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March 14, 2013

Cage Titans Releases Full Fight Card

Cage Titans just announced their fight card for their April 13th event which will take place at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.  They have 4 pro fights and 15 amateur fights scheduled which will make for a fantastic night of fights.  Tickets are available by the fighters and also available at the link here.  I won't break down the fights just yet as I plan on doing it in our teaser the week of the event.  There are many big name locals on the card and 6, yes 6 title fights.  Cage Titans has done a nice writeup at so definitely check that out.  

135lb Pro Title Robbie Leroux (6-2 Clinch MMA) vs. Tateki Matsuda (8-3 Siytodtong)
155lb Pro Title Fight Jeremy Ross (6-4 Gladiator BJJ) vs. Jimmy Davidson (5-0 Sityodtong)
160lb Pro Catchweight Geno Salomone (Clinch MMA 1-0) vs. Bobby Flynn (1-1 ProElite)
195lb Pro Catchweight Travis Lerchen (5-9 CCFA) vs. Mike Zichelle (3-3 Triumph)
125lb Amateur Title Fight Jesse Gutierrez (2-1-1 Connor's MMA) vs. Ken Murphy (4-0-1 Link Hooksett)
135lb Amateur Title Fight George Nassar (3-2 Wai Kru) vs. Manny Bermudez (2-1 SSSF)
145lb Amateur Title Fight Ruso Khubecov (4-0 Connor's) vs. Ricky Proctor (2-0 Lauzon MMA)
155lb Amateur Title Fight Brian Allard (2-1 Clinch MMA) vs. Dan Lopez (4-3 SSSF)
150lb AM – Connor Matthews (2-1, Bishops) vs James Murrin (2-2, Carlson Gracie)
135lb AM – Josh Carrero (3-1, DCNU) vs JP White (2-1, Lauzon MMA)
150lb AM – Jeff Perez (2-0, Nexus) vs Kyle Bockniak (1-1, Carlson Gracie)
155lb AM - Justin Lozada (0-1, Independant) vs Stephen Langlais (1-5, Team BKJA)
145lb AM – Charlie Clark (0-1, Independant) vs Ken Bailey (0-0, Florian MMA)
165lb AM – Jose Quinones (1-1, Allaire) vs Rich McLaughlin (0-0, Lauzon MMA)
185lb AM – Mike Zatek (1-1, ProElite) vs George Abele (3-1, Sityodtong)
125lb AM – Shane Decristoforo (2-4, TriForce) vs Jessie Pires (0-2, Team BKJA)
170lb AM – Mike Brown (0-1, West End) vs Sean Sparrow (0-0, ProElite)
145lb AM – Eoghan Lunney (0-1, NSMA) vs Ricky Bekerian (2-0, SSSF)
135lb AM – Irving Cotes (1-1, Underdog) vs David Mejia (1-0, Carlson Gracie)

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