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March 1, 2013

Combat Zone 43 3/1/2012 Results

We weren't able to attend this show to do a review but we were able to get the results.  Photos and videos should be available at Combat Zone's website at

Dominic Cofone 0-0 (Balanced Ground Game) vs Matt Denning 0-0 (CMBJJ) 155

Dom Cofone wins decision over Matt Denning. 27:30 27:30 26:30 split decision

Dan Dinan 0-0 ( Pitbull/BTT) vs Josh Batchelder USA Karate 0-0 170

Dinan wins 2:01 round 3 tapout

Cody Sargent 1-1 (Balanced Ground Game) vs Jordan Pope 1-1 (Gracie Fighter NH) 135

Jordan wins rd round 2 triangle arm bar tapout

Peter San Antonio (Pitbull 7-4) vs. Andrew Tripp(Irish 3-0) 170

Tripp wins 28:29 27:30 27:30 unanimous decision

Cheyenne Vazquez 1-1 (Intenze MMA) vs Jacob Cameron 1-1 (IND) 185

Cheyenne wins via rd 1 head kick KO

JT Harold 1-1 (Pitbull/BTT) vs Jesse Schneider (Ind. 0-1) 170

JT wins 1:57 round 1 rear naked choke

Ernesto Ornelas 0-2 (Choi’s) vs Jimmy Alexander 0-3 (F2 Arena) 125

Ernesto wins 4:29 round 1 tapout due to strikes

John Santos 0-0 (Fury) vs Joey Gomez 0-0 (Triumph) 145

Gomez wins 1:53 round 1 KO

Walter Smith Cotito1-1 (Triumph BJJ) vs Ray Wood 1-0 (Youngs MMA)

Ray Wood wins rd 3 tko to strikes!

Rodrigo Almeida vs. Christian Rivera

Rodrigo Almeida wins 2:06 round 1 choke

Cody Lightfoot 6-4 (The Shop) vs Dirlei Broenstrup 5-3 (Team Link)

Dirlei wins 3:26 round 1 TKO

Cody Anderson 1-0 (Triumph BJJ) vs Ryan Hodge 4-7 (Paragon MMA)

Hodge wins 49 round 1 rear naked choke

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