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January 9, 2013

Reality Fighting: New Years Bash 2013

Myself  "The Boss",  The Artist, and our teammate Ioannis packed up The Artist's Jeep and headed out to Manchester Ct. to attend a single-leg take down seminar that was a benefit for the Sandy Hook victims. We had a great time and learned some great technique from a great Martial artist, our good friend Gerry Navarra.  After the seminar was finished we made our way out to Mohegan Sun Casino to cover the Reality Fighting show later that evening.
We used the locker room showers, then proceeded to the always appreciated media catered dinner that Reality and Mohegan always provides. Tonight Chinese was on the menu, and my love handles jiggled with excitement!!
The arena started to fill, and we chatted with several friends and local NE MMA heavy hitters, including Old School and the lovely Barbra, Nick Newell, Jeff Haddad, and Leon Davis, and Zack Lynch. Sarah “Soulja” Payant was in the house along with PFC lady in charge Karyn Wesch. Loco Lobo said hi, and I also saw Team Link fighters Ricardo Funch, and "Skullman" Lloveres with WNXFA head man Jesse Camp. The place was full, and the fighters were ready, on to the fights!!

Fight 1- 155lb Shayne Stephenson vs Jeremiah Soto
Rd1- The fighters come out and Shayne looks a little soft, while Soto is big and ripped for 155. The bell rings and they engage. They clinch up quickly, and Shayne tries a trip take down. Soto reverses, and is standing over the downed Stephenson. Soto fires down with a punch that catches Shayne in the ribs. Shayne cringes in pain, and rolls away. The ref steps in to call and end to the fight at 33 seconds of rd1. Winner, Jeremiah Soto rd1 TKO ref stoppage.

Fight 2- 140lbs Theo Desjardins vs Johnny Campbell
Rd1- Once again we can clearly see that Campbell is the bigger fighter, as Theo took the fight on short notice, and normally fights at 125. Both guys come out boxing. Theo is showing good head movement and quick combos, but Johnny is coming forward being the aggressor. He grabs ahold of Theo and lifts him high and slams him hard. He tries some ground and pound, but soon lets Theo back up. Johnny is coming forward, and lands a clean, hard shot to the body and Theo winces in pain. Campbell sees he is hurt and turns up the heat. Theo gets dropped and the ref stops it before Johnny can do any more damage.  Winner Johnny Campbell rd1 TKO ref stoppage.

Fight 3- 125lbs Dan Cormier vs Kody Nordby
Rd1- Kody comes out with his usual hands low stance, and throws some low kicks. Dan seems reluctant to come in, and when he does Kody drops him with a right behind the ear. Dan pops right back up, but is soon dropped again by the same punch. Yet again he pops up and tries for a take down. Kody stuffs it and tries for his own. Dan stops the attempt, and lands some nice knees in the clinch. Kody catches one to the face trying to back out, and has a cut near his eye. He doesn’t look fazed, and continues to strut his stuff as the round ends.
Rd2- They come out mixing punches and kicks, and both guys are connecting. Kody shoots in and picks up Dan for a slam against the cage. He works some ground and pound, and makes his way to back control. Kody is working the rear naked, and after a bit of trouble, sinks it in, and Dan has to tap out. Winner, Kody Nordby rd2 rear naked choke submission.

Fight 4- 135lb womens fight Dar’ya Hamilton vs Stacey Scappaccia
Rd1- The ladies come out to the middle of the cage and are banging!! Dar’ya is landing the harder straight shots, and early on the damage on Stacey’s face is evident. They clinch up, and Stacey seems to want the take down. Knees are exchanged, and Dar’ya hits a hip toss as the round ends.
Rd2- Stacey looks beat up, but she comes out hard in the 2nd, throwing several low, and front kicks. Dar’ya sticks with her plan, and keeps unloading with hard straight punches. Stacey keeps throwing her own, and won’t back down, but Dar’ya is too much. The doctor takes a long look mat Stacey between rounds, and determines she can not continue. Winner Dar’ya Hamilton rd2 doctor stoppage.

Fight 5- 155lbs Josh Beauparlant vs Mike Polvere
Rd1-Mike looks to be in good shape and looks confident in his return to the cage after a long time off running his successful Cage Titans promotion. Josh looks a bit nervous and uncomfortable in there.. The fight starts, and Mike is coming forward throwing heavy shots, as Josh tries his best to make it look like a good match up. Soon after Mike drops Josh with a big over hand right, and follows down to side control for some ground and pound. Josh does well to avoid too much damage, and Mike starts to look for a sub. He locks up an arm in guillotine and finishes it on top for the tap out victory. Winner Mike Polvere rd1 submission.

Fight 6- 155lbs Nate Andrews vs Leroy Derricot
Rd1- The fighters circle and clinch up early. Both guys trade take down attempts along the cage, and both guys trade several guillotine attempts as well. It’s a close fight, and Leroy takes the back and works the rear naked choke as the round ends.
Rd2- Nate comes out aggressive and throws a nice punch knee combo that lands. He presses and gets the take down. In a scramble Nate locks up a sweet Peruvian neck tie. Leroy fights hard and after a bit of trouble escapes, only to have Nate lock up a deep triangle attempt. Leroy again shows good defense, and fights out of the sub. They scramble again, and Leroy tries a guillotine attempt. Nate fights out, and the round ends as they fight for position in the clinch as the round ends.
Rd3- They clinch right up again, and Leroy gets the take down into guard. Nate is trying to set up subs, and using some nice elbows from his guard, as Leroy doesn’t do much to pass. Nate throws up a triangle, then sweeps to top position. He then reigns down with elbows while he squeezes the triangle, and Leroy is forced to tap out. Winner Nate Andrews rd3 submission tap to strikes.

Fight 7- Kevin Bradham vs Darryl Marcaurelle Jr.
Rd1- Kevin is tall and thin, while Darryl is much shorter, and thicker. They both come out swinging for the fences!! This one is looking a bit like a bar brawl, and the crowd seems to love it!! Darryl winds up and shoots off a huge right from his hip, and Knocks Kevin out COLD!! Winner rd1 49 sec Darryl Marcaurelle Jr.

Fight 8- 185lbs Roger Zapata vs Jason Ward
Rd1- The fighters circle Roger looks calm and collected. Jason is mixing kicks and punches and coming forward hard. Roger lands a head kick flush, but Jason keeps coming. They clinch up and Jason gets Roger’s back, and slams him hard to the mat. The fighters stand, Roger starts to connect with punches, especially when Jason tries to throw low kicks. A few more connect for Roger and he senses Jason’s hurt. Jason covers up on the cage, but can’t stop the barrage and the ref is forced to stop the fight. Winner Roger Zapata rd1 TKO stoppage

Fight 9- 150lbs Jeff Anderson vs Matt Bessette
Rd1- The fighters circles and trade, Matt seems to want to clinch early. Jeff pushes off and they keep mixing it up. Matt stuns Jeff with a hard overhand right, followed by a clinch knee to the face and Jeff looks in trouble. The fighters end up on the ground and Matt locks in a triangle and quickly rolls to the top. Somehow Jeff makes his way out, and they stand. Matt gets another take down into side control and then mount. Jeff rolls to his back and Matt is working the rear naked choke as the round ends.
Rd2- The fighters come out and trade kicks then clinch up. Matt lands several nice punches and Jeff is hurt again against the cage. Matt gets a take down against the cage and passes to side control. They scrambled to standing and Jeff is looking for a take down of his own against the cage. Matt connects with a several more great strikes and gets another take down. He transitions to the back as the round ends.
Rd3- The fighters engage and clinch up quick on the cage. Matt uses the clinch to deliver some nice knees to the body. They switch positions against the cage, but Matt is getting the better of all the exchanges. More punches and clinched knees and another take down for Matt. He jumps to mount and Jeff tries to lock up a kimura. Without any body control Matt spins into his own arm bar attempt. He tries his best, but can’t finish it before the round ends. Winner Matt Bessette rd3 unanimous decision.

After the fight, Promoter Kipp Kollar came into the cage to congratulate Matt on the victory. He then presented the Mangler with a certificate stating that he was Reality Fighting’s Fighter of the Year, and that Matt and his girlfriend were receiving a week long trip to Hawaii!!!! What a great way to cap off a great career in the Reality cage!!

Yet again another great night of MMA action from Mohegan Sun! Big thanks to Kipp Kollar and Joe Cuff of Reality Fighting for the hospitality! A few key match ups were scrapped due to fighters not making weight, and opponents were changed due to injuries etc. but, the crowd was packed, we saw submissions, a brutal KO, a few mismatches, and a great Featured Fight in The Mangler vs The Candy Man!

We hope you enjoy the review…cage side pictures were taken by none other than our own resident beast of all trades, Joe "The Artist" Leonard.  If you have anything you would like to add, please comment below, thanks for letting us get you “closer to the cage”!!

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