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February 25, 2013

CES Announces Dinis "Sweetbread" Paiva Jr. vs. Kin "Kong" Moy

Yes you read the headline right.  Fresh off his CFX win over Hassan Mamhood which can be viewed on Youtube Here, Kin has just signed onto another tough pro battle.  Kin "Kong" Moy is now 2-0 with an armbar win over Josh Beauparlant and the ref stoppage victory from this weekend.  The fight will take place on April 12th at Twin River Casino and is already being added to some other great match ups.  Dinis who is 3-3 and in his last fight won a decision win over Josh Lange where he dominated the fight with his outstanding wrestling.  He will be looking to continue his two fight win streak and to make it three. For me, I feel this is an outstanding fight and could definitely be fight of the night.  Thank you  to both fighters for signing onto this and to CES for making it happen.  Here is the card so far...

Todd Chattelle vs. Dennis Olson
Matt Doherty vs. Johnny Campbell
Tom Evans vs. Shaun Marmas
Dinis Paiva Jr vs. Kin Moy
John Howard vs. TBA

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