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April 12, 2013

CES 4/12/2013 Review

We arrived at 6:30 and found our spots.  A little sleet and rain was no problem for the WesternMassMMA boys!  For vendors I saw Silent Kill Syndicate and Badass Incorporated. CES has 9 professional fights for the evening.  Fights should be starting around 7pm so follow along with the play by play.  Warchild will be taking photos for you all.  For the last minute changes, the Matt Doherty/Johnny Campbell fight is now off the card.  Johnny wasn't feeling well and called in sick at weigh ins.    Another change is Jay Bakanowski was unable to fight so Ralph Johnson stepped in.  Glad to see you back Killa!  The place is starting to fill up now and I am sure as the night goes on it will fill up more.  I had a nice chat with Dinis before the fights.  Thanks for stopping by Dinis.  Kelly MacDonald from Crossface Productions will be taking photos for CES as well.  At the press table we got Grant Tremmeling, Brandon Fleming and Sean from Prime Athletics!  For local celebs that aren't fighting I've seen Mike Campbell, Saul Almeida...

155lbs Ralph Johnson(Independent 5-4) vs. Keenan Raymond(Triforce Pro debut)

Keenan attempts a takedown but Ralph stuffs it.  Keenan gets in an outside kick.  Keenan goes in for another takedown and Ralph knees from the clinch.  Keenan goes for another takedown and gets it.  He is working half guard.  Ralph tries to get up but Keenan slams him back down to the mat.  Ralph gets bucks him off and gets back to his feet.  Keenan goes for a double leg takedown and gets it.  He is working the side.  Keenan gets some space and gets in a few ground and pound shots.  Ralph tries to get back up and Keenan takes him right back down.

Keenan 10-9

Rd 2: Ralph is pushing forward and working the jabs.  Keenan gets in a good right hand.  Keenan gets a takedown passes right to full mount.  He is getting in some good ground and pound.  Ralph turns and Keenan gets the rear naked choke for the tap.

Keenan Raymond defeats Ralph Johnson via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:42 in Rd 2.  Mad props to Keenan and Ralph on agreeing to this fight on such a last minute.  Keenan looked good in his pro debut.

170 lbs Toby Oden (Rivera MMA 1-0) vs. Emmanuel Walo (Allstar MMA 2-1)

Toby starts us out with a body kick.   Toby goes for a single leg takedown but Walo defends it well.  He tries again but again can't get it.  Walo gets a takedown and is working half guard.  Not much action but before the round ends Walo gets in a few shots to the head then stands up as the bell sounds.

Walo 10-9

Rd 2:  Walo starts us off with a takedown and is in half guard.  Toby gets the reverse and they are back to their feet.  Toby is fighting for a single leg but again Walo is defending it well.  Kevin the Ref breaks em up.  Toby throws a kick and Walo goes for the takedown.  Toby defends it but Walo slams him down.  He is in half guard as the round ends.

Walo 10-9

Rd 3: They clinch and Walo gets the takedown once again.  Toby has half butterfly but loses it and is now in guard.  Toby bucks him off and they get back to their feet.  Toby was working a takedown and Walo reverses and is working for a takdown of his own.  He can't get it and Toby tries to take his back but can't get it.  Walo gets the takedown and is now in half guard again.  He passes to mount but Toby bucks him off and they back to their feet.

Walo 10-9

Emmanuel Walo defeats Toby Oden via unanimous decision.

125lbs Kody Nordby( Allaire 3-0) vs. Jimmy Grant (Dominence MMA 3-1)

Jimmy gets in a leg kick.  Kody goes for a low takedown and they fall to the ground.  Jimmy gets a darce choke and sinks it in real deep.  Kody does not tap and the ref stops the fight.  He is ok.

Jimmy Grant defeats Kody Nordby via tko stoppage to D'arce choke at 1:19 in rd 1.

155lbs Nate Andrews (Triforce 3-0) vs. Asa Zorn (Ind) 0-1

They sprawl and Nate goes to take the back.  Nate stands back up and Asa is still on the ground covering.  Strangest thing.  They clinch and Nate slams him down to the ground and Asa goes out and the ref stops the fight.

Nate Andrews defeats Asa Zorn via ko to slam 32 seconds in Rd 1.

145lbs Tom Evans(TUML 2-1)  vs. Shaun Marmas( 4-4 Integrated Martial Arts)

Tom starts us off with a leg kick.  Marmas gets the takedown and is working half guard.  Tom bucks him off and they scramble.  They are back to their feet. They clinch and Shaun gets hit with a cup shot.  He takes 30 seconds and the fight is back on.  They clinch and Shaun is pushing Tom up against the cage.  Tom gets in an elbow from the clinch.  Tom reverses and Shaun reverses the clinch right back.  Shaun gets a takedown and is working the side.  He passes to full mount and gets in some ground and pound.  Tom sweeps and is now on top but is caught in a triangle.  Shaun lets it go and goes for an armbar and gets the tap.

Shaun Marmas defeats Tom Evans via tapout to armbar at 4:21 in Rd 1.

135lbs Dinis Paiva Jr (3-3 Keith Allen)  vs. Kin Moy (2-0 Redline)

I am so pumped for this fight.  Two of the classiest fighters in the game and I love both of them.  Here we go...

Kin gets in a jab and Dinis gets in a good shot of his own.  Dinis scoops under a swing and gets the takedown.  Kin uses the cage and they get back to their feet.  Kin gets in a shot and Dinis finishes another takedown.  Kin gets right back up and Dinis takes Kin right back down.  Kin gets right back up and gets in a knee to the had of Dinis.  Dinis takes him down once again.  Kin again gets right back up and Dinis slams him down once again.  Sorry to sound like a broken record here.  Kin gets to his feet and is firing shots to Dinis's head as he gets up.  Dinis gets in an elbow and they are banging.  Dinis takes Kin back down as the round ends.

Dinis 10-9

Rd 2:  Dinis takes the single leg and gets Kin down.  Kin gets back to his feet and catches Dinis in a guillotine.  Dinis goes to the ground and Kin sinks it in deep and forces the tap.

Kin Moy defeats Dinis Paiva via tapout to guillotine at 57 seconds in rd 2.  What a fight!!

145lbs Lucas Cruz (Nova Unaio 6-0) vs. Rob Font (Sityodtong 5-1)

Lucas misses with a right.  Rob strikes low and takes Lucas down.  Lucas gets back up and eats a knee to the head.  Lucas gets in a jab.  Rob gets in a shot of his own.  Rob gets a takedown and Lucas gets right back to his feet.  They are at a stand still and Kevin breaks them up.  Rob takes him down and Lucas gets right to his feet.  They scramble and Lucas tries for a takedown as the round ends.

Rob 10-9

Rd 2:  Lucas misses with a front kick.  Lucas gets in a combo.  Rob gets in a body shot.  Lucas misses with a superman punch.  Lucas connects with a head kick and Rob counters with a body shot.  Rob gets in a leg kick.  Lucas is working a double leg and gets the slamming takedown.  He is now in Rob's guard.  Lucas passes to full mount.  He is trying to drop elbows.  Rob turns and Lucas takes his back.  Rob defends well and they scramble.  Rob is standing over Lucas as Lucas gets in an upkick right at the bell.

Lucas 10-9

Rd 3:  Lucas  gets in a combo.  Rob goes for a takedown and Lucas defends.  Lucas goes for a single leg and Rob uses a whizzer and goes right to full mount.  Lucas sweeps and is now on top in guard.  They get back to their feet.  Lucas goes for a takedown and they fall to the ground but Rob threatens with a gullotine. It isn't deep and Lucas slips out and they get back to their feet.  Rob is working a takedown.  Lucas seems to just fall back and Rob is now in guard.  Rob stands up and fires a shot down as the round ends.  Great fight!!

Rob Font defeats Lucas Cruz via unanimous decision 29-28.  What a fight!!  Nice back and forth battle and Rob Font improves to 6-1!

185lbs Todd Chattelle( Triforce MMA 11-8) vs. Dennis Olson(Team Link Hooksett 12-7)

They clinch and are both firing knees.  Todd hits him with an uppercut and drops Olson.  Dennis gets an armbar and its looks good but Todd defends well and turns into it.  They are back to their feet.  Olson is pressing forward but gets hit with a jab.  Todd is getting in uppercuts from the clinch to the face and body.  Let me tell you Dennis has a chin on him.  Dennis goes down and goes to north south and works a choke and gets the tap.

Dennis Olson defeats Todd Chattelle via tap to north south choke at 2:45 in Rd 1.  Dennis has quite a chin and hung in there and got the sub.

185lbs John Howard (Wai Kru 17-7)  vs. Jason Louck (Militech Fighting Systems 15-10)

Kevin MacDonald takes some of the grease from Doomsday's face and puts it in his hair.  Kidding folks.

Doomsday comes out swinging and connects with a clean combo.  Jason goes out right away and drops to the canvas.

John Howard defeats Jason Louck via knockout at 23 seconds in Rd 1.  What a knockout!!

Fight of the Night: Lucas Cruz vs. Rob Font
Submission of the Night: Dennis Olson's north south choke over Todd Chattelle although Jimmy Grant's D'arce was sick as well
KO of the Night: John Howard's KO over Jason Louck

Thank you to CES MMA for having us and allowing us to take photos.  I hope you all enjoy the photos as we all do sharing them.  We will be posting our entire album to our fanpage so make sure you are a fan if you aren't.  Thanks to all the fighters who gave us their very best in the cage.  The night of fights was ah-maze-ing.  This show had it all!  A big KO victory from Doomsday.  Some slick submission victories and Lucas Cruz vs Rob Font lived up to all the hype.  CES is doing everything right and they really do listen to the fans. I see them posting on their fanpage all the time to the fans, "What match ups do you want to see?"  Then they go and make it happen.  One thing I would like to see at CES and I know it will be happening real soon but I am impatient.  I want to see some ladies in the CES MMA cage!