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March 28, 2013

Coliseum to The Cage March Mayhem 3/30/2013 Teaser

Coliseum to the Cage had a successful first show.  I was really impressed with how well the show ran and with their venue, the Sportzone in Derry New Hampshire.  The fights were top notch too and this time around they are even better. They are ready for their second showing and they have put together 12 fights with 5 pro fights.  The show will take place at the Sportzone in Derry New Hampshire and it will be this Saturday March 30th, 2013.  The doors open at 6pm and the fights start tentatively at 7pm.  Tickets are available at the door or online here starting at just $30.  Now for the fun part where I break down the fight card for you all.  Keep in mind this is probably not the fight order but the fights are accurate up until the date of this article.

185lbs Allan Josselyn(3-1 Kaze) vs. Isiah Queen (1-1 Team Anubis)

Allan Josselyn is set to face Isiah Queen at 185lbs.  If you have ever seen Allan fight you will not question if he has the heart of a warrior.  I have seen this guy fight twice through some tough battles.  I first saw him at Cage Titans in Dover NH where he won a bloody decision over Doug Stone.  Next I saw him against Buck Pineau at NEF where he was hit with a head kick.  He was rocked and still battled it out all the way to a decision in which he won. He trains with team Kaze and comes into this fight with a 3-1 record.  His opponent Isiah trains with Team Anubis and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He has fought for Cage Titans twice.  He won with a guillotine in round 1 and lost to strikes against Mike Rodriguez.  This has all the trimmings to be a fight of the night contender.  I predict this to be a war that Allan will walk away with the decision.

185lbs Tim Caron (Burgess MMA 1-0)  vs. Davie Castro (Ind 0-0)

Next up is Tim Caron against Davie Castro at 185lbs.  Tim trains with Burgess MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He fought at the first CTTC show and won a decision against Eric Ebbeling.  This was a battle and if I remember correctly Eric fought til the end with a pretty swollen up face.  His opponent Davie is an independent fighter and will be making his amateur debut.  Tim is an absolute beast in the cage and Davie better be ready or he is going to be in for a long night.

155lbs Phil Eldridge (Cage Strikers 0-0) vs. Steven Bang (CMBJJ 1-1) 

At 155lbs Phil Eldridge will take on Steven Bang.  Phil is from Cage Strikers and will be making his amateur debut.  Steven Bang trains in Maine with Central Maine BJJ and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  His first fight he lost to Damon Owens to a rear naked choke in round 1.  He bounced back in his second bout and won a unanimous decision against Drew Waltz in February.  Steve can scrap so this should be a good one.

155lbs Shawn Bang(CMBJJ 0-0)  vs. Tollison Lewis (2-5 BGMMA)

Then at 155lbs Steve's brother Shawn Bang will take on Tollison Lewis.  Shawn trains with CMBJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  Tollison comes into this fight with a 2-5 record and trains with Balanced Ground MMA.  Fight fans will remember Tollison's scary slam from Paul Gaffney where he was picked up from a standing guillotine and slammed onto the canvas right at the Sportzone for NHFL.  Thankfully he was not badly hurt and is ready to fight once again.  In this match up the question is Tollison's fight experience too much for Shawn or will Shawn be ready to put on a show.  Time will tell.

170 lbs Dan Dinan( Pitbull 1-0) vs. Tim Loughran (Mass BJJ 0-0)

Next up at 170lbs Dan Dinan will meet Tim Loughran in the cage.  Dan trains with Pitbull MMA and comes into this bout with a 1-0 record.  He won his sole bout at Combat Zone 43 against Josh Batchelder with an impressive oma plata.  His opponent Tim trains with Mass BJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  Mass BJJ has some very talented fighters such as Jimmy Quinlan and Chuck O'Neil to name a few.  I predict this is going to be a ground battle and can be real entertaining!

170 lbs JT Harold (2-0 Pitbull)  vs. Ricky Sylvester ( 1-1 Kun Khmer)

Then at 170lbs JT Harold will fight Ricky Sylvester.  JT also trains with Pitbull and has a 2-0 record.  He has a submission win and a knockout victory in his amateur career.  His opponent Ricky trains with Kun Khmer and has a 1-1 record.  He also has knockout victory in his career.  He lost his only loss via submission.  Both fighters have knockout power and I am hoping this one is going to be stand up battle!  If JT gets into some trouble he might take it to the ground but I wouldn't blink during this fight.

145lbs Jamie Courtney ( 3-5 Sityodtong)  vs. Billy Keenan (1-2 Redline)

For 145lbs Jamie Courtney takes on Billy Keenan.  Jamie trains with Sityodtong and comes into this fight with a 3-5 record.  Jamie looked real impressive in his last bout at 145lbs at the Sportzone for NHFL against Dan Ward.  He controlled the fight with his muay thai kicks and finished it in the 3rd with a rear naked choke.  I believe he is fighting at the proper weight at 145lbs.  His opponent Billy trains with Redline and comes into the fight with a 1-2 record.  He lost his first two fights to decision and won his sole victory ref stoppage to strikes in the 3rd at a GFL show.  He hasn't fought in a while but I am sure being from Redline will be ready for a battle.  I believe this fight has potential to be fight of the night and should be a good stand up battle.

135lbs Josh Baker (0-0 161 Boxing)  vs. Asa Zorn (0-0 Independent)

Josh Baker will be taking on Asa Zorn at 135lbs.  Josh was 2-2 as an amateur I believe and he will be making his pro debut.  He trains with 161 Boxing and Allaire MMA.  His opponent Asa is an independent fighter and comes into this fight with an 0-2 record as an amateur.  He will be making his pro debut as well.  If you are keeping score this is the first pro bout of the evening and is sure to warm the crowd up.  Let's see some elbows fellas!

155lbs Josh Hersey (Cage Strikers 3-2-0) vs. Lee Metcalf (SSSF 5-5-0)

Next up is Josh Hersey taking on Lee Metcalf at 155lbs.  Josh trains with Cage Strikers MMA and comes into this fight with a 3-2 record.  He has 1 KO/TKO and 2 Submission victories in his pro career.  His last fight in 2010 he lost to John Benoit to a rear naked choke.  Lee trains with SSSF and comes into this fight with a 5-5 record.  He has 2 KO/TKO and 3 submission victories in his career.  He has lost most of his fights to submission.  This is a real evenly matched fight that can go anywhere.  I think it will most likely end up with a finish on the ground but we shall find out this Saturday.

155lbs Yann Oliveira(Renzo Gracie 2-0)  vs. Josh Beauparlant (Greenlight MMA 0-3)

[Update] This fight has been cancelled due to MSAC not informing Josh Beauparlant that he was suspended.

Yann will be taking on Josh Beauparlant at 155lbs in a pro battle.  Yann trains with Renzo Gracie and has a record of 2-0.  He fought at the last CTCC against Anthony Loycano and he won in the 3rd round with a ref stoppage to strikes.  His opponent Josh trains with Greenlight MMA and has an 0-3 record.  He has lost all 3 fights in the first round, two to submission and the last one to strikes.  I give Boppy credit for stepping in the cage from time and time again but once again he is facing a tough opponent and I don't see him winning this one.  I predict another first round stoppage in Yann's favor.

185lbs Tom Egan (5-3 SBGMMA) vs. Lowell Zangri (2-0 Valor)

At 185lbs Tom Egan will take on Lowell Zangri.  Tom comes into this fight with a 5-3 record and trains with SBGMMA.  He has 4 KO/TKO victories in his career and he has lost from 2 KO/TKO and 1 sub in his pro career.  He hasn't fought around here in a few years and he has fought for the UFC one time in his career.  His opponent Lowell trains with team Valor and has a 2-0 record.  He has a submission victory over Josh Mellen.  His latest fight he fought Nick Logan at the first CTTC show and battled it out and won the fight with a ref stoppage to strikes in the 2nd round.  Now he is set to face another tough fighter and I believe his toughest fight to date.  Great job on getting this fight matched CTTC.

135lbs  Pedro Gonzalez (7-5-0 Redline) vs. Dave LaChappelle (2-0 SSSF)

For the main event Pedro Gonzalez is ready to battle it out with Dave LaChappelle.  Pedro trains with Redline now and comes into this fight with a 7-5 record.  He has teamed up with Brian Gillespie and is now looking to make his return to the cage.  He has 6 submission victories in his career and 1 decision.  He has lost 3 to submission and 2 to decision in his career.  Dave trains with SSSF and comes into this fight with a 2-0 record.  He has 1 KO/TKO and 1 decision victory in his career.  His last fight was for World Cup of MMA where he took on Honggang Yao where he won by decision.  WCMMA praised Dave and his skills and he is ready to put them to the test once again this Saturday.  This fight right here is worth the price of admission and is definitely a contender for fight of the night in my eyes.

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading our teaser for the second installment of Coliseum to the Cage.  Warchild will be taking photos for us and I will be doing the live play by play/review so if you can't make it please follow along.  I would like to thank Coliseum to the Cage for keeping us in the loop and for being such a great promotion in the New Hampshire area.  The NH fans are in for another treat when the warriors enter the cage this Saturday.  I would also like to thank the SportsZone for putting on the MMA events there.  CTTC is always looking to improve and has informed me that they will have brighter lighting around the cage which should make for some excellent action shots.  See you there.

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