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March 30, 2013

Coliseum To The Cage 3/30/2013 Review

We arrived at the show around 6:15pm and quickly found our spots.  There are four projectors set up to show the live action.  Suckerpunch Athletics is in the house.  SuckerPunch Athletics sponsored the VIP section.  The cage has a nice MacMulkin banner in the middle and around the top edges of the cage are all the local media websites up there.  Thanks Coliseum to the Cage!  CTTC puts in a lot of work into their shows and it shows.  There are a few fights that are off the card.  First one is the Yann Oliveira/Josh Beauparlant fight due to suspension.  Then the Tim Caron/Davie Castro fight has been cancelled due to Davie not showing up to weigh ins.  Jimmy Quinlan, George Abele, Joe Tien, Kin Moy, Mark Dellagrotte, Grant Tremmeling, Dan Bonnell, Chuck O'Neil, John Fain, Peggy Morgan, Mike Strazzere, Krystyne Curtis, Jennifer Kalos, Tyson Chartier, John Johnston, Dave Spero and Kevin the Ref to name a few.  The place is starting to fill up and the fights are about to begin soon.  If you haven't please follow Coliseum to the Cage fanpage on facebook by clicking the link.

155lbs Shawn Bang(CMBJJ 0-0)  vs. Tollison Lewis (2-5 BGMMA)

Tollison comes out to Miley Cyrus!  That song always gets me pumped for fights!!  They clinch and Tollison gets in a good knee.  The fight continues in the clinch and Tollison gets in several knees as the round moves on.  Shawn gets the double leg takedown.  Shawn is trying to get in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Shawn 10-9

Rd 2: Shawn goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  They are clinching now and each getting in their knees to the thighs.  Shawn gets the takedown and is now on top in guard.  He gets in a few shots to the head.  Tollison rolls and tries for an armbar submission.

Shawn 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are being cautious.  Shawn goes for a takedown and Tollison sprawls but Shawn fights for it and gets it.  Shawn is in Tollison's guard.  Shawn postures up and gets in one shot to the head as the round ends.

Shawn 10-9

Shawn Bang defeats Tollison Lewis via unanimous decision.

170 lbs Dan Dinan (Pitbull 1-0) vs. Tim Loughran (Mass BJJ 0-0)

They come out banging!!  Tim comes out and slams him down and fires some massive ground and pound trying to get the stop.  He keeps the ground and pound going, left right, left right and Kevin the ref is forced to stop the fight.

Tim Loughran defeats Dan Dinan via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:02 in Rd 1.

145lbs Jamie Courtney ( 3-5 Sityodtong)  vs. Billy Keenan (1-2 Redline)

Billy starts us off with a leg kick.  Billy is getting in some outside leg kicks that are connecting clean.  Jamie gets in a jab.  Jamie gets in a good leg kick.  Blood is starting to flow from Billy's nose.  Both fighters are firing on all cylinders now.  Billy gets in a jab and Jamie fires with a double inside leg kick.  Jamie backs him up against the cage and goes for a takedown.

Jamie 10-9

Rd 2:  Billy gets in an outside leg kick and Jamie counters with a counter punch.  These guys are going at it!  Both fighters are getting in their strikes.  Billy is bleeding from the nose again.  Billy misses with a looping right.  Jamie is working for a takedown but Billy defends and pushes him off.  Billy misses with a high kick.

Billy 10-9

Rd 3:  Jamie misses with a right and Billy puts pressure and knocks him down.  Jamie uses the cage and quickly gets to his feet.  Jamie works a takedown via trip and is trying to pull him down from the sitting position.  Billy turns and tries to get up and Jamie takes his back.  Billy moves over to the opposite side of the cage with Jamie clinging onto his back.  Billy gets in a knee to the upper body.  Jamie is fighting for a takedown as the round ends.

Jamie 10-9

Billy Keenan defeats Jamie Courtney via split decision.  Real close fight and that is why you don't leave it to the judges with it that close.  Great fight though guys.

155lbs Phil Eldridge (Cage Strikers 0-0) vs. Steven Bang (CMBJJ 1-1) 

Steve starts us out with a leg kick.  Phil gets the takedown but Steve reverses it and they stand back up against the cage.  Phil slams Steve down and is now working the guard.  Steve has half butterfly guard and is trying to roll him.  Phil postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  Steve bucks him off as the round ends.

Phil 10-9

Rd 2:  Phil picked Steve up for a takedown and brought him to the corner.  Steve went for the head and arm choke and used the cage to walk up.  Steve pulls Phil down into his guard.  Steve was working for a kimura attempt but Phil muscles out.  Phil gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Phil 10-9

Rd 3:  Steve is working for a takedown via hip toss but they just fall to the ground.  Steve takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

Steve Bang defeats Phil Eldridge via tapout to rear naked choke at 59 seconds in Rd 3.  Nice comeback victory by Steve Bang!

170 lbs JT Harold (2-0 Pitbull)  vs. Ricky Sylvester ( 1-1 Kun Khmer)

Ricky starts us off with a leg kick.  He gets in another leg kick.  Both fighters are swinging for the fences.  Ricky gets in a clean right hook.  JT catches Ricky with a right hand that steps him back.  He closes in the distance trying to finish but Ricky fires right back.  They are both going at it as the round ends.

JT 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters are being cautious as the round starts.  Ricky lunges forward but nothing connects clean.  Ricky gets in a inside leg kick.  He fires another leg kick.  JT gets in a right hand and Ricky counters.   Ricky tries with a superman punch but it doesn't connect clean.  JT gets in a high leg kick that stumbles Ricky back.  Ricky fires back with a punch as if nothing happens.

JT 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are being cautious.  Ricky misses with a few shots.  JT keeps pushing forward and hits him with a hard right.  JT hits him with another hard right and Ricky fires back.  They go at it as the bell sounds and 3-4 punches go afterwards.

JT Harold defeats Ricky Sylvester via unanimous decision.  Fight of the Night right here folks!!

185lbs Allan Josselyn(3-1 Kaze) vs. Isiah Queen (1-1 Team Anubis)

Allan throws a leg kick and Isiah catches it and tries for the takedown.  Allan defends and Isiah goes and gets the underhooks in.  Isiah connects with a jab and Allan starts to bleed from the nose.  Allan fires with some front kicks.  Isiah gets in a body kick.  Allan is fighting for a takedown as the round ends but can't get it.

Isiah 10-9

Rd 2:  They touch gloves.  Isiah picks Allan up and slams him down hard.  Isiah tries to pass to full mount but Allan spins and they get back to their feet.  Allan is working for a single leg takedown.  He softens him up with some knees to the calf.  Allan gets the single leg takedown.  Allan is working the side and tries to pass to mount but Isiah stops that quick.

Allan 10-9

Rd 3:  Isiah fires with a high kick that was checked.  Isiah connects with a body kick.  Allan is working for a single leg takedown and Isiah takes the back.  He gets a rear naked standing and Allan taps with with a standing rear naked choke.

Isiah Queen defeats Allan Josselyn via tapout to rear naked choke at 43 seconds in Rd 3.  Wow what a fight!!

Intermission right now, just got wind of a confirmed fight for Combat Zone, Paul Gaffney vs. JT Harold.

135lbs Josh Baker (0-0 161 Boxing)  vs. Asa Zorn (0-0 Team Hard Knocks)

They come in close and head could have bumped and Asa goes down.  Josh finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Josh Baker defeats Asa Zorn via ref stoppage to strikes at 7 seconds in Rd 1.

155lbs Josh Hersey (Cage Strikers 3-2-0) vs. Lee Metcalf (SSSF 5-5-0)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Lee picks Josh up and slams him down.  Lee is working a Von Flute and then lets it go.  Lee is working the side and gets in some shots to the head.  Lee moves to north south and is working a head and arm choke.  Josh turns and Lee is now in his guard.  The rest of the round ends with this and right as the bell sounds Lee gets in an elbow.

Lee 10-9

Rd 2: Josh  swings forward and Lee ducks and gets the takedown.  Lee is working  the half guard.  Josh is staying active from the bottom.  Lee takes the side and is trying to work some elbows.  Josh spins and Lee takes the back.  He has the legs hooked and is working the rear naked choke.  Josh fights it but it sinks in deep and he is forced to tap.

Lee Metcalf defeats Josh Hersey via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:56 in rd 2!!  Great fight Lee!!

185lbs Tom Egan (5-3 SBGMMA) vs. Lowell Zangri (2-0 Valor)

Lowell starts us off with a leg kick.  Tom misses with a high kick.  Tom connects with an outside leg kick.   He fires one more.  Tom misses with a high kick.  He then gets in an outside leg kick.  Lowell rushes in for a takedown but Tom stuffs it.  Lowell misses with a looping right.  Lowell rushes in for a takedown then stands up and swings with a right that misses.

Tom 10-9

Rd 2: Lowell starts us off with a right hand that connects.  Lowell checks a high kick.  Tom checks a high kick from Lowell.  Tom does a superman punch and Lowell hits him in the body.  Lowell gets in an outside leg kick.  Lowell get in another kick to the body.  Lowell takes a kick and fires a right that connects.  Tom goes high again and it connects right to the side of the head.  Lowell goes down and looks like his nose is busted.  Wow!!

Tom Egan defeats Lowell Zangri via KO head kick at 3:32 in Rd 2!

135lbs  Pedro Gonzalez (7-5-0 Redline) vs. Dave LaChappelle (2-0 SSSF)

Pedro fires some leg kicks.  They are going at it!  Pedro fires with another leg kick.  Pedro misses with a looping right.  Pedro does a jumping knee that connects.  Dave gets a double leg takedown and is now in the guard.  Pedro bucks him off and stands up.  Pedro throws a kick and Dave catches it and slams him down.  Pedro bucks him off again and stands back up.  Pedro throws a kick again and Dave slams him down and is now in the guard.  The rest of the round finishes up on the ground.

Dave 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters are being cautious.  Not much is connecting.  Pedro connects with a knee and stumbles him back.  Dave fires back with a shot.  Pedro clinches and gets in some more knees to the head.  Pedro closes the gap and clinches with another knee to the head.  Pedro goes for a guillotine and Dave drops down and Pedro sinks it in and takes him down with it and gets the tap.

Pedro Gonzalez defeats Dave LaChappelle via tapout to guillotine at 1:32  in Rd 2.  Awesome main event!!


Fight of the Night: JT Harold and Ricky Sylvester!!
Submission of the Night:  Pedro Gonzalez Guillotine tapout over Dave LaChappelle
KO of the Night: Tom Egan headkick KO over Lowell Zangri
Blunder of the Night: Nothing, everything went smooth.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5
Star Quality: 5
Sound: 4.5
Refs: 5
Announcer: 4.5
Ring Girls: 4.5
Vendors: 3, Suckerpunch Athletics was the only one who came out for apparel.
Overall: 4.5 Great score.

Coliseum to the Cage's crew, Chris Corso and Eric Bither really kicked it up a notch with this show and it paid off.  The place was packed with mma hungry fans, I want to say 1000+ which was the most I have seen at the Sportzone in Derry NH.  The fights were very well matched and we saw some spectacular fights that evening.  I really enjoyed how they had 4 projector screens showing the replay...sometimes you just want to see that head kick knockout a few more times.  I hope you are ok Lowell and that your nose isn't too bad.  Keep your head up.  The Bang Brothers fought on the same card and both fighters walked away with the victory!!  Pedro Gonzalez is back!!  I would like to thank Coliseum to the Cage for having us out there and for providing us with all the info and for allowing us to take photos.  All of our photos will be on our fanpage at on facebook.  Please if you haven't follow Coliseum to the Cage on facebook and keep up to date with their upcoming event that is happening in June.

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