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January 8, 2013 2012 Recap

2012 is now in the in the past and in the books.  We here at want to wish everyone a great 2013.  We will continue to strive to get you all closer to the cage so you all can expect the same quality as before.  I would like to take the time to just go over some of the numbers we have accomplished in 2012.

First off, we had a total of 515 articles.  It didn't seem like that much but they sure added up.  Out of the 515 articles we posted 162 Fight Video Articles.  Now realistically we actually posted way more videos because some of our articles had more than one fights in each.  We hope you all enjoyed them as much as we did.  I know the promoters sure enjoyed all the views and support.  We had lots of fun covering the mma shows and we even did one boxing event that took place in Holyoke Mass.  How many events do you think we covered??  Well if you guessed 36 shows then you are correct!  It wasn't all just us though we had some help from our friends and for that we thank you all.  I counted about 37 teasers that we wrote.  We started doing them in March and they were a big hits.  Thanks to Mike Strazzere for helping me out with doing a few.  We really appreciate it.  Some of the teasers in the beginning I split up into parts during the slower times and that is why the number is different than the reviews.

The Boss, Jeremy Reipold did his picks once again and had I feel a successful year.  He went 73-51 with a .589 average for the year.  It gets harder and harder every year to do the picks for UFC.  The fighters are just getting better and better.  Also with all the new fighters coming in, it makes it quite a challenge.  He has tons of fun doing them and I enjoy checking them out and following along with the UFC's to see how well he does.

Lastly, we did very well with social media.  On our facebook fanpage we grew to 1184+ fans which we thank you all for them.  We have fun sharing local and UFC mma news.  I enjoy sharing some funny memes that I make up or that I see on the internet.  Many things make it on the fanpage and not on the site so definitely check it out.  As for photos we posted over 18,000+ photos to facebook that we took at the events!  We love seeing them all over facebook and all the comments.  We post quite a bit to twitter as well and we now have 539 followers.  If you haven't  followed us yet, please do, we follow back! Thanks to everyone for the support, without you all, we wouldn't continue doing what we do.

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