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February 15, 2013

AFO New Dawn 2/16/2013 Teaser

AFO is back and in a big way.  With a few cancelled shows in before they are starting the year off fresh and have put together a great card.  Promo Pete DiLorenzo is running the show and doing what AFO does best, providing great fights at a great value.  The show will take place at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough Ma.  Tickets are available at the venue and online here. There are 3 pro fights and 16 amateur fights making that 19 fights total.  AFO has had previous shows in the Holiday Inn and I am sure this one will look just as beautiful.  The difference is this location will hold more fight fans.  I am going to apologize if any of the records are wrong and name spellings.  You can thank Promo Pete for his awesome spelling! Let me know and I will fix it. Let's break down the card for you...

145 Jacob Laughlin (0-0 Doomsday) Vs. Ben McGinty (0-0 Battlecrew)

At 145lbs Jacob Laughlin will take on Ben McGinty.  Jacob trains with team doomsday and I believe will be making his amateur debut.  Ben trains with Battlecrew and will also be making his amateur debut.  Two fighters just starting out their career with the AFO.

HW Jason Peppe( 0-0 Redline) Vs. Bill Nickerson (1-1 Rukus)

Next up is the heavyweight showdown between Jason Peppe and Bill Nickerson.  Jason trains out of Redline and will be making his ammy debut.  Bill trains out of Rukus Academy  and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  Bill fought in 2010 against Joe Augusta and won via knockout in the second round.  He then lost to Patrick Euglow with a ref stoppage.  Heavyweights are known for standing and striking and usually results in a knockout.  Can't wait for this war.

160 Kevin Rey (0-1 Rukus) Vs. Charlie Clarke (0-0 Indy)

Then there is Kevin Rey against Charlie Clarke at a catchweight of 160 lbs.  Kevin trains with Rukus and comes into this fight with a 0-1 record.  He fought in 2010 against Thane Stimson for Reality and lost very quickly to a guillotine.  His opponent Charlie Clarke is an independent fighter.  I couldn't find any information on Charlie so I will assume he is making his amateur debut.

HW, Ed Gillis (2-0 Doomsday) Vs. Javier Velasquez (2-0 Connors )

Another big heavyweight showdown Ed Gillis is taking on Javier Velasquez.  Ed became the Cage Titans heavyweight champ and is from Doomsday MMA.  He is 2-0 with one submission win and a knockout win over Nick Fontecchio.  Javier is 2-0 and trains with Connor's MMA.  He has a ref stoppage victory over Bob Burton and a decision victory against Mario Gonzales.  I remember that fight and it was a bloody war.  I really don't see this fight going to a decision.  I see someone getting submitted or knocked out here.  Don't blink on this battle.

125 Kate Szfarowicz( 0-0 Battlecrew) Vs. Jess Myers (0-0 Indy)

At 125lbs, there is a female bout between Kate Szfarowicz and Jess Myers.  Kate trains with Battlecrew and will be making her amateur debut.  Jess is an independent fighter and will also be making her amateur debut.  The fight fans will be sure to be one their feet with this female bout.  It will be nice to add some more 125lb females to the small crop of female fighters in New England.  Good luck ladies!

130 Lorenzo Delosreyes(0-1 Dexter ) Vs. Marques Brewster (0-0 Rukus)

At a catchweight of 130lbs Lorenzo Delosreyes will take on Marques Brewser.  Lorenzo is the brother of Mike Delosreyes and trains with team dexter.  He fought at a previous AFO and lost to Randy Cole with a ref stoppage in round 2.  Marques trains with Rukus and will be making his amateur debut or at least I couldn't find any info on him.  

155 Mark Costa (0-1 Rukus) Vs. Ruso Khubecov (3-0 Connor's MMA)

At 155lbs Mark Costa will take on Ruso Khubecov.  Mark trains with Rukus and comes into this fight with a 0-1 record.  He lost from a submission at CFX 8 back in 2010.  His opponent Ruso trains with Connor's MMA and is 3-0.  His last bout was cancelled at Cage Titans due to a medical reason and he is ready to get back in the cage.  He has two decisions and one knockout in his career.  He loves to stand and strike so be ready fans.  This one is going to be a battle.

125 Kris Moutino (0-0 Rivera) Vs. Gian Vicuna (0- 0 BattleCrew)

At 125lbs Kris Moutino is fighting Gian Vicuna.  Kris trains with Rivera MMA and I believe is making his amateur debut.  Gian trains with Battlecrew and I believe he is making his amateur debut.  It is nice to have some more 125lber to add to the slim mix of it in New England.  Expect this to be fast paced fight with the 125lbers.

135 Josh Santana (0-0 Triforce) Vs. Fabio Lima (0-0 Boston)

At 135lbs Josh Santana will be fighting Fabio Lima.  Josh trains with Triforce MMA and I think he will be making his amateur debut.  Fabio trains with Boston according to the website and I couldn't find any info on him so I am guessing he is making his amateur debut as well.  

135 Richard Santiago (0-0 Rivera) Vs. Joey Siekierski (0-1 Greenlight)

At 135lbs Richard Santiago will fight Joey Siekierski.  Richard trains with Rivera MMA and he will be making his amateur debut.  Joey trains with Greenlight and has an 0-1 record.  He fought Ricky Proctor in a previous Cage Titans and lost via choke in rd 1.  This is a real close matchup and could go either way. 

170 Jose Quinones (0-1 Allaire) Vs. Barry Lisbon (0-0 Lauzon)

Then at 170lbs Jose is taking on Barry Lisbon.  Jose is from Allaire and had an excellent battle at the last Cage Titans against Dan Lopez.  He will be hungry for his first ammy win of his career.  Barry is from Lauzon MMA, yes that Lauzon!  He will be making his amateur debut  and I know he will be ready.  Just going to warn you all this could definitely be a fight of the night contender.

HW Ray Miclette (0-0 Allaire )Vs. Brandon Newman  (0-1 United) 

Ray Miclette is ready to battle Brandon Newman in an amateur heavyweight bout.  Ray trains with Allaire MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Brandon trains with United and has an 0-1 record.  AFO fans will recognize him as the former DJ for AFO.  Well, he isn't DJing this show he is fighting.  Jack of all trades that guy!  He is a real nice guy and lost his first ammy battle at a previous AFO against James Smith to a submission in round 1.  This should be a real close battle.

205lb Anthony Soto (1-2 Wai Kru) Vs. Leo Powers (1-2 Dexter)

At 205lbs Anthony Soto will take on Leo Powers.  Soto trains with Wai Kru and comes into this fight with a 1-2 record.  He won against Matt Haney with a ref stoppage to strikes.  His two losses came from a ref stoppage and a knockout.  His opponent Leo trains with Dexter MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-2 record too.  He beat Anthony Soto back in April of last year at a previous AFO with a big knockout in Rd 1.  He then lost his last two fights, one to Mike Ingals at Premier FC to a decision and then a brutal knockout in just 12 seconds against Max Evans at Warrior Nation.  Well, good news is this fight isn't in Western Mass so he will be ready!  I expect this to be a stand and bang fight.  Some one is going to get knocked out again.

175lb James Manning (1-0 Marcio Silva)  Vs. Tommy Venticinque (2-3 Team United)

James Manning will take on Tommy Venticinque at 175lbs.  James trains with Marcio Silva and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He won with a ref stoppage in round 1 so far in his amateur career.  Tom trains with Team United and has a record of 2-3.  His only losses are to Joe Palazio and Joe Cloutier, two tough SOB's.  He won two fights via ko/tko in his career.  I think this fight is going to be a stand up battle.  Tom likes to stand and strike and I am hoping Manning will too. 

145lb Yeison Berdugo (1-2-1 United )Vs. Scott Gorgone (1-0 Mass Bjj)

Then at 145lbs Yeison Berdugo will take on Scott Gorgone.  Yeison if I found the right person online has a 1-2-1 record and trains out of team United.  He won a ref stoppage and lost a decision and one to a submission.  Scott trains with Mass BJJ and has a 1-0 record.  He fought at Coliseum to the Cage and beat Ken Kersch in a rd 1 armbar.  He looked very good on the ground and I expect him to take this fight to the ground and try to continue his win streak.  Expect a ground battle for sure on this one folks.

145lb Brett Morris (4-2 Rivera) `Vs. Soap Am (4-1, Redline)

In the big amateur showdown, AFO brings us Brett Morris against Soap Am at 145lbs.  Brett trains with Rivera MMA and comes into this fight with a 4-2 record.  He won three submissions and one decision victories.  He lost a title fight against Matt Tullos and also to Sergio Cabrera, two very tough fighters.  His opponent Soap trains with Redline and comes into this fight with a 4-1 record.  Soap won his first four fights, with two against Leon Campbell and one big knockout against Cory Pickering.  His last fight was at Coliseum to the Cage with the top contender Ray Wood and he lost the decision but could not be finished.  Here he is in another top contender bout against Brett Morris.  This fight is going to be worth the ticket of admission in itself.  It is going to be a war and we will know soon enough who is the better fighter.

125 Mike Delosreyes (0-1 Dexter) Vs. Jared Sarno (0-0 SSSF)

For the first pro fight of the evening, AFO has Mike Delosreyes against Jared Sarno.  Mike may not have had the best amateur record but he can hang with the big dogs and most of his losses were from decisions.  He just doesn't do enough to get the win in the judges eyes.  He then went pro against Dan Cormier and guess what, lost a decision.  He trains with team Dexter and I know he will be ready for this battle.  He actually fought Jared Sarno in his amateur career and it was a great back and forth battle but in the end he lost the decision.  Jared was 5-1 in his amateur career with his only loss to Kody Nordby.  He has three submission victories in his career and no doubt he will be looking to "badger" Mike around and finish him off.  This is going to be a great ground battle I feel.

180 Joe Cloutier (1-0 Doomsday) Vs. Mike Schneider (3-7 Dog pound)

Joe Cloutier will take on Mike Schneider at 180lbs.  Joe had a great amateur career and then went pro.  He won his first fight with the last minute replacement Josh Mellen very easily.  Now he is anxious to get back in the cage.  Mike trains with Dogg Pound and has a 3-7 record.  His three wins came via choke and his losses were from subs or ko/tko.  The question in this fight is if the experience for Mike will be enough to get him the victory.  In my opinion I think he will fall short and Cloutier will get the victory but we will see.

125 Kody Nordby (2-0 Allaire) Vs. Andy Aeillo( 0-0 Lauzon’s)

Kody trains with Allaire and quickly became 4-0 amateur fighting tough guys as well.  He then went pro an defeated Theo Desjardin with a choke.  His last fight he fought for Reality against Dan Cormier and won with a submission in round 2.  That was no easy task, he had a big standup battle when he tried to stand with Dan in round 1.  Now he has another tough opponent in Andy Aeillo.  He trains with Lauzon's MMA and will be making his pro debut.  He, like Kody had a great amateur career.  He was 4-0 I believe and has never lost.  Well guess what folks, one of these fighters will be getting their first loss of their career.  If I was betting on this fight I would have to place my money down on Kody Nordby.  I just can't go against him and the kid always impresses me every time.  I have never seen him not be able to take his opponent down.  In fact he does it with ease.  I would like to thank both fighters for taking these tough fights because as a fan, this one is going to be great to watch.

There you have it fight fans, the entire full AFO card.  This show is going to go down this Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough MA.  Thanks to Pete DiLorenzo and AFO staff for allowing us to cover this event for you all and for keeping us up to date.  Tickets are still available on and of course will be available at the door.  As you can see this fight has some great match ups on it and it has many new fighters.  AFO does a great job and displaying some young talent to the masses in their 5 year span.  Todd "Results" Selva and The Boss Jeremy Reipold will be in the house covering the show for us.  Til next time folks!

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