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March 27, 2013

Premier FC 13 Full Fight Card

This just came in our Inbox and we had to share it with you all.  Here is the full Premier FC 13 fight card which is set to take place on Sunday April 28th, 2013 in Holyoke Mass at the Log Cabin.  The doors open at 1pm and Fights start at 2pm.  As you can see you will get your moneys worth with 19 fights with 6 Title fights if I can count correctly.  I would like to thank Karyn and Jason for putting up such a great card for us all right here in Western Mass!  Tickets are on sale from the fighters and online here starting at just $25!  We have shared most of the title fights with you all as they announced them but I just would like to point out that two of's co-owners are fighting on the card (Joe Leonard and Jeremy Reipold).  They will be representing Team Ravenous so you definitely don't want to miss it!!  The full fight card is found below.  

Heather Lefevre (Tang Muay Thai)1-2 vs. Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ) 2-2 125lbs. TITLE
Jesse Gutierrez (Connors) 2-1 vs. Rigoberto Miranda (Bruno Tostes) 4-3  125lbs. TITLE
Sam Nadeau (Gladiator BJJ) 8-4 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl (Renzo Gracie )  3-0  145 TITLE
Terrence Jean-Jacques (Smitty’s) 2-0 vs. Mike Baker  (Superheavyweight) (TITLE)
Brian Moylan (Chad Weiss team) 1-2  vs. Adler Jack  0-2   135 lbs
Youseff Kadi 0-0 vs. Justin Kristie (Calandrelli MMA) 0-0   135lbs.
Ian McEwen (Lions Den) 1-2 vs. Angel Laboy (Independent) 3-5 135lbs
Myles Reid (Dungeon MMA) vs. Rick Rivera (Gladiator BJJ)  3-2  170lbs.
Jake Berger  (IND 1-1) vs.  Camber Bohlen (Gladiator BJJ)  1-2 145lbs.
Elysee Sanon (Underdog) 2-0 vs. Tyler Rose 3-0  (Calandrelli MMA) vs. 170lbs.  (TITLE)
Jeremy Reipold (Ravenous) vs. Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes) 5-5 135lbs (TITLE)
Amalio Santiago (Team Thunder) 0-0 vs. Ron Beattie (Gladiator BJJ) 0-0  145lbs.
Matt Bergen Spider's Web 0-0 vs. Dan Krall (Guardian) 0-0 125lbs.
Joe Martinez (Underdog) 1-1 vs. Tim Flores (Spider's Web 0-1    125lbs.
Jeremiah Soto (Underdog)  1-0 vs. Ngounga Badilla (Couvertier team)   0-1 160lbs.
Robert Knox (Bruno Tostes) 0-0 vs. Mike Tabor (Guardian) 1-3  130lbs
Ray "Smooth" Johns (Team Thunder) 0-2 vs. TJ Holt  0-1  175lbs.

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