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February 16, 2013

AFO New Dawn 2/16/2013 Live Results

Keep refreshing this article for the live results right after they happen...Todd "Results" Selva will keep you posted.

155 Mark Costa (0-1 Rukus) Vs. Ruso Khubecov (3-0 Connor's MMA)
Winner at  2:35 round 2 via ref stoppage tko (strikes) Ruso Khubecov

135 Richard Santiago (0-0 Rivera) Vs. Josh Santana (0-0 TriForce MMA)
Your Winner via Unanimous Decision Josh Santana

145 Jacob Laughlin (0-0 Doomsday) Vs. Ben McGinty (0-0 Battlecrew)
Your winner via split decision Jacob Laughlin

160 Kevin Rey (0-1 Rukus) Vs. Charlie Clarke (0-0 Indy)
Your winner at 17 seconds in round 1 by tko (strikes) Kevin Rey

HW Ray Miclette (0-0 Allaire )Vs. Brandon Newman  (0-1 United)
Your winner at 1:13 in round 2 by tko Ray Miclette

125 Kris Moutino (0-0 Rivera) Vs. Gian Vicuna (0- 0 BattleCrew)
Your winner at 1:46 in round 2 via RNC is Kris Mountino

205lb Anthony Soto (1-2 Wai Kru) Vs. Leo Powers (1-2 Dexter)
Your winner at 2:48 in round 3 via tko is Leo Powers

130 Lorenzo Delosreyes(0-1 Dexter ) Vs. Marques Brewster (0-0 Rukus)
Your winner at 1:00 in round 2 Marques Brewster

170 Jose Quinones (0-1 Allaire) Vs. Barry Lisbon (0-0 Lauzon)
Your winner by split decision Jose Quinonez

145lb Yeison Berdugo (1-2-1 United )Vs. Scott Gorgone (1-0 Mass Bjj)
Your winner at 1:50 in round 1 via submission, kimura Scott Gorgone

HW, Ed Gillis (2-0 Doomsday) Vs. Javier Velasquez (2-0 Connors)
 winner by unanimous decision and still AFO Heavyweight Champion Javier Valsquez 

175lb James Manning (1-0 Marcio Silva)  Vs. Tommy Venticinque (2-3 Team United)
Your winner by unanimous decision  Tommy Ventiquence

145lb Brett Morris (4-2 Rivera) `Vs. Soap Am (4-1, Redline)
Your winner at 1:29 in round 2 via ref stoppage Soap Am

180 Joe Cloutier (1-0 Doomsday) Vs. Mike Schneider (3-7 Dog pound)
Your winner at 2:14 in round 1 via kimura - Joe Cloutier

125 Mike Delosreyes (0-1 Dexter) Vs. Jared Sarno (0-0 SSSF)
Your winner at 4:08   in round 3 by submission RNC Jarred Sarno

125 Kody Nordby (2-0 Allaire) Vs. Andy Aeillo( 0-0 Lauzon’s)
Your winner in round one at 3:19  by submission via RNC Kody Nordby

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