he fought Eddie Saldana from Sityodtong where he won via tko to knees.  I really dont see this fight going to a decision.  The last fight of the evening is Welterweight Title Fight Nuri Shakir vs. Brett Oteri.  Nuri has a record of 17-20 and is from Bucket Brigade.  He lost the majority of his fights from submissions and has an even distribution of wins from dec, ko and subs.  Brett was supposed to defend his belt against Ricardo Funch but Ricardo had to drop out due to injury and thankfully Nuri stepped in.  Brett has 1 KO, 6 SUB and 3 DEC victories.  His last fight was against Wang Sai for World Cup of MMA where he won from a DQ to an illegal knee to the head.  Not the way he wanted it but it is what it is.  This is going to be a great ground battle.

This concludes our first teaser of 2013.  Reality is starting off our mma year right with a fantastic card.  The Artist and The Boss will be there with pics and the review.  Tickets will be available at the box office up until the event and the venue is huge so there are no worries about selling out.  It is stadium seating and not a bad seat in the house.  Thanks to Joe Cuff and Kip for keeping us up to date with all the Reality Fighting happenings.  Good luck to all the fighters this Saturday.

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