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March 21, 2013

Bellator 93 3/21/2013 Review

We are here now at Bellator.  We walked in through the tunnel where the fighters walk out of.  It was a pretty cool feeling.  There are four big screens around the cage and the lighting is amazing.  This is going to an action packed night.  This is my first Bellator review so bear with me while I try to keep up with the action.  As you can expect all the big guys are here.  I got my media seat next to Old School and we are ready for the fights to start.  Bellator hooks us up with a USB drive of posters and the complete media package.  The refs are Kevin MacDonald and Dan Miragliotta.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are ready to begin.  If you have an ipad or an iphone make sure you download the brand new Bellator app.  It is an epic app that gives you real time stats of the fight and even lets you pick who you felt won the round.  The place has filled up now and the Maine fans are ready for their first Bellator.

Jesse Erickson vs. Jon Lemke

Jesse starts us out with a leg kick.  Jesse misses with a high kick and falls to the ground.  Jon lets him back up.  They go at it and both fighters eat some shots.  Jesse is clinching him up against tghe cage and getting in some good shots.  Both fighters are going at it.  Jon gets in a right hook that catches Jesse and you can tell he is rocked.  He goes in and tries to clinch but Jon punches his way out and finishes Jesse off with strikes.  The ref has seen enough as Jesse falls down to the ground.

Jon Lemke defeats Jesse Erickson via tko to strikes at 2:50 in Rd 1. Jon improves to 2-0.

Vince Murdock vs. John Raio

Vince overpowers John right away and gets him to the ground with some big shots.  Vince takes the side and  John defends well.  Vince stands back up and lets John up.  Vince hits John with a knee to the head that drops John again.  Vince covers and drops some nasty elbows.  John is hanging in there.  Vince stands back up and John stands back up.  John closes the gap and catches Vince with a clean shot.  Vince connects with a spinning kick to the body as the round ends.

Vince 10-9

Rd 2: John lunches forward and connects with a right hand.  Vince misses with a superman punch.  John pushes forward again and connects with a combo.  Vince his John with a combo of his own.  They clinch and Vince hits John with a knee to the body.  Vince is now in half guard and is laying down elbows.  Hard to tell if an elbow hit but John is bleeding so something must have connected.  The doctor checks it out and the fight continues.  Vince catches John's kick and takes him down.  Not much action going on so Kevin stands them up.  Vince hits John with a kick to the had and John goes down and bounces right back up with blood everywhere.

Vince 10-9

Rd 3:  Vince rushes in and catches John with a good combo.  Blood is starting to flow now on John.  They close the gap again and John gets in a combo of his own.  Vince takes him down and is now in half guard.  Vince carries John over to the side of the cage and is trying to work some ground and pound.  Vince gets in a clean elbow and then finishes him off with some strikes.

Vince Murdock defeats John Raio via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:01 in Rd 3.

Joe Pacheco vs. Pierre Pierry

Joe takes Pierre down and is working the guard.  Joe passes to the side and finishes him off an americana.

Joe Pacheco defeats Pierry Pierre via tapout to americana at 1:54 in Rd 1.

Brent Dillingham vs. Mike Mucitelli

Brent clinches Mike up against the cage and is working for a takedown.  Mike reverses and takes Brent's back standing.  He slams him down and is laying down bombs from the top.  Frosty eats like 10 straight shots.  Frosty turns to his side and Mike takes the arm.  Frosty fights it for a bit but it is too deep.

Mike Mucitelli defeats Brent Dillingham via tapout to armbar at 2:48 in Rd 1.  Mike is a beast!! Wow.

Jason Butcher vs. Jack Hermansson

They clinch and fall to the ground.  Jason sinks in a nice triangle from the bottom.  Jack is fighting is for a good minute now.  Jason resets his triangle and Jack is forced to tap.

Jason Butcher defeats Jack Hermansson via tapout to triangle at 2:24 in Rd 1.  Jason improves to 6-0.  Jason says he has the best guard in MMA and he definitely showed that tonight.

Michael Page vs. Ryan Sanders

Ryan rushes in and Michael catches him with a right that drops Ryan.  Ryan falls down and covers and Michael just backs off.  I think the fight could have went a little longer.

Michael Page defeats Ryan Sanders via tko punch at 10 seconds in Rd 1.  Could have went a little longer but you guys can all decide.

Jesse Peterson vs. Dave Vitkay

Dave rushes in with a body kick then follows it with two knees to the head that connect.  Jesse gets the takedown but gets caught in a guillotine.  It doesn't appear that he taps and he goes out.

Dave Vitkay defeats Jesse Peterson via no tap submission to guillotine at 18 seconds in Rd 1. That wraps up the prelims...the coverage will resume at 10pm when Bellator airs on SpikeTV.

Marcus Davis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf

Both fighters are being very cautious.  Marcus connects with a high kick.  Marcus goes high with another kick that is checked by Waachiim.  Waachiim rushes in and Marcus applies the guillotine.  Waachiim fights out and they break.  Marcus gets the takedown and Waachiim gets back to his feet.  Marcus connects with a knee to the cup.   Waachiim is taking his full five minutes.  The crowd is cheering for Marcus and chanting "Bullshit"  The crowd is roaring Stand Up!!  Spiritwolf can't continue so the fight is ruled a no contest.  The crowd is livid.

Marcus Davis against Waachiim Spiritwolf is ruled a no contest.  Spiritwolf is now crying.  Poor guy is in massive pain as the doctors are checking him out.  As Rogan would say he should have worn a diamond mma cup.  Hope you feel better soon Spiritwolf.

They announce on the intercom for the next NEF show in May Marcus Davis against Darrius Heyliger.  That is going to be a fight you don't want to miss!!

Ryan Martinez vs. Travis Wiuff

Ryan rushes in and catches Travis with a right hand that drops him.  He covers and the ref stops the fight.

Ryan Martinez defeats Travis Wiuff via tko/ko to strikes at 18seconds in Rd 1.  Looked legit stoppage to me by Big Dan.

Bellator announcer upgrades an 8 year old's and his mom's seat from the front row to cageside!!  Awesome!!

Avery, future mma champ and his mom!!

Marcin Held vs. Dave Jansen - lightweight tourney final

Both fighters are being cautious.  Marcin is putting the pressure on and gets in a combo.  Marcin is getting in some uppercuts from the clinch.  Marcin is working for the double leg takedown.  He is unable to get it and he breaks the clinch with an uppercut.  Dave gets in a leg kick and Marcin fires back with a jab.  Marcin is getting the better of the exchanges by far.  Dave gets in a few shots and Marcin hits with a counter.  Marcin is clinching Dave up against the cage and Dave reverses.  They break and Dave hits him with another jab as the round ends.

Marcin 10-9

Rd 2:  Marcin goes for a takedown and gets it.  He is now working the guard.  Dave sweeps and is now Marcin goes for the heel hook.  Marcin is cranking on it and Dave is defending well and hitting Marcin with some clean shots to the head.  Dave is out and is now full mount.  Dave gets in a little ground and pound.  Marcin bucks him off and takes the knee but can't get anything too deep.  Dave slips out and makes him pay with elbows to the head.  Marcin gets another heel hook attempt and Dave gets out quickly and makes him pay with some more ground and pound.

Dave 10-9

Rd 3:  Dave connects with a good right hand.  Marcin looks tired and is putting his hands down.  Marcin gets the double leg takedown.  They scramble and are back to their feet.  Marcin attempts another takedown but can't get it and they both fall to the ground.  Marcin rolls and gets another heel hook.  Dave is ok and making him pay with some elbows.  Dave stands up and gets a body shot then jumps back into his guard with a shot to the head.

Dave 10-9

Dave Jansen defeats Marcin Held via unanimous decision.  Dave  gets the check for 100,000.  Life changing money right there!!


Fight of the Night: Marcin Held vs. Dave Jansen
Submission of the Night: Jason Butcher triangle
KO of the Night: Michael Page over Ryan Sanders
Blunder of the Night:  quick fights and Marcus Davis/ Spiritwolf No Contest!

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights:4
Star Quality:5
Ring Girls:5
Overall: 4.71

Overall, it was a great night of fights.  We went to the press conference afterwards and heard the fighters and Bjorn speak.  As you have read above there were many first round finishes.  This happens in MMA.  As Bjorn said you tell the fighters to finish fights and not have it go to decision and sometimes you get nights like this.  Bjorn basically confirmed that Bellator will be coming back to Maine which is awesome!!  He said the thing that stood out in his mind was the loud and amazing packed house.  I have never seen the Colisee so packed before.  It was a tough night for the Maine fighters but that is what happens sometimes.  It just wasn't their night and at the Bellator level you don't get to choose your opponent.  You take who they put in front of you and seize the opportunity.  You should all be very proud because not many fighters get to fight for Bellator with a sold out crowd.  We will be putting all of our photos up on our fanpage for you all and also I will close this out with a few post fight press pics.  Thank you to all our supporters and we are happy to keep you all 'closer to the cage!'  Thanks to Joe Leonard for taking the awesome photos and to Bellator for having us.

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